Well, from cups they probably were a little more choosey. Cups are dainty and better fitted for the lady's fingers. And ladies would sip tea, perhaps coffee, custard of course, and punch at celebrations.
     Some pattern glass cups came with punch bowls, some came with saucers & some just came.

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& we'll check for other forms we have in stock in that pattern,

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First let's look at a few saucers....
CANE aka CANE SEAT is a McKee Bros. creation ca. 1885. See also HERE. We have 2 of these 4 1/2" saucers @ $16 each. PRIMROSE aka SPARKLING (OMN) made by the Canton Glass Co. ca. 1880s. It is 4 1/2" in diameter. See also HERE. $28 CURRIER & IVES aka Eulalia was made by the Cooperative Flint Glass Co. ca. 1887. It is 4" in diameter. $26
STAR & IVY - a product of the Model Flint Glass Co. ca. 1890s.
See also HERE. $22
  POGO STICK aka CROWN (OMN) A bright & shiny cup by the Lancaster Glass Co. No. 411
ca. 1910. $23


ALABAMA is not reported
to have been made in a cup, but
here it is. It is not the best glass;
is 2 3/8" tall and 2 1/2" diam at
the top. The U S Glass Co. made Alabama for their States' series
ca. 1892. A rare find $95.
AUSTRIAN is one of
Greentown's signature patterns.
It is Indiana Tumbler #200, aka FINECUT MEDALLION
ca. 1898, & 3 1/4" tall. We have
5 of these in stock for $34 each.
States' series by U S Glass
Co. ca 1901. We have 7 of
these rarely found "Maiden's Blush" beauties for $32 each. Discounted for 4 or more.
BIRD & STRAWBERRY is the ever popular pattern by Indiana Glass Co. at Dunkirk. The cups
are small at only 2" tall and 2 3/4" diameter at the top.
We have 7 of these. They are $25 each or will be discounted
when buying 4 or more.
SUNRISE pattern was
made by the U. S. Glass
Co. ca 1908. There is wear to the gold decor on the 2 cups
we have for $24 each.
also called Checkerboard or Westmoreland # 500. It is from
ca. 1910 & $35.

BASSETTOWN aka Duncan #40 by Geo. Duncan Sons & Co. ca. 1890.  We have 2 @ $25 each. This is called the BOY/GIRL cup or Acorns. 
Findlay Glass Co. made these in the 1880s for children.
Cup only in blue $45
This odd novelty set is called the BOY/ GIRL aka ACORNS
cup & saucer.  It is a rather rare set made by the Columbia
Glass Co. of Findlay, Ohio during the late 1880s.  After 1891, it was made by the U S Glass Co.  The cup is 2 1/2" in diameter &
2 5/8" high.  There is a boy's face on one side of the cup and a girl's face on the other side,  The saucer features oak leaves & acorns. See Saucer HERE.  The set in amber  is $88
Jeweled Butterfly aka
Mikado is a very popular
pattern by Indiana Glass Co.
ca. 1907.  $30
RATTAN was made very rarely
in cobalt blue by the U S Glass Co. ca 1893. The cup is 2 1/4" high&
has a thin gold line at the lip.
PANELS was made by
the U S Glass Co. ca.
1905. It has some faint gold remaining. $24
CURRIER & IVES aka EULALIA was made by
Bellaire Goblet Co. ca
1880s. Very rare in this
vaseline/ canary color. $58.
CORD DRAPERY was made ca. 1890 by Indiana/
Greentown. These dainty little glass cups would do your
tea party table proud. We have 6 clear ones most of which
have some minor roughness for $24 each.
The amber one is rare. **SOLD**

NARCISSUS was made by the Indiana Glass Co. ca. 1910.
Their cup is $26.

CANNONBALL PINWHEEL aka Caledonia made by U S Glass Co. #15094 ca. 1905.  We have 6, none of which have any damage!  The set of 6 is just $64.
BUTTON ARCHES aka Scalloped Daisy
A product of Geo Duncan Sons & Co. ca. 1897.
It is souvenired "Souvenir of Washington DC".
Very good ruby stain. $25
DELAWARE aka Four Petal Flower aka New Century is the U S Glass Co. #15065.  We have 4 with some gold on the top.  $16 each.
EMPRESS aka Riverside #492.
This prissy little thing is from
1898 & $34.
This is a 5 1/8" saucer in
COTTAGE pattern by Adams
& Bellaire ca. 1880s. It is rare
in ruby stain. Do you have the
matching cup? Saucer is $45.
We have one in clear for $28.
FLORAL OVAL aka BANNER is a J. B. Higbee produce ca. 1909. $34

FANCY LOOP aka Heisey's #1205
This is a set of four cups all with very good gold decor at the top.
There is no damage to any of these cups & the set is **SOLD** .
FANCY LOOP aka Heisey's #1205 has some faint gold decor left on it & a tiny fleabite on the top edge. Ca 1898. **SOLD**
GAELIC is another Indiana Glass Co. pattern ca. 1908.
It has some pretty good gold
left on it. $28
HARVARD YARD aka HARVARD #1 was made
by the Tarentum Glass Co. ca. 1890s.
Clear cup on left is$26.
Unusual emerald green cup on right is $48
(It is not shiny at the top like the photo shows.)

