Toy Dishes - dishes made just for dolls - in this Store are mostly from the Victorian age, 1850-1910.  They are under 3"
in at least one dimension.   These are parts of "Four Piece Table Sets" which, as we learned in Pattern Glass School, includes the
spooner, creamer, covered sugar & covered butter dish.
Some of these patterns are miniature versions of EAPG patterns.

Since much of this glassware was in limited production and subject to everyday
use as toys, what little survives is very much in demand by collectors.
All of the glass we sell is over a century old and as such, shows
normal characteristics of age, which may include base wear,
bubbles, pattern irregularities, annealing lines or mold marks.
Century old glass may also have ash, sand, or dirt specks embedded in the glass.
We describe any chips, cracks or other damage that would impact the value of the item.

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AMAZON aka SAWTOOTH BAND was made by Bryce Bros. Glass Co. ca. 1880s. The creamer, left, and spooner, center are from that factory. They are $52 each. The cov'd sugar is similar but probably another maker **SOLD**. WOODEN PAIL aka Oak Bucket was made by
Bryce Bros. ca. 1882. Only
2 1/2" tall, it is $85.
CLOUD BAND... A truly RARE pattern made by Gillinder in milk glass & painted originally
with purple violets and green foliage. It is Lechler TS-19 pg 204.  The paint on these
pieces is worn... as it is on the ones in Lechler's book photos.
The pattern is shown in a Gillinder ad in the Crockery & Glass Journal, July 1900.
The sugar with lid is $85. The butter with lid is $115.

is a popular Indiana tumbler & Goblet Co. (Greentown) pattern.
The toy vaseline creamer is**SOLD**.
The clear open sugar (missing its lid) is $48.

The toy spooner with good gold decor is $65
a Cambridge "Near Cut" pattern ca. 1908. 2 5/8" tall. The creamer is**SOLD**.  The 2 handled spooner has 2 chips on the top edge so $20. 
BUZZ STAR aka WHIRLIGIG spooner made by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1907. $35
BUZZ STAR #15101 Whirligig was made by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1907. 
The covered butter dish shown on Lechler pg 199 TS-11 is $38.
The creamer is $32. 
Our punch bowl in this pattern is shown in our Toy Glass Misc. Store.
We also have a spare sugar lid in this pattern for $10 & a spare butter base for $15.
ARCHED OVALS aka Concaved Almond was made by  Ripley & Co. ca. 1880s. 
The 'toy cream' as it is called in an early advertisement is 2 3/8" tall.
The little open sugar bowl is 2 1/4" tall.  These 2 pieces are not known to be a set.
But they fit together in size for a creamer & sugar so we're selling it as a set for $58
COLONIAL pattern by Heisey.
This is an open sugar - it never took
a lid. It is 2 1/2" tall. $38
Also see our blush stained set below.
LACY MEDALLION in excellent ruby stained w/ gold decor mug is souvenired "Souvenir Gibbs, Mo.". Made by U S Glass Co.
ca. 1905, it is 2 1/4" high. $43
made by McKee, probably in the 1890s.  The creamer is $58.  We also have a spare butter base for $54.
SAWTOOTH aka Diamond Point, Lechler's TS-2 pattern. We have here a
rare four piece table set. Maker is unknown to us but probably late 1800s.
The cov'd sugar has a flake on the top edge and a few 'flea bites' on the
edge of the lid rim. It is 5" tall incl. the lid. The creamer is shown alone
with a penny for size comparison. The six piece set (including lids) **SOLD**.
FERNLAND aka Snowflake
Cambridge #2635. It is 2" tall. Seen on Lechler pg 201;
TS13.  $34
DRUM is a fairly rare pattern in toy glass. It was made by Bryce ca. 1880s.
We have the spooner which is 2 5/8" tall with a 1 7/8" top opening & no damage for $65.
See another view of it HERE.
And the covered butter dish with 'Bullet" finial. It is It only has a small
nic on the flange of the lid that goes down into the base.
See it HERE. $125

