Punch Bowls in Victorian Pattern Glass are few and far between.
We have seen only a handful of the large ones other than the popular Manhattan,
Galloway, Slewed Horseshoe and

              CRACKLE PUNCH SET
     This fine example of Early American Pattern Glass consists of an undertray, covered punch bowl, ladle, and 10 punch cups or glasses. It is clear crackle glass, made by rolling a gather of glass on a marvering board which has been covered with fine fragments of glass.
     The gather, coated with the glass fragments, is then pressed or blown into a mold. The undertray measures approximately 16 inches in diameter; the height of the punch bowl without the cover is about 10 1/2 inches. Each punch cup or glass is about 4 1/2" high.
     The applied "stem" on the punch bowl lid has been acid etched or satin finished, as has the handle on the ladle which also has been applied. The bowl has a brass ring around the rim.
     The punch glasses have clear rings near thetop as well as clear stems and bases. The undertray appears to be pressed, but the bowl and cover may be blown. This set has been tentatively attributed to the Portland Glass Company, Portland, Maine. This company made outstanding wares from about 1863 to 1873. Attributing this set has proven difficult, but clues found in several sources suggest that the maker was the Portland Glass Company.
     Ladd, in Portland Glass, shows a punch set with the identical undertray form and unique "Stem" on the punch bowl lid. Additionally, Portland did make crackle glass and could do brass work right at the factory. Further, they made some forms in the shape of vegatables (particularly squash) The punch bowl included in this set is somewhat acorn or pumpkin-squash shaped.
More information regarding the maker, date of manufacture, other colors, and other similar forms in crackle glass would be greatly appreciated.