Mt. Washington Art Glass Butter Dish
Finally SUCCESS!!!! See below.


On the left is the silver plate butter base and the insert and above is the writing on the underside of the base.

This is a butter dish we are trying to identify as to mfg, date & value if possible.
The base is quad silver plate and the bottom of the silver base
(which has an inserted drip tray) says "M F G. CO" and underneath
that "QUADRUPLE PLATE" then "223" below that.
I can't see the name of the mfg company at all.
The glass lid is cased glass with beautiful textured paintings on the outside.
The white opaque glass lining the inside of the lid glows
slightly yellow under a black light .
The knife which which has "Oneida Community" & a large "R" on the back,
sits on two 2-pronged holders attached to the base, & may not "match" the
lid and base. I have not attempted to clean any parts.
We would very much appreciate any help you can give us.

          And finally we have received what we trust to be a credible Identification! Mr. Robert Weinberg is a collector of Carder Steuben glass & he is especially fond of fine art glass combined with silver. Below are his comments:

July 2007

I have seen glass identified as Mt. Washington but not being knowledgeable at all about the various burmese, peachblow, amberina etc glass, I would not have made any attempt to identify the glass. However I came across a History of Mr. Washington and Pairpoint Glass which provided the answer, that is, that in 1870 Mt. Washington relocated to New Bedford MA started to produce innovative and exotic glass and in 1880 established the Pairpoint Manufacturing Company to supply silver plated metal mounts. Pairpoint (combined with Mt. Washington into one company) later developed its own art glass in crystal which is well known to me as much of it mimics Carders work (or vice versa - they all made what was popular at the time) and is well known to me as at times it is confused with Steuben glass. So there is the answer.
You may wish to contact the Mt. Washington and Pairpoint Glass Society at P.O. Box 849, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29597.
Best Regards bob

Hi Elaine: Just another little point I picked up. Mt. Washington and Pairpoint merged in 1894. Altho I do not know what Pairpoint did to the silver markings after that, this fact may allow you to pinpoint the date of manufacturing of you butter dish; perhaps it is between between 1880 - 1884. I am sure the Pairpoint markings must be catalogued in the history of the company written by Kenneth M. Wilson and available from the Society.     Regards Bob

Note: I have been unable to reach the Mt. Washington Society by email or through their web site. Elaine

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