FERNLAND aka SNOWFLAKE & SUNBURST is pattern #2635
by the  Cambridge Glass Co. ca. 1920s.
The covered butter dish is $75.
The Creamer is $35.
This little 2" tall creamer is called MITRED BLOCK, LIPPED.
It was made by A J Beatty &
Sons ca. 1880s. $45
HAWAIIAN LEI aka GALA pattern was made by J. B. Higbee Glass Co. ca. 1913.
It is Lechler TS-27. The 2 handled covered sugar has the original "HIG" bee mark & is $60.
The creamer and spooner are 2 1/4" high. The 2 handled spooner is $42
and the creamer, which has a teeny flea bite on the side of the lip rim is $32.
covered butter dish with a bee mark seen HERE.  $35
In Pattern Glass lingo, this is known as a 'marriage'.  The base is OVAL STAR pattern and the lid fits beautifully but is not original to the base.  $35
MENAGERIE is one of the premier EAPG toy glass sets. Higbee made the set using the BEAR for the cov'd sugar, a FISH for the spooner, an OWL for the creamer (see below) and a very rare TURTLE for the cov'd butter. Our BEAR has the notched lid & is $175
The blue FISH spooner is 3 1/2" tall & **SOLD**.
FANCY CUT aka REX is Lechler's pattern # TS-43. It was made by
Co-Op Flint Glass Co. ca. 1906.
The creamer is 2 1/2" tall - $43
NURSERY RHYME aka Nursery Tales, Lechler's pattern # TS-38, is a very popular pattern some of which was made by U S Glass Co. ca. 1905. All pieces have storybook characters
& toys depicted on them. The creamer, shown at left from the front & the side is $45. 
We have a second creamer that  is cracked so it is only $25.
The cov'd sugar bowl has 3 teeny 'dings' on the underside of the edge of the lid and it is $80.
See the Punch Set and water pitcher in our other Toy Stores.
OVAL STAR was made by the Indiana Glass Co. at Dunkirk
ca. 1907. The creamer is 2 3/4”
tall. One of our creamers has one
top point chipped (see photo
HERE) and is $25.
One without damage is $35.

MENAGERIE creamer is the OWL.
Challinor & Taylor made this tiny little milk glass toy creamer ca. 1885 & Higbee made it in clear & rarely in colors.
It is only 3 5/8" tall & its original
glass eyes are amazingly intact. $57

PENNSYLVANIA aka BALDER is one of the EAPG States' patterns
collections. It was made
by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1890. This spooner has very good gold & a small top edge chip (see HERE). **SOLD**

ALFA is another pattern by the
J. B. Higbee Glass Co. ca. 1907.
It is 2 1/4" tall; $38
HOBNAIL toy pitcher
is 3" tall with a
beaded top edge.
Age is uncertain. $35
A gorgeous pattern like the adult sized one. See the ROSE ETCHING HERE! $48

STARS & BARS is Bellaire Goblet Company's pattern #600,
made ca. 1898. They are 2 1/2" tall.
The Electric Blue one is $58 and the Old Gold one is $54.
TULIP & HONEYCOMB, Lechler's #TS-55 toy glass pattern, was made by the
Federal Glass Co. ca 1910.
This is the larger of the 2 sizes of butter dishes made, 3 1/4". **SOLD**
SWEETHEART by Cambridge is Lechler TS-14 shown on page202. 
The creamer is signed "NEAR CUT" and is $38. 
We have another creamer with a nic at the top of the handle for $22.
The 2 handled cov'd sugar's lid has a bruise on it but
is not broken, seen HERE, and it is $38.
We also have a spare sugar base that is signed "NEAR CUT" for $32.
HORIZONTAL THREADS spooner. It has a small flake on top of the base. $34
STIPPLED DIAMOND is the miniature version
of a full size EAPG Table Set pattern.
See the adult bread plate in this pattern in our
Bread Plate Store. It was made by the
Findlay Flint Glass Co. ca. 1890s. It is $65.
WEE BRANCHES is Lechler's pattern # TS-58.
 The covered sugar is $68.
This price takes into account that the sugar
lid has a crack, but it is intact.
MICHIGAN aka PANELLED JEWEL aka LOOP & PILLAR aka DESPLAINES! by the U S Glass Co. ca 1902 for their States series. Great decor in hot pink, green & yellow.  **SOLD** TAPPAN, Lechler's pattern # TS-53, was made by McKee Glass Co.
ca.  1915. The creamers are 2 3/4" tall;
The old gold one is $42 & the green one, probably
a later Kemple product is $28.
The sugar bowl missing its lid in clear is $22.
The gold/ amber 2 3/4" tall spooner is $34
IMPERIAL  NuCut by Imperial Glass
Co. ca. 1920s.  These are shown in
Archer's book on Imperial Glass pg.143.
 The creamer & open sugar are both
approx. 2 1/4" tall. $35 for the set.
    This pattern is Doyle's FACETED, their No. 500  made ca. 1880s. It is Lechler's TS-22
shown on page 205.  The creamer is has a crack in it . The sugar bowl is missing its lid. .
The tray is  **SOLD**
The creamer and sugar are **SOLD**
Lechler calls this pattern BEADED SWIRL, VAR.
Shown is the set, missing only the spooner, the butter dish & lid and the sugar bowl & lid.
There is no damage to any of these pieces. The set is $74.

