Toy glass dishes are a delightful sideline to collecting Early American Pattern Glass. These diminutive dishes are miniature versions of the pieces of glass that our ForeMothers owned & used. With them, young ladies were taught early-on the skills (remember manners?) they would need as homemakers & hostesses.
        Toy glass forms include ABC plates, cake stands, plates, candlesticks, cups & saucers, epergnes, mugs, four piece table sets and condiment, castor, punch, beverage & berry sets.

                CHILDREN'S GLASS: dishes sized for use by children.
For Dishes & Mugs used by actual Victorian children, click HERE.
For ABC and a few other Children's plates, click HERE .

                               TOY GLASS: tiny dishes made for dolls

For tiny
Table Set pieces, click HERE.
For Drinkware - cups, mugs, tumblers, & water sets, click HERE.
For Misc. forms - cake stands, punch & berry sets, etc., click HERE.

We are indebted to our friend & advanced toy glass collector Gail Ryan
for the page she contributed on Toy Glass Rarities seen

Toni thinks these dishes were made for her but they are actually butter pats,
an individual salt dip and a wine goblet in the EAPG pattern Finecut & Block
with amber blocks by the King Glass Co. c. 1885. Don't tell.....