The Victorian Pattern Glass Pitcher Store

     Victorians must have been strong. Otherwise they could not have lifted some of their heavy glass water pitchers when they were filled with lemonade - or water - or whatever they poured from them. The average Victorian water pitcher is 8" - 9 1/2" tall, excluding the handle. Milk pitchers were closer to 7" tall and they have their own store HERE.   

  There were basically four variations of EAPG water pitchers:
-- Tankard shape such as Fancy Loop.
-- Bulbous shaped early patterns like Barberry. Most, but not all of these had            applied handles.
-- Jugs such as New Jersey and Texas Star.
-- Cylindrical (more or less)- like Actress.

Amber Wheat & Barley - a comparison
An EAPG Creamer (5"),
Milk Pitcher (7") holds 28 ounces to within 1/2" of the top &
Water Pitcher (8") holds 48 ounces to within 1" of the top.

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Acorn aka Chestnut
Oak is one of the very early applied handled water pitchers, perhaps by the Crystal Glass Company. It has a 3/4" chip on the handle & it is 8" tall to the top of
the handle. $165
Actress aka Theatrical
pattern was made by
La Belle Glass Co. ca. 1880s. This pitcher is
8 1/2” tall. It has a small shallow chip under base (see photos here). A balcony scene on one side shows “Juliet” and a gal on the other side says, “Pearl of Savoy” on the railing she’s holding onto. $425.
ALABAMA aka Beaded Bullseye & Drape is a gorgeous states' pattern by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1892. It is a "jug" style pitcher; 8" tall at mid-side.

BASKETWEAVE pattern was made by a glass company unknown to us but it was no doubt made in the 1880s. This amber pitcher is 8" high at mid side & it has a shallow base chip (not seen when sitting on the table) so it is only $65.

Bleeding Heart is one of the best known EAPG patterns. Made by King & Sons ca. 1875. This great pitcher has a little mysterious yellowing at the tail end of the appl'd handle but no damage. $195.
BOSWORTH aka Star Band was made by Indiana Glass Co. ca. 1915.  It is 7 1/2" tall at mid side.

Two U. S. Glass Co. tankard pitchers... both are tall -
close to 10".

BULLSEYE & FAN aka Daisies In Oval Panels pattern #15090 ca. 1905. It has some mold roughness on the scalloped base section. $95
CALIFORNIA aka Beaded Grape in emerald green has quite a bit of gold on it but
no damage. Pattern #15059
ca. 1890s    $95
BUTTON BAND aka Wyandotte aka Umbilicated Hobnail by Ripley & Co. ca. 1886.

Carmen is Fostoria's pattern #575 About 9" tall. No yellow stain decor but there is bad chip on one base point. The handle appears to be applied but of course, non-flint. Early, early Fostoria - 1896.  $150
CHICKENWIRE aka Sawtooth Honeycomb made by the Steimer Glass Co. ca. 1906.  This is one HEAVY piece of glass.  About 8" to mid-side.

Cosmos aka
Stemless Daisy pattern.
Now isn't this a pretty decorated milk glass pitcher? Consolidated Lamp & Glass Co. made it ca. 1902.
CROESUS in 'royal purple'
is inarguably the most regal pattern of EAPG.  Made by Riverside Glass Works
ca. 1897, this beauty is
9" tall with very good remaining gold after
all these years.
CROESUS in emerald green is a close second to amethyst.  Also 9" tall with good gold and  no damage just a bit of slag from the manuf. in the base
shown HERE. See front view of the pitcher HERE.

Cord Drapery is, of course the Indiana Greentown pattern from
the 1890s. It is very rare in color
and these pieces are exquisite.
They are not for sale -
just wanted to show them off.