KING'S CROWN - the famous pattern by Adam's Glass Co.
ca 1890. No ruby on this one.
KLONDIKE aka ENGLISH HOBNAIL CROSS in frosted w/ amber accent. By Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton ca. 1898. $220 MAJESTIC aka PURITAN aka DIVIDED BLOCK W/ SUNBURST was made by McKee ca. 1893. $36

MICHIGAN aka Paneled Jewel
aka Loop & Pillar aka Desplaines
is one of the U S Glass Co.
States' pattern. This one has
the hard to find green decor on
the top edge with the blue
dotted flower on each panel.
MANHATTAN aka NEW YORK is a U S Glass Co.
pattern ca. 1902. $22
#42 aka EMPIRE was made by Duncan & Sons ca. 1890s. $26
U S Glass Co. States' series pattern ca. 1890s. We have
a set of 6 for $90.
Co. pattern made in 1897 to
honor the Bluegrass State. A
hard to find pattern! $42
U S REGAL aka ooooooooooooOKLAHOMA!
This is not an "official" States
pattern but it is named after
the Sooner State. $28
NEW YORK aka U S Rib by
U S Glass in 1899 to honor
the Empire State.  Not
much gold left on it. $35
NEVADA is the only pattern name we know for this U S Glass Co. States' Series
design ca. 1902. This cup is clear with some frosting and painted flower decor.
A patch of the frosting appears to have been left out in-the-making. $45
Be Still My Heart.... Here is Heisey's PINEAPPLE & FAN pattern in ruby stain!
And it is excellent ruby stain. Is it a cup or a mug? We picture - You decide.
It is 3 1/4" tall and fancy souvenired "F A Mc   Niagara Falls1901"
The pattern was made in 1898 by A. H. Heisey. $68

RUBY THUMBPRINT aka  King's Crown was one of Adams'
Glass Co. largest pattern lines ca. 1890s.   In ruby stained,
we have the cup alone for $35.
Of if you prefer, we have the matching cup & saucer
set with excellent ruby stain for $45.

OHIO is one of the very few EAPG patterns that was etched. It is the U. S. Glass Co. pattern ca 1897 to honor the Buckeye State. Etching features leaves, grapes &
a butterfly. We have 2
of these at $34 each.
Glass Co. pattern #15086
ca. 1904.
ROSETTE PINWHEEL was made by the Indiana Glass Co., their #171 ca. 1905.
aka ALTA was made by John
H. Higbee Gl. Co. ca.1908. We have 2 of these at $26 each.
FASHION aka DAISY & BUTTON W/ RED DOTS by U S Glass Co. ca. 1890s. It is 2" tall and 2 3/4" at top. 
STARS & BARS aka DAISY & CUBE is Bellaire Goblet Co.'s pattern #600 made ca. 1890.
The blue one is 2 1/2" high & 3 1/4" diameter at the top. It is $55.

is a Columbia Glass Co.
pattern ca. 1889.

In pretty blue, it is $38
SHUTTLE aka HEARTS OF LOCH LAVEN are a product of
Greentown ca. 1898. We have
a set of 5 for $50.
SNAIL aka COMPACT aka DOUBLE SNAIL is a really pretty pattern although you can't tell it from my awful photo.
The maker is Geo. Duncan & Sons - their #360.
It was made ca. 1891 & is $45.
HICKMAN  aka LeClede aka Jubilee by McKee Bros. ca. 1897.  $24 THE STATES aka Cane & Star Medallion by U S Glass ca. 1905. It is 2" tall & $25 SUNBURST by McKee is the
name of this pattern. It was
made ca. 1900 - 1910.    $22
is a unique pattern with the primary design element being
in the base. The Steimer Glass Co. made it ca. 1905. This cup
has only 1 small area of roughness on the edge of base
which is not visible but can be felt.
We have the water pitcher in this pattern in our Pitcher Store.
WASHINGTON. LATE is the pattern made by the U S Glass ca 1901. They are just beautiful with the delicate floral decor in pinks & greens. We had 4.

TORPEDO aka PIGMY aka FISH EYE pattern was made by the Thompson Glass Co. ca. 1889. We have one cup alone for $55
and one cup and saucer set - the saucer is an unlisted
item in this pattern -for $75.
is a Columbia Glass Co.
pattern ca. 1889. The amber
cup & saucer set is $65.

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