More Curtain Tiebacks
& Towel Holders!!
The 4" tieback / towel holder on the left is a very rare early flint vaseline one and is not for sale as it is busy holding one of the tea towels in our kitchen. It has so far survived the toddler-hood of 9 grandchildren so you know it is sturdy!
Clear late reissue 4" glass curtain tiebacks have been used beautifully by Angela in Houston to support formal swags.  If you have used your tiebacks in a way you would like to share with others, send us a photo and we'll help you do that.

 #024 An early 1800s issue flint solid milk white tieback with original metal; our largest at 4 3/8" diam. No damage - $135.

#029 A single 3" early flint opalescent beauty in the Petal & Shell pattern. It comes with a new metal pin. A perfect size for ribbons.  $85
#007 is a 3 1/2" early reissue milky opalescent beauty. One of the "petals" has been chipped but that is not too surprising for its years of service. It is $45 which includes a new post (on left).
 #021 & #022 This is two pair of unusual green tiebacks which are probably relatively recent issues. They are non-flint and one pair #022 are slightly more "lime green" than the other. They are all 3 1/4" diam. and will need posts.
They are perfect for hanging jewelry or ribbons; very smooth
and have no damage to the glass and are $35/ pair.
New posts can be added to all curtain tiebacks for $16 each or $30 for a pair.
This very tieback is pictured in the
June 2005 issue of
Country Living Magazine, pg 38.

#001 A "depression green" tieback that we
believe to be a recent issue. It is non-flint and
2 loops of one set of the loops is damaged.
It will need to have a new post and is $45.

These very tiebacks are pictured in the
June 2005 issue of Country Living Magazine, pg 38.

#013, #014, #015 are non-flint more recent
issues which are 3 3/8" diam. with no posts.
The color of 2 of them is amethyst with a
slightly brownish tint while
the 3rd is more pinkish
The glass is undamaged and the 2 are $30 each.


#012 This is a pair of pretty little non-flint turn of the (20th) century issues which are only 2 1/4" diam. without metal posts. The color is old amethyst that is on the pinkish side and they are the same color despite the difference in the photo. The glass on one has flakes on 4 loops and the other has flakes on 2 loops and they are $45 /Pair + 2 new posts. Would be perfect for hanging jewelry or ribbons.

#011  A single red art deco glass
tieback/ towel holder probably
from the early to mid 20th
century. It has a wooden post
and has no damage. It is 3" diam,
$65 complete. A great design
for a "retro" bathroom!

    Below is actual PICTURE PIN from the Victorian era. We think they could have been used to hang pictures, jewelry, ribbons or even to hold back very light curtains.  Lots of possible uses for it.
  Our friend, Nancy Smith has informed us that these are pins originally meant to hang pictures in Victorian times. She says the tops were removable and the nails hammered into the wall then the pretty cover was replaced and thus the Victorians did not have to offend their eyes by seeing a common nail!
#MC001 This white snowflake
design is 2 1/2" diam. has a
substantial nail post
and is  $55.
We have learned about a beautiful web site featuring these sorts of
Victorian hangers for picture rails.  
Swan's Elegant Period Picture Hanging Paraphernalia reached HERE can help you
accessorize your Victorian settings
more completely.
Go and visit them and let them know you learned about them on
New posts can be added to all curtain tiebacks for $16 each or $30 for a pair.

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