Think of these dishes as having been used in early Victorian Home Schooling. You know they didn't have a lot of paper or writing utensils that children could use so they taught from what they had on hand. It is amazing that any of these glass pieces 'lived' through an entire century intact!

Damage, if any, to these pieces is mentioned in the listing.
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This pattern is called by most, Thousand Eye by Adams, #130 .  The original manufacturers
name is "Sensation".  It is the ABC plate in Apple Green. The outer scallops show the letters
of the alphabet.. Hard to see, but take my word for it. The center shows a close up of the center
clock. So children could learn to tell time and learn their ABCs. It is 6 1/2" in diameter. 
A scarce form of the pattern in a scarce color. **SOLD**
SITTING DOG is a 4" child's plate
obviously designed to teach
little children their numbers in the 1880s.
The dog looks to be confused by the
whole scene but is obedient.
King, Son & Co. made it. $65
This plate is creatively called
"Dog with Tree". It is a 6" companion plate to the Ripley Glass Co.
Elephant plate & Garfield plate, made
ca 1880s. See very shallow 1/4 flake
only to back of the edge HERE. $65
ABC plates were used for teaching more than the ABCs.  The center of this plate
had a clock with Roman numerals probably copied from baby's Grandfather's Grandfather Clock.  This plate was made by the Ripley Glass Co. ca. 1891.  It has
been reproduced, but this is a guaranteed original issue. **SOLD**

This ABC plate was originally named "Bryce Higbee's ABC Plate".  It has the characteristic beaded scallops
around the edge like the Bryce Higbee Barley aka Indian Tree pattern.
It is from the 1880s.  $58
The picture on this is pretty funny.
In the box atop the elephant sit 3 people, one of whom is waving a
flag. "R & Co" is molded on the
pad - standing for Ripley & Co.
who made it in the 1880s. **SOLD**
Well, take your pick of the gender of this child on these Bryce Higbee plates from the 'gay nineties' - 1893 to be approximate. The plate is known as the "Boy plate" and/or the "Emma Plate". They are 6 1/2" in diameter & pictured in the book on Higbee glass in clear. They are rare in any color. $85 each.
Turns out, plates were not the only dishes used to teach little Victorians.
This is the Adam's ABC Cup, so called for obvious reasons. While big brother
was learning his alphabet, little sister was out playing with a tree. Don't you
wonder sometimes where these people got their ideas? The handle is made to
look like the bark on a tree. The cup is 2 3/4" tall & is $95.

And, it turns out, we have this same cup in vaseline.
It is RARE in this color. So this is also the Adam's ABC Cup. On the right
is little sister out playing with a tree while on the left, big brother is learning his alphabet. The handle is made to look like the bark on a tree. Mrs. Lechler
does not report this made in vaseline. The cup is 2 3/4" tall & is $165.

The above plate is known as HEN & CHICKS, made by King, Sons & Co. in the 1880s. It is 6" in diameter & has a rope design around the perimeter.**SOLD**
And this plate, also 6" diameter, is known as HEN & CHICKS VARIANT!
Mama hen appears to be molting. It has the rope design under the alphabet.
It was also made by King, Sons & Co. in the 1880s. **SOLD**

Here is another variant in the King, Sons & Co. plates -   It is 6" in diameter and has a 'dot' design around the perimeter.
Center design is similar to the first
Hen & Chicks plate pictured above.  
Also made ca. 1880s.  $65
Bryce Higbee & Co. made this 6 1/2"
"Rovers"ABC plate in ca. 1880s. It is RARE with the original HIG bee mark $85.
We have 1 without the bee mark for $45.
and one repro by the Smithsonian for $32
LITTLE BOY BLUE with the lacy edge. 
It is 5 1/4" diameter with great detail
& most all paint
remaining. $35
This plate was named by Lechler as
the Hex or Snowflake ABC plate. It is
6 1/4" diameter with a stylized
snowflake in the center.
The maker is unknown. $65
This little cutie is known as the
Frolic Plate.... an odd name for a
plate featuring a tearful little boy
& his dog. The plate sans shell
designs is 5" diameter. It may have
been made by Gillinder. $95

This little Piggy Went To Market
was one of the plates made by Indiana Glass Co. near the turn of the 20th c. It is 6 1/2". $32

This is called "PET DOG PLATE". Made by the Columbia Glass Co. c. 1889.
It is 6" in diameter. **SOLD**.

Below are tutorials on the Little Bo Peep & Hey Diddle Diddle Plates
which were originally made at the Indiana Glass
Company at Dunkirk ca. early 1900s - see the picture ads from their catalog.
They also have been highly reproduced.
The photos on the left are all of the original plates and on the right are reproductions.
The difference in the pattern impressions is striking. They are all 6 1/2"
in diameter except our Bo Peep repro which is 6 3/8".
The originals weigh much less than the repros and the glass in the originals
appears on the gray side whereas the glass in the repros is slightly greenish.

Our Original issue Bo Peep is $42 & our reproduction is $28.
Hey Diddle Diddle plates below also with original on the left.
Our Original issue is **SOLD** & our reproduction is $32.

Here are three 8" diameter plates of unknown age & we believe they are vintage.
  The figures are not typical of modern pictures of animals & children but they don't glow yellow-green under a black light in a dark room. 
They are cute and have 'antique' nursery rhymes on them & would make unique baby gifts.
& "SEE SAW MARGERY DAW" for $36.
The middle plate has the ABC border and "WHO KILLED COCK ROBIN-
And on the right is an ABC border & "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB ITS FLEECE

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