A few quick notes about EAPG
-- Pontil marks suggest pre-1860's glass
-- Patterns were sometimes copied from silver plate patterns.
Pattern Glass/EAPG was made in many

--Pattern describes the collective design elements of a named set of dishes.     
--Form describes one of the many useful pieces made in the pattern.
For a primer in terms used for forms "Then" and "Now" click HERE.

--Kind of glass describes one of the results of the many various 
formulas used to make the glass.  Go HERE to read about some of these.

FORMS of a PATTERN might include:
--The basic Four Piece Table Set: cov'd sugar, creamer, cov'd butter and spooner;
--Berry set: master berry bowl and 4-6 sauce or berry dishes;
--Water set: water pitcher, tumblers and/or goblets, and  sometimes a water tray and/or a waste bowl.
         More extensive patterns included: celery vases, milk pitchers, bowls, compotes (high and low footed bowls), wine & champagne goblets, cordials, salt dips, master salts &/or shakers, mustard or horseradish jars, sugar shakers, toothpick holders, egg cups, spillholders, celery or relish dishes, cup & saucer, mugs, cake stands, bread plates, waste bowls, dinner plate, bread plates, decanters, carafes or water bottles, syrup pitchers, cruets, and some even had lamps, whimsey pieces, child or toy sets, cologne & barber bottles and other dresser set items or even miscellaneous forms such as vases & nappies, calling card receivers and punch bowls. A very few included straw jars. Some patterns had a variety of sizes of the forms mentioned above even approaching 100 different forms in a few patterns & pieces of many patterns were souvenired for special occasions. Glass curtain tiebacks were made in patterns but not associated with tableware.
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