The Early American Pattern Glass term 'mug' generally designates the tumbler form to which a handle has been added. Some are short or squat drinking vessels with handle & some are quite tall.  They are known with one or more handles.
     EAPG Victorian mugs came in a variety of sizes. Some patterns even had a variety of sizes and of colors. Thousand Eye pattern (above) by Adam's Glass Co. ca. 1870's may hold the record for both size and color variations.
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Any damage to these mugs will be mentioned in the listing.

AEOLUS?   We can find no reference to this 3" tall milk glass mug. 
It is like the Mephistopheles with plain handle shown in the
Adams' Mug book, except for the face.  There are no horns & the
' poofs' out the sides of his mouth remind of the Wind God,
We would appreciate knowledgeable input as to the ID of this mug.
ROBIN IN TREE in amber was made by Bryce Bros. ca. 1880s. It is 3 3/4" tall & is the largest of the set that includes Chicks & Pugs seen in our Toy Store. See more views HERE, HERE & HERE. $35
BEADS IN RELIEF is a very dark blue - lightened here to show the pattern. Adams' #130 made
1880. See some slag in it HERE.
is what Adams' calls this
4" tall mug. $38
We have a smaller one with a lid for mustard HERE.
"like" OVAL MITRE is what we call this Spanish made mug with a pressed handle.
Probably 1860s.
ca. 1890s.   As is. 1 chipped
ball at base. Probably used for 'Packers' Goods'. 3 3/8" tall.   $25
Shaving mug; 4" tall; cobalt blue by
Atterbury & Co.
ca. 1880. $55
Be Still My Heart.... Here is Heisey's PINEAPPLE & FAN pattern in ruby stain!
And it is excellent ruby stain. Is it a cup or a mug? We picture - You decide.
It is 3 1/4" tall and fancy souvenired "F A Mc   Niagara Falls1901"
The pattern was made in 1898 by A. H. Heisey. $68
BIRD ON A BRANCH is actually
a child's mug but shown here for fun.  It is 3 1/4" tall  & $55. 
We have many more
children's mugs HERE.
The name of this crystallography mug is
It is styled from the 1878 H.M.S. Pinafore play by
Gilbert & Sullivan.  It is 3 1/2" tall and a rare find. 
Made by Dithridge & Co. ca. 1879.  $185

by Specialty Glass Co.
ca. 1890s.  Probably a Packers' Goods piece.
Scarce. $65
CACTUS Greentown
#75 ca. 1899 in
chocolate glass.
3 3/8" high. $65

CUT LOG aka Ethol by Bryce Higbee ca. 1890s. 3 1/4"
high.  We have 1 with a rim
flake for $22 and 3 with no damage for $32 each.
GARDEN OF EDEN  - the variation With Serpent by
an undiscovered maker
ca. 1870s.  $65
CUPID & VENUS pattern is a Richards & Hartley
creation ca. 1870s. We have these mugs in clear in
3  different sizes:  3 1/2" tall $ 75;  
2 1/2" tall $65;  and 2" tall $55
DEWEY aka Flower Flange by Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co. at Greentown
ca. 1896.  These are 3 1/2" tall.  Amber is $45
Blue is scarce - even with a tiny nic on one foot, so $95.
The clear one is $38
DAISY & BUTTON W/ V ORNAMENT aka Van Dyke in vaseline.  Made ca. 1886,
it is 3 1/2" tall.  $48
CHERRY W/ THUMBPRINT aka Paneled Cherry is Kokomo Jenkins #475 ca. 1904. It says "SWEETHEART" around the
bottom that doesn't show up well
in this photo.  $35
Another CHERRY W/ THUMBPRINT version that was probably packers goods so it is rough around the top edge. It also says "SWEETHEART".
was made by Kokomo Jenkins in the 1890s. It is 3 1/2" tall.
DAHLIA by the Co - Op Flint Glass Co. ca. 1885-6.
Clear is 2 3/4" tall $55. Amber is 3 1/8" tall $65