CUPID & VENUS aka Guardian Angel is a Richards & Hartley pattern ca. 1875.  It is only 8" to mid side but
it is a huge piece of glass, being quite
large at the top. 
A pretty flowered pitcher
made by the
Co - Op Flint Glass Co.
ca. 1885-6. It is 8" tall to
mid-side. This is a full line
pattern of which we have
many other forms in stock.
The pitcher is $65.
Daisy & Button plain & simple. Now this might be a milk pitcher but at 7 3/4" tall, it could be either. The handle is appl'd. No telling who made it but it's old. It has a sharp pattern & it glows yellow under a black light. $95

This is the
DEER ALERT pitcher. The maker was Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton Glass Co. and it is from the 1890s. It is hard to see the deer in the top photos so I took close-ups
of them from the inside
out & neither of them look particularly alert. The deer are similar but not exactly alike.  The pitcher is 8 3/4" high & 4 1/4" diameter at the base.
This is one of the highly collectible animal series
of pitchers by this glass maker. $375

DEWEY aka Flower Flange is one of Greentown's signature patterns. It is 7 1/2" tall at mid side. One of the foot 'toes' has a major chip. There is a fine line that can see seen below the handle. It is not a crack..cannot be felt on the inside of the glass. See HERE. $85
ELITE aka Pillow & Sunburst - beautiful glass, made by Westmoreland ca. 1896.  It is
7" tall w/ applied handle.

EGYPTIAN (omn Sphynx) aka Parthenon is Adams' Glass Co. pattern #50 from
1883 - 87.  The impression on this pitcher is exquisite.  It is 8 1/4" tall at mid-side.

ESTHER aka Tooth & Claw is a spectacular pattern made by Riverside ca. 1896.  This pitcher is a shining example of this work of art.  The glass is exquisite and the gold is flawless. $225

Fancy Loop aka Heisey's #1205. One of A. H. Heisey's most beautiful early patterns, ca 1898.
This 9 1/2" tall tankard form
has 3 tiny dings hidden in parts
of the pattern and the gold on
top is somewhat worn. $525
Another fabulous form
of Fancy Loop aka Heisey's #1205 pattern & this one is a 'bulbous' or 'jug' shape. It is exceptionally heavy with some gold gilding in parts of the pattern.
FEATHER pattern was made in 2 different designs...
On the Left is a Feather aka Doric water pitcher for $65
On the right is a Feather & Finecut water pitcher for $55

Florida Palm aka Tidal
is a Bryce Higbee & Co. full line pattern made ca. 1890s. The pitcher is about 8" to
the mid side and in
excellent condition.
is Bryce Bros. pattern #260, made in a full pattern line in several colors. This vaseline/ canary water pitcher
has a crack in the base from in-the-making seen HERE.  There is also a chip on the base seen HERE.
  AS IS $75.
It still holds water so is usable & we have 6 matching goblets in our 3rd Goblet Store.

Fluted Scrolls aka Klondyke is a Northwood creation in blue opalescent ca 1897; 7 1/2" to top middle.
Perfect. $435
Sunk Daisy aka Daisy by the Cooperative Flint Glass Co. ca1896. Everything about this 8" tall pitcher is flawless including the enamel painted decor on the daisies. $105

Iowa aka Panelled Zipper is the U S Glass Co. State's pattern ca 1900. 10 1/4" to top of metal lip. One ding on the side in the pattern. $115
Grape & Festoon w/ Shield was made by Doyle & Co. in the 1870s. There is a 1" crack on each side of the base
of the handle.
Grape with Vine was made in the 1890s by
a glass co. unknown
to us. It is very heavy glass & 8 1/4" tall at the side. $62
w/o Insect by Riverside Glass co. ca. 1880s.
This is a gorgeous and massive water pitcher with no damage. It is 8 5/8" tall at mid side.
See another view HERE.
HALLEY'S COMET aka Etruria (OMN) is a
pattern by Model Flint
Glass Co. ca. 1891.  There is a chip on the top part of the applied handle that is tucked down onto the pitcher, seen HERE
It is a gigantic 11" tall
at mid side.  $125

HERO aka Ruby Rosette made by Elson Glass Co. ca. 1891.
A tall tankard, 9 1/2" to mid side. The ruby is excellent. Only a very few small scratches seen HERE .
HERO aka Ruby
Rosette made by Elson Glass Co. ca. 1891. A
very tall tankard, 10"
to mid side & 13" to the tip of the spout!  It is incredibly engraved with sprays of leaves. 

