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Including Condiment Trays
     Cruets, from the French Cruye or Cruie, are small pitchers with stoppers used for oil or vinegar.  Oil / vinegar cruets were introduced into the pressed glass world about 1880 - 1885, although there were a few made during the 'Flint Era'.
     Their popularity as a table item peaked around 1900. Even the more popular patterns made before 1880 and after about 1910, did not include this form.
     It was not uncommon for blown cruets made with applied handles to exhibit a ‘heat check’ at the handle. According to Wm. Heacock, many collectors do not consider it damage in the truest sense, inasmuch as the cruet left the factory in this state. He distinguishes between a ‘heat check’ and a crack which can be felt from inside the neck.
     If you use your cruet for vinegar, do not store the vinegar in it or you will risk causing a cloudy glass ‘sickness’ which can only be removed by expensive professional cleaning.
     Some cruets came in sets with shakers or other condiment bottles and sometimes the sets were sold in metal or glass holders or sitting on a matching glass tray. See some such 'condiment' trays below the cruets in this Store.
     The stoppers for cruets were sometimes patterned to match and sometimes ‘generic’ designs made by a factory to fit various of their patterns. Attribution as to OS (original stopper) and NOS (not original stopper) is generally accepted when found pictured in old catalogs. But that is not always foolproof. And some patterned cruets left the factory, (or factories if they were made by more than one company), with more than one type of stopper.
     The ‘burning question’ for collectors is whether or not they are satisfied if a stopper looks appropriate but is not proven to be original.  That answer is strictly personal preference.
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OS means Original Stopper; NOS means Not Original Stopper.
Damage, if any, to the listed cruets is noted in the listing.
See condiment trays & sets below.
Carnelian by Northwood
ca. 1903.  This is probably not the original stopper but it
looks good. There is a crack
in the handle, seen HERE.
Muchness, the states'
pattern by U S Glass Co.
ca. 1890s. May not be original stopper but looks appropriate. 
POGO STICK aka Crown was made by the Lancaster Glass
Co. ca. 1910 ( a very good year
for little boys born in Arkansas).
Not sure if original stopper but
it matches the design.
PERFECTION MFG Co.'s Separating carafe or water bottle. It is 9" tall & without damage.
Ad from 1902 promotes it as
"Sensible in its Separating Features" &
"The Pride & Glory of the Housewife." **SOLD**

 More PERFECTION  The pattern of this separating cruet is one of the other patterns made by Perfection.  It is 7" tall w/o the stopper, which is original.  See Skirt close-up HERE and top close-up HERE.


Sensation (OMN)
by Adams & Co. ca. 1870s.
An internal fissure in the neck at applied handle
from the making seen
HERE.  OS $88
Ferris Wheel aka Lucile by
the Indiana Glass Co.
ca. 1910. Stopper
probably not original but
looks fine. $55
by Bryce Higbee ca. 1903.
Stopper is appropriate.
U S Glass Co. full pattern line
ca 1892. Stopper not
original but looks good.

U S Glass Co. ca 1892. This cruet has the original patterned stopper.

made by the U S Glass Co.
their #15095. Stopper may or
may not be original.

MASSACHUSETTS aka Geneva was made ca. 1890s as part of the U S Glass Co. States' series. This is not
the original patterned stopper but it fits.

The original catalog actually calls this a cologne, but we'll call it a cruet here.
Original Stopper.

Starred Thumbprint aka Fostoria #1460; Old English aka Honeycomb w/ Star pattern was made c. 1906. We will fit it with an appropriate stopper. $58

PRISCILLA- a seldom seen pattern by Westmoreland
ca. 1891. See Close-up of
pattern HERE. Original patterned stopper. $38

ROMOLA is a pretty pattern by Robinson Glass Co. ca. 1894. Also made by Model Flint Glass Co. Stopper is original. **SOLD** PENNSYLVANIA aka Balder pattern is a U S GlassCo. States pattern #15048 ca. 1890s. It has the original patterned stopper.

HICKMAN aka Leclede
aka Jubilee was made by McKee ca. 1890s.
Original facetted stopper.
6" tall to top of stopper.
CUT LOG aka ETHOL by Bryce Higbee c. 1890s.
At 3 3/4" tall, this is the smallest
of the 3 cruets made in
this pattern. OS $45
Bryce Higbee c. 1890s.
At 7" tall w/ this original stopper, it is the tallest of the cruets made in this pattern. See the back
HERE.  $65
is the California States' pattern by the
U S Glass Co. c. 1890a Original stopper 
REVERSE 44 aka Athenia
is the U S Glass Co.
pattern #15140. It was made ca. 1912. It is 5 3/4" tall sans stopper which was probably patterned.
BROKEN COLUMN aka RATTAN is a product of
the U S Glass Co.
c. 1893.   
No stopper. $65


