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    Lesson #1 "EAPG" stands for
Early American Pattern Glass    
or simply "Pattern Glass".
Early American Pattern Glass is also called
"Old Pressed Glass"
  At PatternGlass.com, the terms
   "Pattern Glass" and "EAPG" mean the same.
The Collectors Weekly, a delightful web site covering many, many areas of antiques conducted an interview with PatternGlass.com Granny & published it HERE. The history & varieties as well as advice to new collectors in included. They awarded their HALL OF FAME Award to this site for being one of the best sites on the internet!
If you haven't read it, please start with
Then we have a special place for new collectors we call
Granny's Pointers and Pitfalls
EAPG Patterns
Forms (various pieces) of EAPG made
Kinds of glass used  to make EAPG
Factories that produced EAPG
EAPG in History
Click on the slate at left for Lessons about some of the
confusing & other aspects of pattern glass; including colors used to make it, colored and colorless decor on pattern glass, black lights, terms used for pattern glass then & now, and the dreaded "sun purple" glass.

This section of PatternGlass.com is a collaboration of contributions from folks who have
submitted information about their special area(s) of interest. It is presented here for the
edification, enlightenment and enjoyment of those who wish to know more about our favorite
American antique glass. If you have an area of specialty in the area of Early American Pattern
Glass tableware ca 1850-1910 and would like to share it in like fashion,
please get in touch and we'll work with you to get it "published" here.
    We hope you enjoy your Pattern Glass School experience!
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