Spills or Spill Holders are all flint glass and a form of EAPG not made any longer. And so, their uses and history are discussed HERE.
     Unless otherwise noted, all of the pieces on this page are very heavy flint glass and are without damage but naturally they all have wear in the bottom of the bowl and under the base foot.
      A loooooooong time ago, some lucky housewife put her spoons into these holders and now you can too! 
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Above are 2 spillholders in the famous HARP pattern. It was made by McKee Bros. ca. 1859. They are 4 3/4" tall & 3 1/4" in diameter.
The one on the left has some annealing lines in the glass but
that was done In-The-Making & there is no damage.  **SOLD**
The one on the right has no damage either and it has some faint gold
remaining in the harps and on the lower rim.  It is $95

Very sharp and sparkly diamonds on this flint, nearly 5" tall spill.
Probably by the New England
Glass Co. ca. 1860s.
Even smaller diamonds in this pair of matching 5 1/4" tall
spill holders. See a close-up of one of them HERE. Could have been one of several glass companies that made these forms in the 1850s & '60s.
$125 for the pair or $75 each.

Very shiny piece of 170 year old glass with excellent gold decor on the top and base rims.  It is 5 1/4" tall and has no damage whatsoever.  It is $95.
Very similar to the above Diamond Point, but the 'points' are inverted giving it a soft feel. There is a row of thumbprints around the top and the base of the bowl.  This flint spill or spooner is only 4 1/4" tall.
Pictured & described in A Guide To Sandwich Glass by Barlow & Kaiser.

There is a row of thumbprints around the top and the base of the bowl.  It is about the standard 4 1/2" tall & flint, of course. By Boston Sandwich ca. 1845-1870.


     Boston Sandwich pattern and product ca 1850s. This one has some minor damage incl. frit in the base seen HERE, a corner flake on the base seen HERE and an inside corner chip seen HERE.  $65

We have another Sandwich Star #938 spill holder
seen HERE, that is 'as is' because of base frit, seen HERE
, some roughness on the lower outer rim seen HERE, and some roughness on the outer top rim seen HERE.  Still, it is a piece from the Civil War era of America for only $35.

     This is an INDENTED PANELS type pattern. The small foot says it is possibly European and very early 1850s or '60s. It is 4 5/8" tall & has tiny gold flower decorations in amazingly good shape for its age. This is one that could be a footed tumbler or a spill holder. $225

     This is another unusual color in early pressed glass.
It is a medium, emerald green in an OVAL PANELLED FRAMES type pattern.
The maker is unknown & it is slightly lighter weight than our clear flint spills,
and again, the small foot suggests European origin. It is 4 1/2" tall with gilded flowers in the ovals and is $225.

      We are calling this RIBBED PANELS because we can't find the real name and the design is... ribbed panels.
It is 4 3/4" tall. It has a ground pontil so it was made early on in the pressed glass making era.
      It has been and could again, be used as a spoon holder. $65

This deeper sapphire blue tumbler or spill holder is a FRAMED OVALS type pattern. It is 4 3/4” tall, has beautiful gilt flowers & leaf decor in the ovals and gold around the hexagonal foot. There is a small flat flake on the side of one corner of foot. It glows yellow green under black light & is probably of foreign extraction.
     We are including this piece just for 'eye candy'. It is one of our most prized pieces of early glass. The engraving is absolutely exquisite - a full panorama of forest flora & fauna. It is very heavy vaseline flint. We have no proof of the maker or engraver but would love information from visitors.

     Beware of the 'spillholder' shown here on the right. It is a reproduction and 'newly minted' to fool the unknowing. Be sure of authenticity by looking for wear on the base of spillholders. The original ones are all well over 150 years old and will be quite heavy compared to other pressed glass of its size.
      The pattern is Ribbed Pineapple by an unknown maker ca. 1840s-50s.
Here we have the original
RIBBED PINEAPPLE  spill holder. 
As you can see from a comparison of the fakes above, it is more slender and the stem is a little longer.  But really the difference is in the weight and feel & it rings beautifully when tapped.
It is 5 1/4" tall.

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