Where Glass Was Pressed in America ca 1825-1910
    Early American Pattern Glass Factories were founded and finished by the hundreds between ca 1825 and 1910. Some lasted longer than others; some fell with the economy and many burned down.
    To learn about some of the more notable factories, click on the underlined factory names below.
The Duncan Companies by Teri Morgan Carl
---- Geo. Duncan & Sons 1874 - 1892
---- Geo. Duncan's Sons & Co. 1893 - 1900
---- Duncan & Miller 1900 - 1955

New England Glass Company 1818 - 1888 by Lorie Johnson

Greentown Glass by the Indiana Goblet & Tumbler Company by Ron Ostrom

The Findlay Glass Companies
Five factories produced tableware and novelties in Findlay, Ohio from 1886 - 1902. They were:
---- Columbia Glass Company
---- Bellaire Goblet Company
---- Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton Glass Company
---- Model Flint Glass Company
---- Findlay Flint Glass Company

  Indiana Glass by Craig Schenning
      Unraveling the confusing Indiana Glass Companies
Lee Mfg.

Iowa City Glass Company by Elaine Henderson

CAUTION: From the EAPG Society research library:
Several books attribute many patterns and pieces to the Burlington Glass Company based solely on the presence of shards at the plant site. The shards are limited in number with most patterns represented by one or two shards. Research done by a Canadian, Sid Lethbridge, has identified that Burlington products included lamps, fruit jars, medicinal bottles, and lamp chimneys. An extensive review of twenty years of contemporary newspaper and trade journal reports found no historical evidence to support that pattern glass was ever made at this factory.

In the Works --- A. H. Heisey Glass Company & Fostoria

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