Victorian and Early American
Flint Pattern Glass Decanters & Bar Bottles
Non-Flint Decanters &
Carafes/ Water Bottles For Sale

     Early 19th century glass containers for storing and dispensing liquid refreshment took several forms, first among them being flint blown molded, sometimes engraved, decanters with or without blown molded matching stoppers. 
      Bar lip blown molded flint bottles, produced in the mid 1800s for the commercial trade, came without stoppers.  They had thick rounded openings designed to give stability for cork stoppers or jigger pouring spouts. 
      Later non-flint pressed glass decanters with stoppers in various sizes were made in great quantities, and finally, carafes or water bottles were made to match many EAPG patterns and they never took a stopper.

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A Ribbed Pillar or Pillar Mold decanter with an original blown matching stopper, is 13" tall and without damage, possibly Pittsburgh.  There is a polished pontil on top of stopper and at the base of decanter **SOLD** A Tulip & Sawtooth flint quart decanter with original matching stopper.  It is 15 1/2" to the top of the stopper. It is without damage. $195 An unlisted
Tulip & Sawtooth flint pint decanter with original matching stopper & applied handle.   It is 10" tall, without damage and $268
A Diamond Point flint decanter with original blown matching stopper without damage and **SOLD**

This is a rare pair of matching Early Argus flint decanters with original matching blown stoppers & polished pontils.  They were made by the New England Glass Co. ca. 1850s or early '60s. They are 14 1/2" tall to the top of the stoppers, there is no damage to either of them and they are sold as a set for $550.
The four decanters pictured above include some American made and probably
some foreign products.  We cannot guarantee that the stoppers that came with them are original. 
These are all blown molded and flint glass.

#1 MIA702 has a thick flat base with a small
chip on the edge.  You can feel the pattern
from the inside of the
top of the neck.  It is
9 1/2" tall sans
stopper **SOLD**

#2 MI544 is 8" tall
sans stopper and it has
a swag decor.  The bas
e is raised up inside
the piece quite a bit. **SOLD**
#3 MI523 is the well known quart decanter in the Shell & Ribbing pattern.  It is shown in McKearin Group V- 8 Baroque; and a picture is in Wilson’s New England Glass book pg 271.  It has a rough pontil and takes a blown ribbed stopper so this one is obviously not original.  $125 #4 MI574 is also a flint, blown molded decanter with a ribbed pattern and a long twisted neck.  It is 11 1/2" tall sans stopper and has a rough pontil.  $75
This is an interesting pair of Sawtooth pattern flint blown molded quart decanters.  They are a matched set
and both stoppers fit perfectly and
are the Tulip & Sawtooth pattern
(shown at right).  Probably made by
the New England Glass Co.
ca. 1850s, they have ground
pontils and could use a cleaning.
The decanters are 15" tall to the
top of their blown stoppers and
the pair is $395.

This spectacular pair of quart flint decanters is
a treasure!  Their matching patterned blown stoppers are original and there is no damage to any of the glass.  The pattern is Magnet & Grape with Frosted Leaf from the Boston & Sandwich Glass Factory from the 1860s.  The 12 1/2" tall matched set is $795.
SANDWICH STAR is the pattern of this heavy flint pint decanter in the Boston Sandwich Glass Factory in the 1850s.  There is no stopper for the ground opening.  It is 9" tall and undamaged.
A quart bar bottle in the flint 1850's pattern called

It was made in England or Scotland & could have been the inspiration for the Broken Column
pattern a few decades later in the US. $95
Another product of the Boston Sandwich Glass Factory is this Lattice in Oval Panels aka Flat Diamond & Panel flint.  12 1/4" tall to the top of the matching blown stopper.  The only flaw is on the bottom part of the stopper. $195.

     These are ring necked bar bottles, very heavy flint, without stoppers.  The inside of the top is ground.  They are shown in this 1868 M'Kee Brothers catalog reprint on the right. Neither has
any damage to the glass. Each has 8 ribs, one is
10 1/4" tall  & **SOLD**.  The other is 10" tall & $75.  
This is a flint decanter with cut panels.
The maker is undetermined.  It is a 3 ring design with
a ground pontil.  The opening is ground for a stopper
& it is 8 5/8" tall without the stopper.  The stopper in
it may or may not be original but it fits perfectly. 

This 3 ring neck bottle has thin cut panels around the base and all of the neck.  It is flint w/ a ground pontil & the stopper is probably not original but it fits. 
Another VIEW  $65

Non-Flint Decanters
may be a U S Glass Co. pattern but that has not
been proven.  It is from
the 1890s.  The facetted
stopper may or may not
be original.  $75
aka Clear Lily by Indiana
Glass Co. ca 1910.  It
is missing its matching glass stopper. 
KOKOMO aka Bar & Diamond aka Richards
& Hartley's Swirl Band made ca. 1885.  It is a handled jug and
sometimes called
a 'catsup' bottle.  $82

It is 9 3/4" tall and about 6" at the widest part. Believed to have been made in France in the last half of the 19th C.
See top opening HERE.

See the base HERE.
Beautiful coloring.

Blown Molded decanter with unfinished pontil and Sunburst stopper.
It is 10 1/2" tall to the top of the stopper.
Maker unknown to us.

is Duncan Pattern #42
aka Empire.
Duncan & Sons was the maker ca. 1890s.
It is 8 1/2" tall &
flawless. See another view HERE.

Non-Flint Carafes/ Water Bottles
Fostoria made this piece which took no stopper
ca. 1890s.
The pattern is known as VIRGINIA aka FOSTER
(if stained red).
VICTORIA- a gorgeous carafe by Fostoria ca 1890s, their pattern #1300.
It has a 1" internal fissure in the neck which does not reach the surface & a small nic on the side.  $115
is a Duncan Miller product,
their pattern #48
made ca. 1901. It has no damage but could use a cleaning.
aka Fans w/ Crossbars
is another 'true open' vessel.  Made by
McKee ca. 1890s. 
It is 8 1/2" tall .
See side view HERE.
is a Tarentum Glass Co. decanter ca. 1890s.
The facetted stopper
is probably not
original to the
piece. $75
exciting pattern in satin glass & a Pidgeon Blood red color. Made by Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co. ca. 1900.
It is 7 1/2" tall. There is a dent in the top of the metal pouring spout. **SOLD**
WESTMORELAND aka Gillinder #420 made ca. |1889.  It has 1 'flea bite' on the top inside rim (too small to photograph) & is slightly cloudy in the very bottom.  $65 PENNSYLVANIA aka Balder was made by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1890s.  It has a large but shallow flake on the outside or the top rim which is fixable.  $55
PEERLESS aka Sunburst Diamond is this pattern
by Model Flint ca. 1898.
It is 8 1/2" tall. 
AZTEC aka Spinner Daisy aka New Mexico pattern
was made by McKee ca. 1900 - 1910.
It is not one of the original lines of States' patterns
made by the U S Glass Co. But some include it as
representing our fair state. $75

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