One of the McKee 'tec'
patterns. This one was
made ca. 1914. It has the appropriate stopper.
See the catalog picture
of it HERE.
CROESUS is an 1897
product of the Riverside
Glass Works. This is the
smaller size of this
cruet, 5 1/2" tall to top of
the original stopper.
See matching condiment tray
in our Castor Store HERE.
VENETIAN - type is the closest we can come to naming the pattern of this very
special cruet.  The stopper has matching gold on top as seen HERE.  Date of production probably early 1900s.
It is 8" tall w/ Stopper. $65

CROESUS is an 1897 product of the Riverside Glass Works.
The emerald green cruet on the left has worn gold decor & is the larger
version of this pattern's cruet - Original Stopper. $95
The middle green/gold larger cruet has excellent gold & original stopper for $175. 
The Cruet on the right is the small 5 1/2" tall version with very good gold & OS for $145.

See matching condiment trays below.

pattern was made by Richards & Hartley, their pattern #99 ca. 1885. This is called a catsup bottle. Victorians made "ketchup" out of many vegetables & spices. It is
8 1/4" to the top of the stopper,
which is original.  $65

BETHLEHEM STAR aka Starburst aka Bright Star. Indiana Glass Co. #152
Made ca. 1910.
From the photo of the
original cruet, this
stopper looks correct.
We believe this is Geo. Duncan & Sons' pattern
ca. 1885.
Stopper is very pretty - may not be original. Beautiful blue!
PORTLAND aka U S Portland is
the U S Glass Co. pattern #15121
made ca. 1910. The stopper may or may not be original but it fits perfectly & matches the pattern. $45
ESTHER aka TOOTH & CLAW is one of the Riverside Glass Works' signature patterns c. 1896. A smaller size cruet in clear on the right is**SOLD** The smaller one in emerald green with gold is also **SOLD**.  Both stoppers, though different, are original.

FLUTED SCROLLS in vaseline is a gorgeous Northwood pattern
c. 1896.
Original Stopper.
HEISEY? This is the
original stopper but
we are trying to ID the
pattern & maker.
Help with ID if you are
able, please. It is 5.5" tall
to top of stopper. $105
Again, we could use some
help in identifying
this pattern & maker. Stopper
shown is not available with
this cruet. $68
The HERO aka RUBY ROSETTE was made by the Elson Glass Co. c. 1891. The original stopper was facetted. This one looks better. $48 HIDALGO aka FROSTED WAFFLE is Adams Glass Co. pattern #5 c. 1880.
This cruet is not frosted.
NOS  $68
is the Illinois States' pattern
by U S Glass Co. c. 1897. The stopper fits but may or
may not be OS. $95

WESTMORELAND aka Spector Block aka Gillinder #420 made ca. 1889.  With OS, it is the small one
@ 4 1/2" tall.  $58
JEWELED HEART aka VICTOR Dugan Diamond's pattern c. 1905. In blue/ gold (some worn) & OS
Duncan #46 by Geo. Duncan
& Sons ca. 1900. Stopper is original. See close up of the pattern HERE. $42

AZTEC aka Spinner Daisy aka New Mexico (not a US Glass States pattern).  Made by McKee Glass Co ca. 1900. Stopper is probably original. 

LOUIS XV is in emerald
green & gold decor by Northwood c/ 1899.
Clear facetted stopper
is original issue.
MANHATTAN aka NEW YORK States' pattern by
the U S Glass Co. c. 1902.
Original Stopper

MAJESTIC aka Pilgrim is a McKee pattern ca. 1893.  This is the stopper shown in Barret's book so probably OS.  $125

FRISCO   Fostoria #1229
Fostoria Glass Co.  ca. 1903.
Stopper is original.

MOON & STAR This is a reproduction cruet with matching patterned
stopper. $42
PRISCILLA by Westmoreland ca. 1891. See close up of this pattern HERE. It closely resembles the Majestic pattern. This has the original
patterned stopper. $45
ROMOLA was made by Robinson Glass Co. & Model Flint co. ca. 1901.
It has the original stopper.
is the U S Glass Co. #15048 State pattern for the
Keystone State.
The stopper is original issue.
NAIL aka RECESSED PILLAR with Ruby Stain
was made by Ripley & Co.
c. 1880. No stopper. $85
VIRGINIA aka Fostoria's
No. 140 ca. 1889 with
original stopper.
KALONYAL is Heisey's
pattern #1776 made 1905-1907.
It is a small size, only 5 1/4" incl. stopper $65
STAR & CRESCENT aka Festoons & Sunbursts by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1908.
Probably NOS but fits perfectly. $45
W/ OS. It is 6" to the top of the stopper. Amberina in the body; handle and stopper are amber. $355.
a product of Indiana
Tumbler & Goblet Co.-
Greentown. It has the
original Dewey pattern
stopper. $125