MICHIGAN aka Panelled Jewel aka Loop & Pillar aka Desplaines.  It is called a 'lemonade' & is 4" tall.
by U S Glass Co. ca. 1902. $55
By A. J. Beatty & Co. ca. 1886. Both are 2 3/4" tall.
Amber $58; Vaseline $75
See the larger vaseline mug above.
This could be a mug or a cup. The pattern is PERSIAN aka Three Story by Bryce Higbee ca. 1886. 
It is 3 1/2" tall.  $30
DEER & PINE TREE aka Deer & Pine aka Deer & Doe
Full line pattern by McKee   ca. 1886.
These mugs are 3 1/4" tall & yes, it is true that the originals 
show an anatomically correct male deer. 
Both have the often found roughness at the base. 
Blue seen HERE and  amber seen HERE.
These are $65 each  & a smaller, 2 3/8" tall blue one in our Toy Glass WebStore.

DEER & OAK TREE is another example of early Packers' Goods glass.
Can you say "hard to photograph"?
This one is a rare mug made by the National Glass co. at Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Works,
Greentown ca. 1900. It is 3 1/8" tall & has a small flake under the edge of the foot -
seen in the center photo above. **SOLD**
GRAPE BUNCH was made by Bryce Bros. in the 1880s.  It has a couple of nics under the outside top edge near the mold line.  It is 3 3/8" tall.  $38 CERES aka Cameo aka Profile & Sprig aka Medallion aka
Goddess of  Liberty aka Beaded Medallion...
or you can add your own name!
Atterbury made it ca. 1870 in this unusual blue 'clambroth' color.
It is toy sized at 2 1/2" tall. We have many more toy mugs HERE.
EFFULGENT STAR aka Star Galaxy aka
Central Glass Co. #876 ca. 1880s.   We find no reference to this form of this pattern in EAPG literature. It may have been made to serve as "Packers' Goods".
We have 2 @ $62 each.
Zippered Swirl & Diamond
By U S Glass Co. ca. 1895.
3" tall; some damage at
top of handle. $25
FINE BLOCK is #250 in Adam's Mug book.  It glows yellow under a black light.  It is 3" tall and is probably English or European origin.


Bryce Bros. #260 ca. 1886.
This is a 4 1/8" tall tumbler
with an  applied handle.  $55
mugs were by King, Son
& Co. ca. 1870s.
3" tall; $48
MINNESOTA aka Muchness
By U S Glass Co. ca. 1890s.
3 1/4" high; 1 has good gold gilt $48
One has a vestige of gold gild $42.
HARVARD YARD aka Harvard #1 by Tarentum Glass Co. ca. 1890s. This form is not listed in this pattern.  $48 HOBNAIL, POINTED by Doyle & Co., their #150
pattern ca. 1884.  These mugs have 8 rows of hobs.
3 1/8" tall.  We have them in two
shades of blue.   L) Sapphire $52 & R) Dark blue $58


by Indiana Greentown
ca. 1903. It is 4 1/2" tall
& beautiful!  $115

a rare form of this pattern
by Bryce Bros. ca. 1880s.
It is 3 3/4" tall.

KANSAS  This form was
not part of the States' Series
patterns. Made by D C Jenkins
ca. 1906 as 'packers goods' to
hold condiments of some
kind.  3 3/8" tall.  $25
MONKEY with Fancy Handle by the
Valley Glass Co. ca. 1891.
3 1/4" tall. Part of the Darwin Line . $125
OREGON aka Beaded Loops
U S Glass Co. #15073
ca. 1901. 3 7/8" tall. $65

Dithridge ca. 1879. Decor by
crystallography. 3 3/4" tall.
$ 65

Brazil by Bryce Bros.
ca. 1880s.
3 3/4" tall; $55
By Cooperative Flint
Glass Co. ca. 1893.
3 1/4" tall. $35
PAVONIA  pattern is a Ripley & Co pattern ca. 1885.
This mug could also be ROANOKE pattern by the same company.
The ruby staining is in excellent condition and the ship and text are beautifully hand engraved.
The souvenir is "Atlantic City" but the words are on either side of the ship engraving &
not possible to get in the same photograph.  The initials are E L D.  $65

