There are 6 'Rooms' filled with over 300 Pattern Glass goblets!
Early American Pattern Goblets are all 6" tall, give or take a few smidgens. 
EAPG champagnes are + or - 5", wines are
+ or - 4" tall
and cordials, if you can find them, are
+ or - 3" tall.
Goblets are the backbone of almost all patterns but in a few patterns a
goblet was not made.   We're guessing that there are around 2500
different patterns of  EAPG goblets to be found. 
Prices range from $25 up to 'if you have to ask, you can't afford it'.
We have more pieces in many of these patterns for sale, so if you already
have your pattern goblets, let us know and we'll tell you what other
forms we have in stock for you.
If you wish to purchase one of these goblets
email or,
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Unless otherwise noted, all of these goblets are non-flint & undamaged.
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DEER & PINETREE aka Band Diamond (OMN)
A classic naturalistic McKee pattern ca. 1884.
It is 6 3/4" tall. See the design close HERE. $85
ASHBURTON engraved.  This is such a fabulous
goblet, we're listing it here, despite the fact that it is
  Eight of the 'thumbprints' in the pattern have been
free hand engraved with the "vintage grape" decor.
It is heavy flint, 6 1/8" tall & gorgeous.
See our other FLINT goblets HERE.  $125

ATLAS aka Bullet
aka Cannon Ball by Bryce Bros. c. 1889. 
We have
3 at $45 each

BARRED STAR by Gillinder (their #414)
c 1880s.
HEAVY PANELED GRAPE by Kokomo Jenkins ca. 1904
TORPEDO aka Pigmy aka Fish Eye by Thompson Glass Co. ca. 1889.  We have
4 for $65 each.

A popular pattern by
U S Glass Co. ca.
1905.  We have 5
@ $45 each.
aka Paragon by U S Glass Co. - No. 15118
Ca. 1909. Beautiful!
See also HERE.
6" tall. $35
& can you see the
flat 'ears' on the sides?
It is possibly Boston Sandwich in origin  ca. 1870s.  $75
aka Starburst was made by Indiana Dunkirk ca. 1910. We have 5 @
$38 each.
CATHEDRAL aka ORION was made by Bryce in the 1880s.  A beautiful shade of blue.
It is 6 1/8" tall.     $75

BASKETWEAVE by Cooperative Flint Glass Co.  c. 1885.  5 3/4" tall.
We have 3 goblets in amber for $45 each. 
We have 4 goblets in blue for $55 each.
Also have a 5 piece water set (pitcher & 4 goblets) in amber  $155.

BIRD AT FOUNTAIN is from an unknown maker in the mid to late 1800s. 
One only $65
CANE HORSESHOE OMN Paragon by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1909.
It is 6" tall. See side
view HERE. $35
BRIDLE ROSETTE aka CHECKERBOARD by Westmoreland Glass Co. c. 1910.  We have 3 @ $40 each BUCKLE, EARLY by Gillinder & Sons c. 1870s.  We have 3 in non-flint @ $40 each.