PRISM w/ DIAMOND POINT. Pictured on the cover of Heacock's Cruet book. Made by Bryce Bros.
c. 1891. OS $110
pattern cruet is a McKee
product c. 1890s. The OS is facetted.$85
in vaseline with gold gilt was made by Riverside Glass
Works c. 1899. OS $395
SUNRISE with perhaps
the OS. Green stained sun
& worn gold decor.
6" tall by U S Glass Co.
& Ripley c. 1908. $65
was made by
Geo. Duncan & Sons
ca. 1892.  It is 7" tall
with the original
patterned stopper. $75
DAISY & CUBE was made
by Bellaire Goblet Co. c. 1886.
It id 6" tall w/ OS. $85

This is an un-named BOSTON & SANDWICH pattern according to Jeff Evans of Green Valley Auctions. It is 9" tall
w/ applied handle and a rayed base. It feels like flint by
weight, but glows yellow under a black light. As we've been unable to find it in any reference work, we're not certain if the hollow blown stopper is original but it fits perfectly. $250
INDIANA aka Prison Window is the U S Glass Co. States pattern #15029.
Pattern made ca. 1896.

pattern is a creation of Northwood c. 1902. It is
White opalescent
w/ OS. $250
GALLOWAY is a popular
U S Glass Co. product c. 1904.
Stopper looks appropriate but is
not original. There are a couple
of in-the-making lines in the glass
that show in this photo
& are not cracks. $45
DAISY & BUTTON W/ CROSSBARS aka MIKADO was made by Richards & Hartley
c 1885. Original
hand & bar stopper.

aka FISH EYE is the
Thompson Pattern #17
made 1889. The glass is a
little cloudy. NOS $88
maker is unknown to us. A very pretty cruet with an unusual
handle. See also HERE.
SYDNEY is the Fostoria
Glass Co. pattern # 1333.
It is a product of 1905 &
$88 w/ Original stopper.
Imperial #505 ca. 1912.
Not original stopper.
This cobalt blue cruet has a SWIRL pattern in the base that is difficult to photograph.  The stopper is original &
it is 6 1/2" tall. The maker is
unknown to us.  $58
aka Wetzel is
New Martinsville #500
ca. 1905.  $35
EMPRESS aka Riverside #492 tray in clear, 2 views. Gorham, in his Riverside book calls this a "spoon tray" and says that although this tray is displayed as a cruet tray today, it was never intended to be used as a cruet tray.
Thanks to our alert customer, Gary Spiller, for pointing out my pattern error.
The clear tray is 6" x 9 1/4" and $85.
The exact same tray in vaseline (right) went with the Ranson pattern. It is $95.
The 2 trays are the same size; only the pictures are different sizes.

CROESUS condiment set. Cruet is shown above.
These shakers have excellent gold, with one chip on the base of
one of them & matching old lids. Some gold is still found under the lids.
  The pair is $175. 
The small pickle dish (or small condiment tray) is 4" x 9 1/2'. It has a
couple of flat flakes underneath the handles. $95
The larger condiment tray is 6" x 9 1/4". It has 3 very small rough spots
on the back of the handle, seen HERE.  They do not show from the top. $125
CROESUS condiment trays in amethyst are outstanding.
The larger 6" x 9 1/4", on the left, has very little gold remaining.
There are 2 tiny flea bites under the tab handle seen HERE
The smaller 4" x 9 1/2", on the right has gold remaining on the handles & some on the top edge. This piece is also the pickle dish in this pattern.
It has a flat flake under each handle as is usual for this pattern form. 
The clear Croesus small condiment tray on the right has the usual
roughness under one handle seen HERE, not seen from the top. $95

PRISCILLA aka Alexis
aka Sun & Star relish or condiment tray.
L - 2 sections - chips on 2 scallop tops $36
R - 7 1/2" square; chips on top edge. 4 sections $35
The Esther condiment tray by Riverside ca. 1901 is a scarce item. It is 6" x 9 1/8" incl. the tab handle which appears
to have been repaired. $85
TWIN TEARDROPS aka Anona was made
by Bryce Higbee ca. 1907. This piece
is a 6" diam. x 1 3/4" tall condiment
dish which held the shakers & cruet. $34.
JUNO aka Double Pinwheel
is flat, 4 1/2" x 9 1/2" long.  It holds a
cruet and 2 shakers.  By Indiana Glass Co., Dunkirk ca. 1915.  $32

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