Damage, if any,
is reported
in the listing for each piece.
Scroll to below the dinner plates for some square & round 7" plates.
APOLLO aka Shield Band 9 1/2" square dinner plate is engraved. There are a few flea bites, see HERE & HERE around the outer edge.  $39 ARCHED FLEUR 'd LIS
by Bryce Higbee & Co.
ca. 1898. It is 10" in diameter & very bight and shiny!!
See side HERE. **SOLD**
AZTEC aka New Mexico
by McKee signed
"Pres Cut"
10 1/4" dinner plate
ca. 1900. $42
ANTHEMION by Model Flint Glass Works
ca. 1895.  Sorry 'bout the glares on the photo,
this is a really curvy plate! 10" $48
BEAUTIFUL LADY by Bryce Higbee ca. 1905.
10" round - $42
See also 7" square below.
by Westmoreland
Specialty Co. ca. 1924.
7". $28
by Adams & Co. ca. 1874.  We have three
 9 1/2" plates (2 have some edge flakes) 
and nine  9" original issue plates  
$85 ea. with no damage, $55 ea. with flakes.
BARRED FORGET - ME - NOT by Canton Glass Co. ca. 1880s.  9" $48

BASKETWEAVE maker undetermined
ca. 1880s.  8 3/4"
Blue $58 Clear $35

BEADED MEDALLION - an odd shaped plate -
scoopy of course.  Its 7 1/2" squarish.
 By Dalzell, Gilmore &
Leighton #74D  1897. $58
This is not EAPG
It is Imperial Glass Co.'s Beaded Block 1927.  Hard to find in vaseline. 7 3/4" sq.  $38
by Gillinder & Sons ca. 1874.  8"  $42
BROKEN COLUMN aka Rattan by U S Glass Co.
ca. 1893.
Two are 7" & $55.
Three are 8" & $65 each.
By Adams & Co.
ca. 1880s. Only 6", unreported form.
Specialty Co. ca.
1920s. It is 7 1/2" 
MASSACHUSETTS aka Geneva, a U S Glass Co. States' pattern ca. 1890s.  We have 2 that are 8" square & have turned
up sides.  $48 each
Whirled Sunburst in Circle, by Beatty Brady Glass Co. ca. 1904.
It is 10" diam.& sits on a little foot to keep it off
the table.  $39
CALIFORNIA aka Beaded Grape
To celebrate the State of California it is
adorned with grapes.  It is 8 1/4" square &
scoopy as shown.  By the U S Glass Co.
ca. 1890s.  $48

TWIN TEARDROPS aka Anona by Bryce, Higbee & Co. ca. 1903.
It is 9 1/2". $25

COTTAGE aka Fine Cut Band aka Dinner Bell
by Adams & Bellaire ca. 1887. 9"  $68
An example of 'scoopy' plate shape - see below.
by Ripley & Co. ca. 1880s.  7"  **SOLD**
DAHLIA - what pretty dishes! 
Made by Co - Op Flint Glass Co.  introduced ca. 1885-6.
There are 2 forms: 9" round with handles & 11" platters.
In the 9", we have three clear for $28 each & one vaseline for $75.
We have one 11in blue platter with grape cluster handles- $85.
is Bryce Bros. pattern #79. See it flat HERE.
It is 7 3/8" diam. & $32.
We have the 11" plate like it in our Bread Plate Store for $55

Riverside Glass Co. ca. 1880s. Inspired by Uncle Remus Stories. 9 1/2"
A few edge chips that
are hard to see.
Photos HERE.  $210

FEATHER aka Doric
by McKee ca. 1890s. 
10" diam. We have several with minor
edge flakes for
$62 each.
DEWEY aka Flower Flange by Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co. - Greentown ca. 1898.  The vaseline plate is 7 1/2" diameter & $95.
The amber plate is 8" diameter, has one flower nic seen HERE & $65.
DIAMOND QUILTED  The maker of this pattern was Bryce,
their pattern #1000, from the 1880s. 
We have 2 sizes of plates which are all 'leaf shaped'.
One plate is shown in the 1st 2 photos - 8 1/2" x 5"  $45
Three plates are shaped like the amber plate photo & are 10 1/2" x 12". 
In this large size have two blue for $65 each & one amber for $62.
FINECUT pattern by Bryce Bros. ca. 1880s.
A 10" plate in amber is $58.
A 6 1/4" plate in clear (not pictured) is $28.
A 7" plate in vaseline is $55.
FINECUT & PANEL by Bryce Bros. ca. 1886.
7 1/4" in blue $48
In vaseline seen HERE $62
by Brilliant Glass Works
ca. 1888.  It has peg 'feet' & a barley vine border. 9" x 11.5".  2 flakes on handle seen HERE.  $42
FESTOON pattern's
maker has not been determined but probably made in 
the 1890s. 
Plate is 9 1/4". 
GLENTEC aka Panelled Daisies by McKee ca. 1910.  It sits on a
round base & is
10 1/2" in diameter. 
FISHSCALE aka Coral was by Bryce Bros. ca. 1880s. It is 9" square & has a corner chip.  $36  

