Here are some household and gift items
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This is a Hubley Drayton Puppy cast iron bank. 
The little she-dog is sitting on a soft-looking but iron pillow.  Her paint is soiled, but mostly intact.  
The base of the bank is rectangular, 5 1/4" x 6" & the bank is 5 3/4" tall.  It weighs 3.25 pounds!
There is a formerly pretty bee on her side seen better HERE.  Give her a new home for $69.

A Scottie ring stand with original paper label.

This ring tree and matching ring box are white
china (unsigned) with a green & turquoise leaf design.  The stand is 3" tall and the lidded
box is 3" in diameter at the base.

Copper Lustre is another product of Merry Olde England. It is Staffordshire
ceramic & has no trademark or damage & dates from 1820 - 1855. It is Copper
with light orange background, 6 1/4” tall; 5” diam, with a ceramic floral
relief decor (Pansy in green & white) . $150
Here we have a dated old stoneware crock jug. It is 7 3/8” tall, 6” wide, 3 3/4” deep and the words on the side are “PAT AUG 11 1897”. A stain suggests a minor fissure near bottom of handle but it holds water & is amazing for its age. $175.

Treat your friends! Again from England but sold in Tulsa, here is a set of 6 master butter knives and 5 dessert forks. They are silver plate over copper
by E.P.A.H.B.& Co. with creamy ivory colored handles.
These were purchased 70 years ago but their age is not known to us.
The Knives are 7 1/4" long and the forks are 6 1/4" long. $75

This lovely swan is marked "Meisenthal", one of the lesser known French glass companies. It is a scarce piece of glass, only 3" to the tippy top of her head & 3 1/2" long .
The mold detail and glass quality are suprub. It probably dates to the 1880s. $35
Poncho Sombrero Bear cookie jar by Metlox and his 2 cubs Salty & Peppy.
There is a spot on the back of one cub's sombrero - see circled area;
otherwise the set is in like-new condition. $195 for the set of 3 pieces.

This is a really fancy fine perfume atomizer piece, in Colonial Ware with Dresden decoration by Mt. Washington Glass Company in New Bedford, MA.
It is the Leaf & Berry Four pattern & has the number 2043 stamped on the base.
There is a chip on the top edge that would go under the atomizer, which is missing.
It is hand painted in beautiful colors! $150
     This is a matched set of three beautiful 7 1/2" diameter NIPPON salad plates! The 24 carat gold is so thick you can feel it and the colors, deep rose pink and greens are hand painted. The close-up of the edge of one plate does not do justice to its exquisite beauty.      
     There is no wear on the fronts nor any damage to anywhere on any of them. The normal wear on the table rims attests to their 100+ years of use.      
      According to the Antique China & Porcelain & Collectibles web site, during the Meiji period (1868-1912) much of the Nippon porcelain pieces were decorated with gold. Much of this decoration was not very durable and wore away over the years, so it is common today to find Nippon china pieces with the gold rubbed off. This says a lot for these plates as neither the gold nor the color is faded. Any appearance of fading in the photos is a reflection of our lack of photographic skills & not of the plates.
     The "M-wreath" back stamp, represents the predecessor of Noritake, another famous Japanese porcelain producer. $65 for the set of 3 plates.

Above is a striking vaseline glass condiment or relish divided dish in a silver colored
metal tray with a handle
. It has a small sliver of damage seen by clicking HERE.
It measures 9" x 5 1/2". $36
A gorgeous blue vase from Lisbon, Portugal. It was hand painted with yellow and pink flowers
in a bed of greens, by Fabrica Sant' Anna which has been making hand painted ceramic vases
& tiles since 1741. This one is signed by the artist & dated 1906. It is 9 1/2" high & 5" diameter. $95
This is a genuine, undamaged Red Wing packing jar for food stuffs.
The base says, "RED WING MINNESOTA STONEWARE CO". The volume is about two gallons
and it is 10 1/4" tall and 8 1/2" in diameter. It has a Salt glaze finish
and there is no damage to the jar
or the lid (which is pictured at right
to show the inside bottom rim).
David Winter has sculpted some of the most collectible small works of art. This is named "Moorland" Cottage. The detail of his work is second to none! The measurements are 3 " long, 2.5 " in height, and approximately 3" at greatest depth. It was hand made in Britain & hand painted by Joy Minder in the Studios & workshops of John Hine Ltd.; Hampshire, Great Britain ca. 1982. The piece is in great condition! $95 unboxed.

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