Early American Flint Table Set Pieces
Butter Dishes, Celery Vases, Creamers &
Spooners for Sale
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ACORN aka RIBBED ACORN is a seldom seem Boston Sandwich pattern ca. 1850s.  The lid has been ground on the inside rim & the top rim of the base has been ground also to remove ancient flakes.
FINE RIB aka Reeded is a famous New England Glass Co. pattern in bell-toned flint made during the 1860s.  The lid has a bruise on the edge seen HERE .   Not too bad for being 150 years old!  $115
HORN OF PLENTY aka Comet aka Peacock Tail is a very well known flint pattern made by Boston Sandwich and McKee from way back in the 1830s - 50s!  The edges of the top are understandably rough.  See lid HERE**SOLD**
THUMBPRINT aka Baby Thumbprint aka Argus by Bakewell, Pears  ca. 1850s.  This piece could be a footed compote but is the size, 5 1/2" inside diameter & 6 1/4" outside diameter of many flint butter dishes.  $75
PRESSED PRISM is a heavy flint pattern made by the Boston Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1840-60.  The pattern is pictured in Barlow Kaiser as #1180. $155
RIBBED IVY is a flint Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. creation ca. 1850.... 10 years before the Civil War!  It is in beautiful shape.
CABLE aka Atlantic Cable by Boston Sandwich ca. 1859 to celebrate the laying of the Atlantic Cable.  8" tall. VIEW  $95 BULLSEYE & DIAMOND POINT a product of the New England Glass Co. ca, 1869
Perfect $175
in flint glass by McKee
ca. 1870s.7 1/4" tall $65.
We also have one with a base chip for $35
This is a blown, cut
celery vase, of an undetermined origin. 
It is very early and  bell toned flint. It is 6 3/4"
tall & 3 3/4" at the top
edge and the base.  It has
a ground pontil.   $110
in flint glass by McKee
ca. 1870s.
This is a
huge piece of glass -
9 3/4" tall & flawless. 
See other view HERE.
Variant #1 aka Hourglass is a pattern from 1856. Curling, Robertson & Co. made it. Naturally, it
has wear in the base & around the rim. Some Civil War wife must have put spoons in it! $95
HONEYCOMB, Allover pattern. Which early
glass maker made this is
unknown but ca. 1860.
It is 7 1/2" tall.
Maker is not known
but 1860s or 70s.
It is 7 1/2" tall.
knob stem. It is low
lead flint by the New England Glass Co. ca.
1880s.  8 1/2" tall
  GOTHIC pattern is a product of the Union Glass Co. & others. This 10" tall heavy flint celery vase is perfect even after 150 years since the 1860s! $185  

HINOTO aka Diamond Point with Panels, 1850s, possibly by Boston Sandwich. It is 5 3/4" tall to the top of the applied handle. See also HERE & HERE. $75 GOTHIC pattern by
the Union Glass Co. during the 1860s. Another exquisite applied handle, see HERE.
Rarely found. $225

RIBBED PALM aka OMN SPRIG is a Boston Sandwich product ca. 1860s. It is 6 1/4" tall to the top of the lip & has an applied handle.
See other views HERE & HERE.

This is a very rare SMOCKING pattern creamer with an applied handle. The pattern was made by Sandwich and possibly elsewhere c. 1850s.  It is $195. This creamer is a piece of early Portland Glass Co. OVERSHOT.
It has the reeded handle & 5" tall.
SAWTOOTH pattern
was probably made by the Boston Sandwich
or New England Glass Co. in both flint $125
& non-flint $68.

is clear ringing glass
by the Cape Cod Glass
Co. ca. 1860s.
PRISM & FLUTE made by Bakewell, Pears & Co in the 1870s.  This was perhaps made to be a tumbler but it also
works for a spooner. 
is an early flint
pattern by Bryce, Richards ca. 1854.
This one has low flint content.
DIAMOND THUMBPRINT by Sandwich & McKee ca. 1850s.
This spooner is a mess, but GORGEOUS! See the base HERE.  See top manufacturers flaws HERE & HERE. And see sand in the base HERE & HERE.  $58
McKee Glass Co. ca.
  This may be a
footed tumbler but it
can be used as a
OMN Sprig FLINT footed spooner by McKee ca. 1863. $58 
may have been made
by the New England
Glass Co. c.1860s.   **SOLD**
CABLE aka Atlantic Cable a classic Boston & Sandwich pattern ca. 1859. There is a little wear in the base from spoons of yore. $65 FROSTED LEAF an
early pattern by
the Boston Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1860s.
A very hard to find
pattern. $125

may be a tumbler. It has a
spot of underfill on the base & some wear of some 150 years of holding spoons. Made by many glass factories beginning in the 1840s. $65
This is a FLINT
amberina spooner!
From the Hobbs Brockunier, their No 101 pattern. Very heavy
with a bell-tone ring.
It is not for sale.
has a ground pontil
&  is 4 5/8" tall. The dates & maker have not been discovered. There is a small amount of roughness on the mold line.$58.

with the engraved vintage
grape engraving.   The
base stem appears to have been broken off and reglued.  It is not apparent except on close examination.  See
photos HERE & HERE.
HUBER aka Cape Cod #22 aka Straight Huber.  This spooner
has a scalloped top
but is without engraving. It is
6" tall & flint.
w/ Rayed Base
made by the Boston Sandwich Glass Co.
ca. 1860s.  It has 2
bubbles in the base
which are unbroken so they are not damage.
These prices do not include the cost of
shipping & insurance.