Honeycomb "overall" pattern is a Gillinder & Sons creation. It is 8" high to mid-side. See the rough pontil in the base HERE and the patent date scratched under the handle HERE.
A very heavy piece of glass! $115
Honeycomb, 5 Row
was made by Bakewell, Pears & other factories in the late 1860s. It is non-flint with an
applied handle, 7" high at the middle of the side.

Horseshoe aka Prayer Rug aka Good Luck pattern is a product of the Adams Glass Co. in the 1880s. This form of the pattern does not have any horseshoes in the design.

aka Flying Robin aka
Bird & Fern was made
in the 1880s
by a glass company unknown to us.
There is one flake under the rim of the base
(see detail here)
and it
is about 9" tall at the
side of the lip. $175

INTERLOCKING HEARTS aka Wishbone, was made ca. 1900 by
a maker unknown
to us.  If you know
please tell us. 
It is 8" tall to mid side. 

IVY IN SNOW aka FOREST WARE is a product of the cooperative Flint Glass Works ca. 1894. It is 9 1/2" tall at the lip, 8" tall at the side & about 4 3/4" diameter at the top. Amazingly there is some gold left after lo these 100+ years! $85

JERSEY L ILY WARE aka Lily Langtree aka Lacy Valence aka
Center Medallion
by Riverside Glass Co.
ca. 1880s. 
It is 8.5" high to mid- side.


Lion aka Frosted Lion is one of the premier patterns in all of EAPG. Gillinder & Sons made it for the centennial beginning in 1876. This piece is in pristine condition, 7 1/2" to the top center. **SOLD**

MAJESTIC aka Puritan aka Divided Block w/ Sunburst is a McKee and U S Glass Co. pattern ca. 1893. The set includes the pitcher and 3 tumblers.  The tumblers have very minimal wear amount the very top edge & one has a 1/4" flake under the edge.
The set is $425

MARDI GRAS aka Duncan #42 was made by Duncan & Sons ca. 1890s.  This is the9 1/2" tall tankard style
pitcher with an
applied handle. $95
MARYLAND aka Inverted Loop & Fan is a U S States' pattern ca. 1897. 
It is 7 1/2" tall at mid side.
Medallion aka
Hearts & Spades is a very Victorian pattern but we do
not know who made it or
when although probably in
the 1880s. It is beautiful sapphire blue & has a small chip on the side of the base
(see Here) & is 8.5" to the
top of the middle.   $135
Missouri pattern is aka Palm & Scroll. It was made by the U S Glass Co., #15058 ca. 1899. It is a difficult pattern to find but especially scarce in green.
It is 7 1/2" tall at mid-side.

NORTHWOOD made this decorated Lemonade Set in the 1890s.  
It is gorgeous glass & a gorgeous cobalt blue color with excellent decor. 
The set consists of the pitcher which is shown in a
Heacock Northwood book and is damage-free with 6 tumblers,
3 of which have insignificant blemishes seen HERE, HERE & HERE.
Seven piece set is $395

New Jersey aka Loops
& Drops is another of
the famous U S Glass
Co. States series.
This one was made ca 1900 and the
glass has remained undamaged.   
Nogi aka Amulet
by Indiana Glass Co. Dunkirk ca. 1906.
It is 8 1/2" tall to mid-side. $85

OASIS aka Camel Caravan by some is an etched artistic achievement by Hobbs, Brockunier.  Created ca. 1881, a realistic Arabian story is told on the sides of this pitcher which is 9" tall at mid-side.  There is one scuff on the handle seen HERE.  $295

Panelled Forget Me Not
aka Regal
and this is the very rare vaseline or canary colored water pitcher by
Bryce Bros. ca 1880s.
It is 8" high at mid-side. $625

SCROLL is the original manufacturers name aka Paneled S for this elusive pattern by Campbell, Jones & Co. ca. 1878. It is 6 1/2" tall to mid-side & in great shape except for a slit at the base of the applied handle. See HERE $135.

