Dolly would use these cups,
mugs and tumblers to drink her punch, tea and lemonade.

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Any damage is described in the listing on each piece.

made by Burlington
Glass Works ca 1890.
2 5/8" tall. $35
BEAD & SCROLL - A tiny cup only 1 1/2" high & a part of the EAPG pattern by
probably the U S Glass Co. ca 1890s.
We've not found this listed in references. $75
ARCHES aka HAIRPIN variant is an early flint cup or 'lemonade'. Adams #247. It is 2 1/8" tall. $85
ARCHED OVALS aka Concaved Almond aka Optic by Ripley & Co. Glass ca. 1890s.  Souvenired ruby stain "Charleston Ill".
2 1/2" tall and $36.
The maker of this pattern has yet to be
determined but it was surely made prior to the
1890s.   It is only 1 7/8" tall & $55.
PATTEE CROSS aka Georgia aka Broughton by U S Glass Co. ca. 1909.  Only 1 3/4" tall. We have 5 for $19 each or all 5 for $80. DEWDROP Pattern by Hobbs Brockunier ca. 1880s.  It is 2 1/2' tall & has a teeny nic on the base seen HERE.  $37 GALLOWAY or PORTLAND
Toy tumblers by U S Glass Co. #15121 ca. 1910. 2" tall.  We have 2 @ $18 each or both for $28.
CAPTAIN HOOK - him on one side (right) and a hag (left) on the other. Some mold maker did it - as I always say, "there's no accounting for some peoples' taste." The mug is 2" tall and rather crudely made. $52. LINED BAND aka Lined Oval Panels. An Early 1800s tumbler or spill or spooner of English or French origin.  2 1/2" tall. $85
CERES aka Cameo aka Profile & Sprig aka Medallion aka
Goddess of  Liberty aka
Beaded Medallion...
Atterbury made it ca. 1870 in this pretty
blue color.
It is 2 1/2" tall. We have many adult sized mugs HERE.   $42
DAISY PLEAT is 2 1/2" high.
It has 2 tiny nics on the base &
a fleabite on the top rim. Not
bad for a century of kid use. Adams #106. $28
THUMBELINA pattern toy cup was made by Westmoreland Glass Co. ca. 1890. It is 1 1/4" high. We have several
@ $12 each.
WHEAT SHEAF pattern is Cambridge #2660. Only 1" high.
It is Lechler P-3, made in
a punch set. $15

pattern made by McKee ca. 1886. The pattern was only made
in a few forms in color and they are all very scarce. These
smallest ones are 2 3/8" The blue, has some chipping around the base and a 1" crack on the lower side. Still - a rarity. $35
Hobnail #323.  This is sold as a toy tumbler or a toothpick holder.  it is
2 3/8" tall.  Only one teeny nic
seen HERE.   $95
Not a lot of original Victorian age vaseline or canary colored toy glass is around today.  This little CHICKS & PUGS 2" tall mug is 1 3/4" OD at the top.  It is the smallest in a four size set of toy mugs with different designs made by Bryce Bros. ca 1880s.
Other designs in the 'set' are Feeding Deer & Dog,
Grape Bunch & Robin In Tree.
It is pictured in Lechler M-72, page 143 & in Mordock/ Adams mug book, #83 pg 21 & 22.  A true Toy Glass Rarity **SOLD**

We've now added an amber Chicks & Pugs toy mug**SOLD**.

DRUM pattern is 2 1/4" high and
2 5/8" diameter made by the Westmoreland Specialty Co. ca 1909. Some of the original gold decor has worn off. It is $23
FACETTED by Doyle Glass Co. ca 1880s.
These are the smaller of the 2 mugs made in this pattern being 2" high. It is pictured in both Adams and Lechler's books; Lechler M-110
The clear one is $70 and the amber one is $85.
FIGHTING CATS - now here's a nutty design for
dolly's mug.... hissing, fighting cats. Go figure. It is
2 1/4" high and has a tiny nic on the lower edge
of the base. $85
GOOSEBERRY variant made ca. 1880s. Opaque Teal color.
. Chips on base so As Is.
It is 2" high. $52
GRAPE WITH SCROLL MEDALLION - very Victorian pattern, probably ca. 1880s. This one has a large base chip.
It is 2 1/2" tall. $35
GRAPE WITH SCROLL MEDALLION - smaller pattern version; only 1 3/4" tall. Clambroth or light milk glass. It has an internal stress fracture from the making. $35

LEAF & GRAPE - Lechler
adds 'Stippled' to pattern name.
Lechler #Cup-6. Adams #124.
It is only 1 3/4" tall.
Very dainty, $30

