Everyone knows that Victorians loved their jewelry.  They also like the idea of "a place for everything & everything in its place".
And so they liked to put their rings in suitable "Ring Stands".  Now not all of our stands were made during the Victorian era but still we think the ladies of yore would have liked them.

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001   Very dainty white china w/ gold flecks $25 003 Probably Murano
from Italy. $37
010  Clear glass  $15
011  Clear lead crystal w/
scalloped bowl. 
017  White china with pink & blue flowers
& ribbons $21
019 White china with great gold 'tree'. signed "Jan.-1974 Edna B. Bergen" $25
030 White china w/ pink roses
031  White china with 
a rim of tiny flowers
047 Baccarat - 3 1/2" square signed "BACCARAT DEPOSE" see HERE.  $39
049 This is blue soapstone w/ white flowers.  $19 050 China matt finish hand w/ pink & yellow daisies.  $25 053  White china w/ gold trim and orange & purple flowers. $21
053 White china with blue flowers & a gold tip. $18   054 White china w/ gold trim, orange rim & purple flowers. $20 056  White china w/ pastel floral decor.
057 New collectible "Kosca"  $18 058 Cream colored china with dainty violets. $24 059 Beleek Traditional color tree.  Mark seen HERE.  $48
038 Heart shaped china w/ pink roses.  $12 oo1 Oval china base with peach color surrounding.$23 002 White china w/ dainty pink flowers & gold flecks on the tree.  $18
014 A stunning 'blood red' highly glazed & irridized stand w/ gold tipped tree.  $32 036 White china w/ yellow, green & peach colored flowers.  $22 060 Clear glass made in Monage, Belgium ca. 1901.  Marked "VERRERIES DE SCAILMONT" see HERE  $32
061 Lefton china w/ hand painted dainty purple flowers & gold trim.  See the paper Sticker HERE.  $26  

Roses adorn this pretty china stand with 4 hanger prongs. Gold accents trim the base too. $24

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