ISIS aka Jubilee is McKee's pattern #132 made ca. 1894.  It is 8" in diam.

GRAND aka Diamond Medallion by Bryce Higbee ca. 1880s.
10" diam.
aka Gala by John Higbee Glass Co. ca. 1913. 
Plate is 11" so it
could hold a cake.  $48
ca. 1898.
10" plate $125
12" plate $165
GRASSHOPPER without insect by Riverside Glass Co. ca. 1880s.
These are shallow dishes on 3 little 'feet' that could have been used for serving or for dinner plates. None are engraved.
One is 7 1/2" diam. $55
Two are 10" diam. & 3" high $75 each.
HORSESHOE aka Good Luck aka Prayer Rug by Adams' Glass Co. ca. 1883. We have one
7 1/4" diam with one bead chipped for $85 and one 10 1/4" diam. for $110.
by King Sons & Co. ca. 1880s. 
This apple green beauty is almost like a tray
because it is 9 5/8" diam w/ turned up
outside edges.  It sits on 3 little ribbed 'feet'.
It is more likely a serving piece
(cake plate anyone?) rather
than a dinner plate.  $95
MANHATTAN by U S Glass Co. ca. 1902.  We have 2 with a vestige of gold around the outer edge.. guaranteed to be original issues for $38 each.
And 1 of uncertain age $27.
maker as yet unascertained
ca. 1880s. 
It is 10" square.
U S Glass Co. States'
series ca. 1897.
We have two 7" diam. plates each with a tiny flake under the outer edge.  $35 each
Here is the bread plate.
KING'S CROWN aka XLCR by Adams & U. S. Glass Co. ca. 1890s.  Plates are 8" square. One has flaking on top of 3 scallops $45 & one has no damage $75. LATTICE & LENS aka Trellis pattern maker
is unattributed at
this time but ca.
1880s.  It is 9 1/2"
in diameter.  $35

aka Gem is a
Bryce Higbee pattern
ca. 1885.  It is
9 1/4" in diameter.

NARCISSUS SPRAY aka Winner aka Bouquet by Indiana Glass Co. Dunkirk ca. 1917.  It is 10 1/2" in diam. so it might be a cake plate too. $55 PANELLED FORGET-ME-NOT aka Regal
These are dinner plates but could also be used as a bread plate. 
They are  7" x 11 1/4". 
We have 4 with no damage for $38 each;
2 with very minor damage for $25 each & one with handle damage for $10.
This plate and the plate below are a set of two novelty plates
called "PLUCK". This Scene #1 shows a dog pulling a wagon with
children in it & chasing a rabbit.  The plates were made by
Gillinder in 1891.  The scenes on these plates were copied from
lithographs by Archibald Willard who painted the "Spirit of America".
This plate is $125.
PLUCK  Plate Scene #2 - the dog has caught the rabbit and is running
with it in his mouth, pulling the wagon over a log and tumping the baby out!
The child in the background is going crying to Mama.
This plate has a large chip on the table rim seen HERE that does
not show from the top. This plate is $95
SAWTOOTH BAND is Heisey's pattern #1225.
Made ca. 1897, it is 8 3/4" diameter & scoopy.
There is a tiny undissolved spot on the side
which happened in-the-making. 
All top beads are fine. $75
ROPE BANDS aka Argent by Bryce Bros ca. 1884.
It is 6 1/4" diam & $37.
We have a bread plate in this pattern in the Bread Plate Store.
RETICULATED CORD was O'Hara Glass Co's. #600 ca. 1885.  This is the scarce 10" dinner plate for $55 . SCALLOPED DIAMOND POINT by Central Glass Co. ca. 1870s.  It is 9", has an edge flake seen HERE.  $42 RIBBED ELIPSE aka Admiral is a product of Bryce Higbee ca. 1905.
It is an 8" dinner plate
for $37
SUNBURST, FLATTENED aka Diamond & Sunburst by Westmoreland Specialty Co. ca. 1880s.
It is 8" diam, scoopy & $42.
See also in the
Bread Plate Store.
ROCHELLE aka Princess Feather by Bakewell, Pears ca. 1870s.
We have six 8" diam. plates for $55  each.

aka Modern Ware
by McKee Glass Co.
ca. 1880. With the handles, this appears
to be more a serving
or cake plate than a dinner plate.  $55

This pretty plate is 8" in diameter.  It has a
chip on the rim.  We would welcome info
re attribution & dates of production. $85

TOKOYO by Jefferson Glass Co. ca. 1904 - is clear/ opalescent, 8 3/4" diam. sits on a table ring.

THOUSAND EYE OMN Sensation aka Three Knob is an Adams Glass Co. pattern ca. 1885.  We have an assortment of these plates:
One 10" square plate in blue $75
Three 8" square plates:
One in clear $35; One in vaseline $74 & One in amber (below)

.....more THOUSAND EYE an 8" in amber $55 This one is 7" in apple green.  $65
WHEAT & BARLEY AKA Duquesne by Bryce Bros. ca. 1880s. 7" $42 WILDFLOWER is Adams' Glass Co. 'wildly'
popular pattern ca. 1884 - 5. They are 10"
square & scoopy. See Green from side HERE.
One in clear is $39 and in apple green $58.
Leaf by Bryce Bros. ca. 1870s.  9 1/4" diam with 2  'tab' handles.  We have 2.  One has a small chip
 on the underside of one handle.  $38
One no damage $45
BARBERRY aka Berry was made by McKee in the 1850s!  These plates
are 6" diameter.  We
have 2.  One has a tiny flake on the edge $40.
One has a large chip and
2 small chips.  As Is $25.
aka Delta by
either Higbee or Wright. 7" Sq.
Scarce in color.
A pretty scrolly patterned
8 1/2" plate for serving fine tasties. It may be a Dithridge product ca. early 1900s.
EYEWINKER aka Winking Eye
was made by Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton
Glass Co. ca. 1885.  The plates are
squarish and folded up on the sides.
This one is 8" across.  $85

by Bryce Higbee ca. 1905. 7" Sq. $42
by Bryce Higbee ca.1905. 7" Sq. $38
ILLINOIS aka Clarissa
U S Glass Co. ca. 1897.
7" Sq. 2 are **SOLD**
CHAMPION is a McKee pattern from the 1890s.  It is 6" diam.
BARBERRY OMN is Berry in color is quite rare.  Made by Sandwich & McKee from the 1860s. $55

FLORIDA, the U S Glass pattern #15056 is 9" diam. but folded up so less.  $35

PLEAT & PANEL aka Derby by Bryce Bros. ca. 1882.
7" Sq.  We have ten
for $28 each.
TEN POINTED STAR by Higbee ca. 1907.
7" Sq.  $35
Canton Glass Co. No. 130 ca. 1893. $34
of Plenty by Bryce ca. 1890s.  7" Diam. $42
Beaded 101.  By Geo. Duncan ca. 1885.
 7" Diam. $42
New York aka U S Rib,
the States' pattern for
the Empire State. 
7" square. **SOLD**
DIAMOND CUT WITH LEAF by Windsor Glass Co. ca. 1880S. 7.5" Diam. We have 10 for $25 each.  And a 9 1/2" plate like them is $38. PRIMROSE aka Canton #10 is from the 1880s. See a tiny flake HERE.
ROCHELLE aka Princess Feather - an 1870s Bakewell Pears pattern is 7" & goes under a matching bowl. See a side photo HERE. $35
STAR ROSETTED aka Snowflake by McKee Bros. ca. 1875.  7" Diam. Lee called them Star & Feather.
We have 8 for $32 each. Or all 8 for a full dessert set for $176 ($22 each)
TANDEM BICYCLE is a pattern made in Canada by the Trenton Glass Works & New Glasgow Nova Scotia. It is 6" in diam.  Dates are unknown but probably late 1800s. $45 WESTMORELAND aka Westmoreland #909 pattern 7" diameter.
We have a few more assorted plates in our Yard Sale Glass section HERE.

These prices do not include shipping & insurance costs.