BEAD & SCROLL pattern was probably made by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1890.
The Four Piece table set (see below) is quite rare. The only flaw is a small chip under the
outside edge of the butter base. It cannot be felt from the top. The four piece set is $575.

COLONIAL pattern is Cambridge Glass Co.'s # 2630 made in 1905.
It is Lechler's TS-12 shown on page 200.
We have a full Four Piece Table set, including the sugar bowl w/ lid, creamer, spooner
and butter dish with lid, none of which have any damage. The Four Piece set is $135

Okay! If you ever wondered why EAPG patterns are confusing, look at this ad for a water set in a turn of the century Butler Bros. Ad. Above is a miniature pitcher in the U S Glass Co's Galloway pattern. In the center is a 2" tall toy water tumbler known as the Portland or Michigan toy tumbler. Voila! They are called "colonial"! If you could read this ad, you would see,
"Water sets: 1C19 - 4 1/4 in colonial tankard. 6 tumblers, prest brilliant crystal. full finished. 1 set in box. 3 sets in pkg. Set. 18c."
You can now have that set AND a certified copy of the ad for $180.

HEISEY'S COLONIAL is not an uncommon pattern in toy glass but these ruby flashed pieces are hard to find. Hartung & Hinshaw call this an open sugar and creamer. It does not appear in other children's' glass books that we've found. Both pieces are 2 1/2" tall. The set is $85.
HORIZONTAL THREADS is Lechler's pattern # TS-30. The sugar and butter lids are missing & the sugar bowl has a chip on the base.
The set is $195.
HORIZONTAL THREADS a two piece set of a
two handled open (never took a lid) sugar and
creamer in deeply stained ruby. They are
souvenired "Debra 1917" on the creamer and
"Wilber 1917" on the sugar bowl.
The set is $95.
HORIZONTAL THREADS - another view of
the four piece table set above.
LION, CLEAR is a treasured table set pattern made by Gillinder & Sons to celebrate
American's centennial in 1876. There is no damage to any of the pieces. It is
Lechler's pattern # TS-33. See the individual pieces pictured below. The four piece set is**SOLD**.

NURSERY RHYME aka Nursery Tales seven piece Berry Set consisting of a master berry bowl and 6 tiny "nappies". .The master berry bowl is 4 3/8" in diameter and the little
nappies are 2 1/2" across. There is no damage to any of the pieces. The set is

NURSERY RHYME's punch set seen above includes the punch bowl and 6 tiny cups.
It was made by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1905 so it has survived lots of kiddos!!
The punch bowl has scenes from Little Red Riding Hood around the sides &
it is 4 3/4” across the top & 3 3/8” high. The cups are 1 1/4” high.
There is no damage to any of the pieces. The Set is $195.
PENNSYLVANIA aka BALDER is a miniature version of the full size States' pattern.
It is the U S Glass Co. pattern #15048 made ca. 1890s. The gold is remarkably well preserved over the past century! The sugar lid is missing and there is a small chip on the top edge of the sugar bowl.
Below is an ad in from a Butler Bros. selling the "heavy cut crystal burnt in gold" set for 18 1/2 cents.
Talk about inflation! The four piece set is now $315.
PINEAPPLE & FAN aka STRAWBERRY & FAN - whew! The sugar lid is missing
and there is a chip on the base of the butter dish, seen HERE. It was made by the
Westmoreland Glass Co. ca. 1890. The as is four piece set is **SOLD**
THUMBELINA aka (see above) was also made
in milk glass in a two piece set with the sugar
bowl having 2 handles and no lid.
This is Lechler's pattern # TS-54.
The set has no damage and is $45.
HAWAIIAN LEI pattern (see above pieces in
clear) was made by the J. B. Higbee Glass Co.
The 2 handled covered sugar & the 2 1/4"
high creamer both have the bee mark but were made in color later by Mosser. This blue set $95.
These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance.
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