MISSOURI aka Palm & Scroll
is the U S Glass Co. pattern honoring
the Show Me State. They are 6" tall. 
We have 3 @ $95 each.
BOSWORTH aka STAR BAND by Indiana Dunkirk c. 1915 One only $55 COLUMBIA a rare Columbia Glass Co. pattern c. 1891 & even rarer in an engraved goblet $125.
This goblet is FLINT  & was made by Boston Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1870s.  The stippled leaf is faint 
but there is no damage. $75
CURTAIN TIEBACK originally named Adams #155, made by Adams & Co. ca. 1880s We have 3 with the fancy patterned base for $42 each.
  CANE aka CANE SEAT by McKee Bros. c. 1885.  We have 4 blue goblets, 3 are undamaged each @ $45 & 1 with a tiny rim flaw (see HERE) for $28.  CANE aka CANE SEAT by McKee Bros. c. 1885.
One only in amber
aka "Old Gold".
No. 22 DOT aka Waterford Inverted Thumbprint per Metz.  made by King, Sons & Co.
c. 1880s.
Ripley Glass Co.
ca. 1885. It has a
a slight underfill at the
mold line on the foot.
EYEWINKER aka WINKING EYE by Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton c. 1885.  This is the Eyewinker pattern
original rare goblet -
it did not have the
"eye".  $115
FEATHER aka DORIC by McKee c. 1890s.  We have
4 of these
@ $75 each.
STIPPLED FORGET-ME-NOT by Findlay Flint Glass Co.,
ca. 1880s.
A shorty - 5 5/8" tall.
by Geo. Duncan & Sons, Pittsburgh
#1003, in 1886.
aka BELTED ICICLE (Batty) by an
unknown maker in
the 1880s. $45.
FINECUT by Geo. Duncan & Sons
ca. 1885.  We have
2 @ $58 each.
HONEYCOMB by an unknown maker probably c. 1870s non-flint.  We have
2 variations
each $45.
BANDED PORTLAND aka VIRGINIA with excellent gold band
at top. We have
2 @ $55 each.
OHIO, a U S Glass Co. States Series pattern c. 1897.  We have 2 goblets with the floral &
butterfly etchings
@ $55 each.
by Geo Duncan Sons
& Co. ca. 1897
with flawless ruby
stain! $65
ISIS aka Jubilee
pattern by McKee ca. 1894
We have 2 @ $38 each.
ROSE IN SNOW by Bryce Bros. c. 1890s - all original issues
In vaseline/ canary $75
In amber - old gold $58
In blue $50

I kid you not; these are some of the prettiest
EAPG goblets we've ever  seen. Pattern was patented in 1870 - made by Hobbs Brockunier.
We have 1 left @ $75.
in blue by
Richards & Hartley
c. 1880s    $65
FISHEYE was made
by McKee
ca. 1870s.   $35
OVAL PANELS by Richards & Hartley
c. 1880s.  We have
2 @ $45 each.
Roman Key Band by
Indiana Dunkirk c. 1911
See close up of pattern HERE. We have 5 @ $75 each.
PAVONIA aka PINEAPPLE STEM by Ripley & Co. c. 1885.  We have 7
with etched oak leaf design @ $55 each.

ALPHA by Higbee
c. 1908.  

aka ROCHELLE by Bakewell, Pears c. 1870s.  Here's a chance to get a set
of matching 135 year
old goblets!  We have
5 each @ $55 each.
by Adams & Co.
c. 1888.  This one
may be old.  $45
CHERRY w/ Thumbprint 5 3/4" tall. Kokomo Jenkins #475
ca. 1904.
CHERRY w/ Thumbprint 5 3/4" tall. Kokomo Jenkins #475 ca. 1904. See all 4 HERE, & HERE.
The set of 4 is $85
A dainty pattern 5 3/4" tall by Boston Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1870s See also HERE & HERE. $55

by Geo. Duncan & Sons c. 1880s. 
This one in clear has a base chip so is $23. 
One with excellent ruby top with the only wear
at the very top rim band is $65.

SIMPLICITY by Bryce Higbee.  This one is engraved with leaf design. $25.

ATLANTA aka Fostoria #500;
aka Square Lion Heads by Fostoria.
  A rare goblet.  We have 4 @
$95 each.
Co. ca 1880s.
 It is plain frosted
for $45.
FERGUSON INVERTED THUMBPRINT by an unknown maker c. 1880s.  Have 3 @ $55 each

TWO PANEL whose OMN is No. 24 was made by King, Son & Co. ca. 1886
in four beautiful colors. They are all 6 1/4" tall.  Two are shown in each side view.
In blue, we have 3 @ $55 each. 
In amber or "old gold",
we have 2 in this go-with-everything
color for $45 each.
See the side view HERE.
In canary or vaseline **SOLD**

And in apple green, we have 2 @ $75 each.

These prices do not include shipping & insurance costs.

    We do not sell "sun-purpled" glass (Here's why).

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