Here are some household and gift items that might be just right for  you. You may wander throughout the yard at your leisure and let us know if you need help
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Some of the best carnival glass was made by Northwood and some of it was signed. 
This piece is signed in the center of the base - above a Daisy. 
The bowl is 7 1/2" in diameter and 2" high. 
It was hard to capture the beautiful iridescent color of this Poppy Pattern beauty.  $65

We believe this 6" Art Glass vase which is covered with "frit" may be a product of the Boston Sandwich Glass Co. from the early 1800s. 
It is flint glass with 6 applied clear glass "feet" 3 of which show tiny flakes or nicks. 
The top edge of the vase is cut smooth. 
Examples of this type of vase are shown in Ruth Webb Lee's book on Art Glass.
You can own this very scarce piece of history for $135.

A tisket, a tasket, an amber vintage basket!  The one on the right is 3 7/8” tall x 2 3/4” wide and the one on the left is 3 5/8” tall x 3 1/2” squarish with 2 rope like handles to hold some special little treasures.  They might even have been toothpick
or match holders in their earlier lives. The one on the left was made by Canton
Glass Co. and is $35 & the one on the right is $25.

Above is a set of 4 VENETIAN pattern early wine stems, Dugan Glass Co. pattern #575.  They are 4 1/4" tall, sapphire blue with orange flowers & whitish spray leaves decor & some gold on top edge. One has a teeny nic on top edge of the base & one has an almost imperceptible nic on the inside top rim by a mold line.
Price for the set of four $55

This beautiful hot pink color of slag is hard to find and would be a wonderful addition to any slag or Inverted Strawberry or tumbler collection.
Also known as Late Strawberry, it is a
reproduction of a Cambridge tumbler.
It is 4” tall, signed “Near Cut” inside the base
and has no damage whatsoever.  $45
A 4 3/8" tall double egg cup in milk glass by Hazel Atlas.
At right see company logo which
on the base.$28
Thanks to Helena Appell for her ID assistance on this piece.


A Fostoria's Guttate tumbler in very deep pink with a frosted finish. 
It is cased or plated? glass with no damage whatsoever.  $58
This set of four true blue
glass dishes is probably foreign made.  We've been unable to identify an American maker.  They are non-flint, shallow saucers,
4 3/4" in diameter.
The set is $36.

Here's a great buy!  This stack of 8" Baltimore Pear pattern plates are not original
issue but they match the original pattern well!  And they are really more useful
than the original plates - if you could even ever find 8 of the original ones! 
The whole stack of 8 is only $95 (about $12 each!)
Daisy & Button is the pattern of this vaseline slipper with a flat flake on the back.  It is 5 1/8" long & 2 3/8" high & is a very Victorian Duncan novelty.   $65

Well, all we know is that this  interesting 5 1/2" tall vase was made in France and decorated in an Oriental style by someone who signed the base. $65

Helena Appell tells us the maker is Roland Vuichon, Chantilly France, 1959-1972

Don't you love these colors?  And it is as smooth as a baby's bottom.
We think this is Israeli glass but we're not sure. 
We are sure it's 9 1/8" tall and has no damage whatsoever.
If you know more about it, please tell us.  Or just buy it for $45

These handy multi-purpose plates are 7 3/4" square and were made by the Imperial Glass Co. 1927-1930s.  The pattern is BEADED BLOCK and they are in fine condition - no damage.  The amber one is **SOLD** the vaseline one is $38
This is a milk glass Urn with a lid.  Not too sure what purpose it would serve, but Fostoria made it, their pattern #2675
from 1954 - 65.
The base is 6" tall  
Potpourri anyone?
Or tea bags?
Or coffee?

This, my friends, is a German goblet.  Surprise the heck out
of your Uncle Hans or
Aunt Gretle by serving him
or her something from a glass straight from their Motherland. 
It stands only 4 3/4" tall
& is over 100 years old,
having been made ca. 1904!
These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance.