Bread, historically the Staff of Life, was a very special commodity in Victorian Homes. And Victorians were quick to have a special place for it and to give thanks for it. During the 1870s many EAPG patterns had the prayer, "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" deeply molded into their bread plates. Some had other mottos. Most were around 11 -12" long by 7-9" wide although some are round.
      It is hard to distinguish whether a pattern's plate or platter was a bread plate or a cake plate or just a large serving tray. They forgot to leave such records about their use for us unless it happened to be shown in a catalog. And the plates were probably used interchangeably for whatever the need at hand. By the end of the Victorian era, the typical oval bread plates, at least the ones carrying the mottos must have fallen out of favor. The value of the various patterned plates varies wildly.
     These make wonderful wedding gifts.
We also have more pieces in most of these patterns for sale.
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Read about one of our glass bread plates pictured on the cover of the November 2005 issue of Romantic Homes Magazine.
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This plate, originally named the NATIONAL BREAD PLATE, is now commonly called
"MISS LIBERTY"  aka Columbia, is a great example of early American historical glass.
It was shown in the catalog of the National Glass Co. & made by Ripley & Co., probably
ca. 1880s. It is 13" long & 9 1/2" wide. We own these in clear, amber, vaseline and blue
and it was also made in amethyst. Caution is advised in purchasing it in amethyst.
The only amethyst plate we saw 'in person' appeared to have been color altered.
These plates are not for sale - they beautify the wall of our Pattern Glass Office.

ONE O ONE aka Beaded 101 is a Geo. Duncan
pattern from 1885.  It is
9 1/2" diameter & has
the "Give Us This Day"
motto around the center. 
This is the Duncan One Hundred One aka Beaded 101
11" bread plate ca. 1885 with a 101 border; Give Us
This Day Our Daily Bread text circling the center. 
The graphic close-up photo shows tools, sickle, plow, rake, anvil, pliers, hammer on the sides (see arrows) & sheaves of wheat & ears of corn on stalks in the upper center.  A beautiful portrait of  the bounty of the Victorian work ethic. $135
ACTRESS aka Opera by Adams & Co. 1880-85.  Features Miss Neilson & the "Give Us This Day..." motto. There is some in-the-making roughness on the table rim seen HERE. A close up of Miss Neilson is seen HERE.  $75 This rare TWO PANEL
apple green piece could be a
bread plate or an ice cream tray. 
It is 8 1/2" x 10 3/4" by
King, Son & Co. ca. 1885. 
Signers' platter made by Adams & Co. in 1875 to celebrate America's Centennial. An imprint of
each of the signers is around the side and bottom outside area. It is 9 1/2" x 13" & guaranteed to be an
original issue.  $110

by a maker unknown to us.  It is 8.5" x 9.5" excluding. handles & has little flowers on the handles.

was made by Bryce Walker & Co. ca. 1900. It is 9" x 11". It could serve as a platter or a bread plate.
See it from the side HERE.


DIAMOND QUILTED is a timeless pattern design by Bryce ca 1880s.  The plates are leaf shaped 10 1/2" x 12". We have 2 in blue for $48 each & 1 in amber for $46. 
LATER DOUBLE VINE is attributed to
Bryce Bros ca. 1870s & pictured in
the Canadian Glass Handbook.  We have 2 &
they both have some roughness around the
outer edge.  $55 each.
TWO BANDS is aka
Doyle's #200 pattern made
ca. 1880.  It is 10.5" diameter, has no motto and is $46.
PANELLED DIAMOND POINT, a Bryce Higbee pattern ca. 1890s.  It is
10 1/2 x 8 1/4".  We have
2 @ $35 each.
FLOWERS was made by McKee Glass Co. ca. 1880. Also called a cake plate.
10 1/2" diameter.  We
have 2 @ $55 each.
WHEAT SPRIG aka Sprig per Corrigan whose maker is unknown to us, but 1880s era.  It has a couple of spots of undissolved particles seen HERE & the "Give
Us This Day" motto.  $55
Luck aka Prayer Rug
was made by Adams
Glass Co. ca. 1881.  This
is a rare 10 1/4" diameter cake plate. **SOLD**
See the 2 handled platter below.
This is like the bread plate found in the ruins of the
Little House on the Prairie
except it is amber!! See
some embedded sand
HERE. $78

SAXON pattern by Bakewell, Pears ca. 1875. The handles picture pineapples, the symbol of hospitality.  We have 2 @ $75 each.

    BEEHIVE plate by Iowa City ca. 1880s.
The base encourages us to be like the bees &
"Be Industrious". It is 8" x 11 1/2".

A 9 1/2" diam.  plate with handles
by a maker we've not learned but
from the late 1800s. $48

ATLANTIC CABLE is what Welker calls this plate made by Doyle ca. 1880s. It is 7 1/2" x 8" w/ tab type handles. $52

by Adams & Co. ca. 1880s.
It has the "Give Us This Day" motto. See center HERE. $67

LATTICE aka DIAMOND BAR is a large 13 1/4" x 9" plate with the timely motto
"Waste Not, Want Not"
.One no damage $58.
One has small nics under two
corners. $44

a majestic pattern,was made by Adams & Co.
1881 - 1885. It is 9" x 13" & has no motto.
It is slightly discolored so discounted to $55.

This 1880s pattern is ARGYLE aka Oval Medallion aka Beaded Oval Windows.  In the center is a Celtic cross and "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread". $95.

PANELLED DEWDROPS has the "Give Us This Day" motto on the 2 outer edges. It
is 12 1/2" x 9 1/4" & was
made by Campbell Jones
& Co. ca. 1878. $74
GOLDEN RULE Plate in the STAR & PILLAR pattern by McKee ca. 1880 has “Do Unto Others as You Would Have
Them Do Unto You” around  the outside rim. 11" in diameter.
See Close HERE & HERE. $78
ROPE BANDS aka ARGENT is a full pattern line by Bryce Bros. ca 1884. It is 8 3/4" x 13" & has no motto. $65

is a Richards & Hartley creation c. 1885.
It is 8" x 11".
In vaseline $88
is represented in an early reproduction of this iconic plate.
It is 7" x 10 3/4" with well defined individuals.
This bread plate was named
Notched Border by Belknap. 
Made by Atterbury c. 1880s.  It is 13" x 9 1/2" and a very deep turquoise color. There are faint daisies in each handle. $65

pattern is Adams #86 made c. 1886.
They are 7 1/2" x 11".
The blue is $68 & the amber one is $55.

3 Knob - Adam's pattern
#13 ca 1885. 8 1/4" x 11". It has a flat flake on corner
edge $65

SHERATON pattern was
a Bryce Higbee creation
c. 1885. This amber
bread plate is
8" x 10" $48.
made by
the U S Glass Co. is a great
pattern from the 1890s. This
is the RARE "' x 10 1/2" bread
plate. **SOLD**
is Adams' pattern #85 c. 1880s. This is a shallow tray & has a chip on one corner and some mold roughness on the inside rim. $35

FLOWER POT aka Potted
Plant aka Flower Plant is by
Co-Op Flint Co. c. 1880s.  
See 2 handle flakes HERE & a nic
HERE. Motto is
"In God We Trust" $58
BRIDLE ROSETTES aka Checkerboard is Westmoreland's pattern #500 c. 1910.
Bread Plate or Cake Plate   $45
This naturalistic milk glass 13" long plate shows a mighty retriever racing through the middle toward a duck on the lower handle. $95

ADONIS aka Washboard aka Pleat & Tuck is by McKee c. 1897.  It has
a couple of edge chips
so is only $24
This is the U S Glass Co. OREGON State Pattern's bread (or dinner) plate
which is  11 1/2" long. 
We have 2 @ $45 each.
pattern 9" x 13" platter  by
Bakewell Pears & Co. c. 1870.
Lo those many decades ago and
not a smidgen odamage!  **SOLD**
SCALLOPED TAPE aka Jewel Band pattern's bread plate says, "BREAD IS THE STAFF OF LIFE".  It is 9" x 13" and is $55. ACTRESS pattern has several bread plates.  This one shows the boy with a spyglass from HMS Pinafore.  It is $110. This historical bread plate says "IN REMEMBRANCE", is called Three Presidents & pictures Garfield, Washington and Lincoln. It has a small chip on the table rim. $85
See more Historical glass HERE!
STORK or CRANE plate by the Iowa City Glass Co. ca 1881.
It has a frosted Center w/
3 birds; 8” x 12” and
the 101 border.  $85. 
Iowa City Glass Company made this plate with herons,
cranes or storks (appreciate ornithology help here)
in the center, flower baskets on the handles and stags
on the top and bottom edges. $135
TWO CRANES by Iowa City ca. 1881.  See Border scenes of 2 Swans and 2 Birds HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.
It is 9" in diameter & has a bruise on the table rim  see HERE.  It is not broken.

The STIPPLED CHERRY pattern carries the motto, "Our Daily Bread" and is $38
Here is a Bread Plate some call Wind God or AEOLUS
We are told it was made by Riverside Glass Works.
The decor (see enlarged handle) is crystallography.
It is about 11" long and $85.

PANELLED FORGET-ME-NOT by Bryce ca. 1880s.This could be
a bread plate or a dinner plate at
7" x 11". We have 7 of these, 4
of which are undamaged & $38 each.  Two have a couple of flea bites
for $25 each &
one with handle damage for $10. 
This 9" x 12" historical platter is by the Cooperative Flint Glass Co. c. 1882.-
also called the RAILROAD Platter.
See the exquisite detail in the close up photo at right.
One has a large flat chip on the corner of one handle
corner so reduced to $54.
We have 1 with no damage for $95.

The four symbols depicted around the rim are are a railway train, ocean-going vessel, agricultural worker and a horse.
This 9" x 12" plate celebrating the KNIGHTS OF LABOR is quite rare in vaseline. It symbolizes the unity of Labor. "United We Stand, Divided We Fall".  Maker may have been Central Glass Co. ca. 1880s.


A blue THOUSAND EYE plate by Adams ca. 1870s.  It is 10" square and $65. 
We have an amber 8" x 11" bread plate for $65 & some 7" & 8" plates in this pattern in our Plate Store HERE.
SHELL & TASSEL is one of the fanciest patterns of EAPG. Made by Geo. Duncan & Sons ca. 1881, it is 8 1/2" x 12" and has 'wells' in the four corners.  See side view HERE.  $95

The platter of the FROSTED LION Pattern made by Gillinder and Sons ca. 1877 is 13" long. The handles are clear reclining lions & the frosted center shows a lion family of
four.   $95.

This 9" x 12 3/4" Atterbury blue ROCK OF AGES plate is not reported to have been made in color.... so quite rare. It is embossed, "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" around the perimeter. “Simply to Thy Cross I Cling” is embossed in the center of the top of the cross of Jesus. and
"Rock of Ages" is written at the bottom of the center scene. See center HERE.
“Simply to Thy Cross I Cling” is embossed in
the cross in the center of the ROCK OF AGES plates and
“ PAT’d DEC 7’75” is
at the base of the scene.

We have a clear

plate in stock for

RUSTIC aka Garden of Eden aka Lotus w/ Serpent by Campbell Jones & Co. ca. 1880.  It is 9" x 12 1/2" & has the "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" motto and is $55.
You have to wonder what goes through some
glass makers minds when they design a platter for a
pattern with a crying baby spilling her food.  The pattern
is ROYAL LADY by Belmont ca.1881.  It is found in
clear but this is the only colored example we have seen.
It is in our collection.

The design on this plate is hard to see.  It is crystallography.  The plate is variously known as CUPID'S HUNT or Virginia Dare.  A lady's head is in the center and cupids dance
around the perimeter.
It is 7" x 11" and $125.

Iowa City Glass Co. made this
9" plate in honor of this web
site's Granny.  It is called the ELAINE plate! See a close-up of the center HERE.  The
border is their signature 101 design.  $175
Bunches of grapes grace the handles of this bread plate in
Co-Op Flint's 1880s pattern,
In sapphire blue it is $85.

This is the great EAPG pattern, PLEAT & PANEL aka
by Bryce Bros.
ca. early 1880s. The handles
on this 8 1/2" x 13" plate
are open $95.
ANTHEMION aka Albany is the name for this Model Flint Glass Works' pattern made in 1895.  It is folded around the edges and about 11" diam.  May or may not be a bread plate but is clear and could be used for anything.  $48

A Sheaf of Wheat bread plate in Laura Ingall's Wilder's book about her experiences in the Little House on the Prairie. It has the "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" motto.  There is a small amount of roughness on the inner edge seen HERE. $75

A pretty blue example of an unknown maker's pattern DIAGONAL BAND aka Diagonal Block &
from the early 1880s. 
DEER & PINETREE aka Deer & Doe
pattern was made by McKee ca. 1886.  The
bread plate is 8" x 13" & shows the scene
pictured close-up at right, on each end.
Apple Green is the color & it is scarce.

This popular & hard to find plate's pattern is Star Rosetted aka Snowflake.  The Motto around the edge says, "A Good Mother Makes A Happy Home".  See HERE.  This one has a 3/4" flake on the edge and one edge point has a chip.   $62 Not EAPG but close....ECPG.  A 10 1/2" diam. plate
Canadian Sid Lethbridge probably made by Excelsior
Glass, a Montreal factory circa 1892 to celebrate the
250th anniversary of the founding of Montreal.
Another possibility is 1883 to celebrate the
50th anniversary of the creation of the first
Coat of Arms for Montreal.  $95
The EGYPTIAN pattern includes two different bread platters. 
      One with an Egyptian motif - a figure now referred to  as Cleopatra. The outer perimeter of the plate includes the motto "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread". See a close-up photo of the center scene HERE. It is 8 1/2" x 13" & it has a 'fleabite' on the lower, outer edge seen HERE for $65.
      And one with a scene of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City Utah, also includes the prayer motto, "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread".  It is also 8 1/2" x 13" and this one has one 3/16" "flea bite" on the lower outer edge.  It is $465

pattern by Richards & Hartley ca. 1875 is very rare in color.  This bread or serving plate is 10 1/2"
in diameter. and has no damage. 
See a close-up photo of the
central figures HERE.
It is $175.

This un-named milk glass
platter might have been a
bread plate or it might have been used as a meat platter.
But it is from the late
Victorian period and could serve many purposes.  It is
8 1/2" x 11 1/4" and
HORSESHOE aka Good Luck aka Prayer Rug by Adams Glass Co pattern ca 1881. "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" motto & single horseshoe handles. We have 3 of these.  One has a nic seen HERE and a small fracture line seen HERE $45. 
And one has a tiny 'flea bite' on one handle $55. 
One has no damage. **Stolen**
This Bread Plate was stolen from us by
Stephane Remillard of Montreal Canada.
He ordered a Horseshoe bread plate. After I gave him a discount & sent this plate to him he LIED & claimed he only wanted the round Horseshoe plate. He refused to send it back OR pay for it. NEVER do business with that man!
This is the bread plate or cake
plate for the CHAIN WITH STAR pattern.  It is 11"
diameter and has a tiny ding on
one scallop and is
the pattern for this unusual bread plate. 
It measures 12 1/2"
x 8" & is $38.
large pattern line - SEE
This is the Lindsey #303 11" plate mourning the loss of President Garfield and is $85. 

GARFIELD DRAPE plate or platter is 11" diameter. By Adams or Co Op Flint Glass Co. ca. 1880s.  It has a flat flake under one scallop seen HERE.  $65 CURTAIN TIEBACK pattern was originally named Adams #155, made by Adams & Co. ca. 1880s. The center portrays the Biblical
quotation, "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"
(see 2nd photo).  It is without damage & $65
CHAIN & SHIELD is one of the very
few patterns we have been told were
made by Portland Glass Co. It has a large but very shallow chip seen HERE.  Only the tiny part on the edge of the plate is visible.  The rest is so shallow it hardly shows. From the 1870s, it is 8 1/2 X 12” and $65.
This adorable STIPPLED FORGET-
plate has a reclining kitten lounging
in the center.  It is 9" in diameter, by
the Findlay Flint Co. 1890s.  See a close-up photo of the kitten HERE & a close-up photo of the chip on the side HERE. $55
These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance.

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