GRAPEVINE aka VINE is a rare King & Son pattern in color made ca. 1870s.
It is 2 5/8" tall; Adams #118. Old cobalt blue is also hard to find. $75
HEART BAND is an EAPG pattern by McKee. It has a peach colored rose enamel decor and "Souvenir Milford, Nebr". At 2 7/8" tall it would hold plenty of juice for dolly. $35 CROSSED CORDS & PRISMS by Atterbury. 2" Tall. Lechler M-44
Not listed in amber. $65
These tiny HOBNAIL cups were thought to have been used to scoop out a penny's
worth of candy ( that would cost about $3 today). They are about 1 1/2" tall with pressed handles.
It is rather hard to find in color $35, clear is $15 and the cup on the right has a
circle with "OK" - hard to photograph! - and it is only 1" tall & $28.
LOG & STAR aka EAPG pattern Bellaire #373 was made by the Bellaire Goblet
Co. ca 1890. It is 2 3/8" tall.
See its base chip HERE. $30
OVAL STAR- see Pattern above by Indiana Glass Co. Dunkirk ca. 1907.  No damage at all after all these years. Set of 4 cups $38.
OVAL STAR is Indiana's #300 pattern ca 1907. It was called "Imitation Cut Glass Water Set... made to look exactly like Mother's".  Water pitcher
is 4" tall.  $34
pattern by Adams Glass Co.
ca. 1870s. This one is only
2" tall - perfect for Dolly!
$ 48
HOOK - Lechler M-27. This 1 7/8" tall cup hangs on a hook on a miniature matching pitcher that fit on a stand. We don't have the pitcher or the stand.  Do you? $75
NURSERY   RHYME aka Nursery Tales by U S Glass Co. ca. 1905.  This is the 4" Water Pitcher featuring Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf. No damage.  $75 NURSERY RHYME water pitcher by U S Glass Co. ca. 1905. It is 4" tall with Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. It has a small slit at top seen HERE.
So it is only $45
This is a set of 5 NURSERY RHYME tumblers. Two have slight damage seen HERE. Those 2 are free
with the set of 5 for $75
  NURSERY  RHYME pattern cups with the Red Riding Hood scenes were mostly made in clear glass but much less was made in milk glass.  These four tiny cups are only
1 1/4" tall. Made by the U S Glass Co. ca 1905.   
They are flawless & $32 each or the set of 4 for $132
Lechler M-22. Made by the Federal Glass Co. 2" tall & $40
LECHLER M-29 is only
1 3/4" tall so almost any dolly could use it. $40
BY JINGO, by golly. He is
2 1/2" tall. Lechler's M-58.
SWAN WITH BEADED HANDLE is Lechler M - 56. There is a swan on one side and a duck on the other. The middle scene shows a duck flapping its wings (3rd photo). It is part of Bryce Bros. Beaded Handle mug set... see larger Dog mug below. This is only 2" high. $75
LACY glass teeny cup & saucer has been seriously used over the past 170 years or so. The handle is gone, there is a chip on the cup base and the saucer has the characteristically rough edges.
But how much genuine Boston Sandwich toy glass does one see? The cup is only 1 1/8" high & the saucer is 2 5/8" across. $88 Set
This DIAMOND CUT W/ LEAF aka LEAF & TRIANGLE pattern mug is 2 1/2" tall & made by the Windsor Glass Co. ca. 1890. $72

Here we have the Bryce Bros 1880s toy mugs that some call POINTING DOG & others call DOG with beaded handle. It is hard to photograph but the scene is (left) a dog prancing un-menacingly toward a (center) bird (see HERE) & then (see HERE) looking back as though he's missed it completely. Who knows what goes through a mold maker's mind. Lechler's M-61 is 2 3/4" tall. $55
Clear $38 Amber $42 Blue $46 or the set of all three for $96

Talk about nutty designs. Made by the Ripley Glass Co. ca. 1891. See close up photos below. The cup is 2 1/8" high;
the saucer is 3 3/4" in diameter & both
pieces have the stippled band
around the edge. Set is $95.
This 2 3/4" mug is a new
issue of this cute piece showing a bear on a drum
one one side and a cat in a basket on the other.
This is rather a mystery to us.  It looks like a toothpick holder but is really too small for toothpicks.  So might it be an early toy glass tumbler or spooner?  It is fiery
opalescent - has vertical ribs
& is only 2 1/2" tall.   $36
Here are close ups of the cat on a cushion, the dog with picket fence and the Puss 'n Boots in the saucer.
BUZZ STAR aka Whirligig by U S Glass Co. ca. 1907.  1" tall; 1 1/4" diam..  Set of 6 $35. CHERRY SPRIG mug is
2 3/4" tall. It is Adams' #105.
A pretty little piece
of glass for dolly. $45.
A toy potty cup in blue made
by Deganhart.  There is a
Heart with a D in it in the
base, seen HERE.  It is
only 1 1/2" high. $29
FANCY CUT aka REX by Co-Op Flint Glass Co. ca. 1906. It is 1 1/4" tall & has a tiny flaw at the top edge seen in photo.  $25 OVAL STAR water set - Pitcher and 2 tumblers. Indiana's #300 pattern ca 1907. It was called "Imitation Cut Glass Water Set... made to look exactly like Mother's"; Pitcher is 4" tall & tumblers (see close-up on right) are 2 1/4" tall.  Pitcher & 2 tumblers for $55.
PORTLAND aka U S Portland is a well-known EAPG pattern by the
U S Glass Co, their pattern #15121 ca. 1910.
This exquisite water set consists of a pitcher and 6 tiny tumblers with
excellent gold decor on all seven pieces. The set is shown in Lechler but
she does not mention that it came with this gold decoration. The 7 piece set is $135.
A very rare GALLOWAY pattern lemonade set made by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1904.
The blush stain is excellent on all 7 pieces. The only gold is on the top edge of the pitcher.
It is exceedingly difficult to find this set intact & the color so well preserved. $295.

An acorn shaped tiny ceramic cup/mug. Maker & dates unknown. $25

These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance.

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