GROGAN aka Heavy Panelled Finecut aka Paragon by Adams
& Co. ca. 1880s. 3 5/8" high. $56
RING & BEADS in amethyst
with silver  "Souvenir of Hot Springs Ark." It is 2 7/8" tall.
RING & BEADS in amethyst
w/ faint gold "Souvenir of Lakeside" Jefferson Glass Co.
ca. 1910.2 7/8" tall    $42
ROSE IN SNOW pattern
was made by Bryce Bros.
ca. 1880s. Embossed
"In Fond Remembrance"
amber with a pressed handle.  $55
Adams Bk #513. Lechler calls
McKee's New York. Probably
'Packers' Goods'. 3 3/8" tall 

Bryce ca. 1870s. This
may have had a metal
lid for  'Packers' Goods'.
3" tall   $32
by Campbell Jones
ca.   1880.  3 1/4" tall.
IVY IN SNOW aka Forest Ware by
Cooperative Flint Glass Wks. ca. 1895.
2 7/8" tall, not listed in amber. 
In amber $65 or in deep blue $75
ROPE a milk glass mug
probably from the 1890s. We believe it held packers' goods because of the space for a
now-missing lid.  $25
LACY MEDALLION  aka Colorado in some forms.
Made by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1898.
These 2 have similar decor. On the left is 2 1/4" tall  &
"Souvenir Gibbs, Mo.". The gold is some worn. $47
On the right is 2 3/4" tall;   
"Souvenir Sylvan Grove, Ks". $55
ROSE SPRIG  by Campbell
Jones ca. 1886.  A tumbler w/ an
applied handle.  Beautiful!
3 3/4" tall    $65

SHUTTLE aka Hearts of
Loch Laven by Indiana Tumbler Greentown
ca. 1898 in
chocolate glass.
3 1/8" tall;   $85

aka Duquesne in amber
Not for Sale.  Looking for a cov'd
butter and celery vase to match.
SINGING BIRD aka Thrush & Apple blossom
by Northwood ca. 1900.
In custard w/ nutmeg decor w/ a very light N in a circle. $135
The marigold carnival Singing Bird mug is signed
with the Northwood signature, an underlined N in a circle. $85
By U S Glass Co. ca. 1890s
May have had a metal lid &
been used for 'packers goods'.
2 7/8" tall $42

3 1/4" tall. By D. C. Jenkins ca. 1915.
We have 4 @ $35 each.
All four for $95
by J. Beatty Glass Co.
ca. 1888.  $56
THOUSAND EYE OMN Sensation aka Three Knob by Adams Glass Co. ca. 1885.  See more photos at top of this page. 
In the 3 1/2" tall mugs, the apple green, vaseline &
blue mugs are all  **SOLD**.
We have 2 amber 3 1/2" tall mugs for $38 each.
We also have a blue 2 1/2" tall mug for $48
& a blue 2" tall mug for $48 shown
in our Toy Glass Drinkware webStore.
in amber.  Bryce Bros. pattern
ca. 1870s   $55
Custard souvenir by Tarentum Glass Co. ca. 1897.    $48
BUTTERFLY W/ SPRAY made by Bryce Higbee in the 1880s.
It is 3 1/4" tall.

In clear it is $32
In amber it is $42
This rugged blue handled mug is 5" tall and called the Westmoreland TROUBADOR mug.
It is 5" tall and the top is 2 5/8" OD.  You can have it for $65
A mug by Greentown & or McKee ca. 1902. 
It is 5 3/4" tall.  There are 2 pinpoint
underfilled spots at the top of the handle.
Boston Sandwich pattern
ca. 1870   3 1/2" high 
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