When it comes to antique glass,
          do you sometimes feel that
Cleanliness is next to --
Leave it to two Okies to get it done. A visitor to our web site suggested a way of removing soap scum - a frequent ugly deposit left on pattern glass from Victorian lye soap. Add a scoop of dishwasher powder to a small pan of water then put in a couple spoonsfull of salt. Soak the glass then take a toothbrush to it. Rinse and it will be much better. Granny wasn't totally happy with that so she took the toothbrush to it again, this time with some toothpaste & scrubbed a little more. VOILA!!!! A KANSAS pattern tumbler has been rescued from the junk pile!

Some other treatments to try:
   --scouring powder such as Bab-O
   --denture cleanser
From Mary Jane Gamble: For cleaning sick glass, try a bottle of cleaner made for the glass top of a KitchenAid Stove; COOKTOP POLISHING CREME It is not abrasive. It worked great on a piece of sick glass that I had given up on!
To get a stopper unstuck, turn upside down in something filled with Classic Coke..... has worked for my friend, Jayne. And according to Carolyn, coke also works like a charm on stuck metal caps for salt and pepper shakers. You have to be careful, though, because if there is a collar plastered onto the glass with a screw top that attaches to the collar, the plaster will also be removed and you will then need to replaster the collar! And to learn to do that go HERE.
Per Uncle Sam Kissee        The easiest type to clean are mineral deposits which result from a piece being used as a vase where the water contained a high amount of calcium carbonate. Try these:
--- Take a brand new dark green Scotch plastic scrubber. Scrub lightly without any water until the deposit is gone. Do not use this technique on flint glass because it will scratch the surface.
---Try the lime away products available in supermarkets. Squirt the liquid on the deposits and it start foaming away. Sometimes this takes a few treatments.
---A polishing compound designed to get water deposits off window glass works fairly well. I found mine in a local hardware store. It really works on windows as well as glass table ware.
A professional glass cleaner is:
Kim Carlisle
   Phone 317/758-5767
Got a better way? Let us know about
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