Pavonia aka Pineapple Stem is one of the few patterns of EAPG
that normally is actually etched. So to find a 12" tall tankard
pitcher that is engraved is remarkable. This obvious hand engraving (called #119 Wading Bird in Marsh in the literature) has
wispy leaves on the sides but in the front is a long-legged bird
with a fish in its beak, standing in 'water' (engraved lines around
the lower part of the engraved section). Spectacular! $445

This pattern is cleverly named Picket Fence, but aka London. King Glass Co. made this extensive & brittle pattern during the 1880s.  It is extra large for an EAPG pitcher. There is only only one top scallop chipped.  See the photo HERE.
- a pattern not often
found in emerald green, made by McKee
& the U S Glass Co.
ca 1893. It is 8 1/4" tall
at the sides.  
This is an unusually shaped
pitcher, being almost triangular
as are several other forms of
the pattern. Bryce Bros made
this very tailored pattern ca. 1882.
It is 9" tall to mid-side.

Polar Bear aka
Polar Bear & Seal
The polar bears are alive & well here in New Mexico.
The maker of this pattern is unknown but probably in the 1880s per McCain. It is
8 1/4" tall to the mid-side.
See slit in lower part of handle here. $475

PRINCE ALBERT is a little known pattern (that means it took us a while to identify it) made by
the Columbia Glass Co.
of Findlay, OH ca. 1888.

A beautiful pitcher in rich
'old gold/ amber' color
made by McKee ca. 1885.
It is 8" tall to mid-side.
There is an annealing line
seen HERE & the base has
been ground, which doesn't
change the looks of the pitcher
at all. $66

Splendor (OMN) by Kokomo Jenkins ca. 1920s.
We have tumblers & goblets to match this pitcher.
RICHMOND aka AKRON BLOCK aka BLOCK & DOUBLE BAR is a very heavy piece of glass made by the Nickel Plate Glass Co. ca 1889. It has a flake on the base rim seen HERE.  $89
Princess Feather is a spectacularly fancy pattern by Bakewell, Pears & Co. ca. 1870s.  And it has the applied handle of that decade with the usual INTACT crack at the base of the handle seen HERE.  $250

Strawberry, Fairfax aka Early Strawberry by Bryce Walker ca 1870. The tip end of the applied handle was chipped off in-the-making but there is no damage to the handle or the pitcher. It is 7" to the top of the handle. $295

SeedPod or Seed Pod aka Olympia (for Admiral Dewey's flagship) is a magnificent Riverside Glass Works creation ca 1898. The gold is stunningly well
preserved - as is the glass.
Seneca Loop aka O'Hara's Loop is an early - 1870s - pattern by McKee Glass Co..  It has an applied handle which has a little roughness at the base where the strap was wadded up, but the body of the pitcher is perfect. $285
Shell & Tassel pattern was made by Duncan in the early 1880s. It is harder to find than the square version of the pattern
#155 & the water pitcher
is rare. It is 7 1/2" tall
and in perfect condition. $385
Starred Block aka Daisy & Button with Petticoat Band is a popular pattern made by Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton ca. 1885. This pitcher is 9" tall and has an applied handle. It is heavy, gorgeous glass. $145
Teardrop & Tassel is aka Sampson - one of the Indiana Tumbler Glass Co. of Greentown's signature patterns from 1900 ... especially rare in emerald green.  It is 8" tall at mid-side.  There are 3 small flakes seen HERE, HERE & HERE.
Here 'ya go! A Texas pattern aka Loop with Stippled Panels made by the U S Glass Co., their pattern #15067 as part of their famous States' pattern line. You can see the unbroken little bubble in the handle but there is no damage to the glass at all. $255
TEXAS STAR is an exceptionally rare form of a pattern, made by the Tennerton Glass Co. ca. 1905, that is not often found in any form.  The water pitcher is 8" tall at mid-side, 4 1/2" in diameter at
the top and 5 3/4" across the base. The only damage is a chip,
seen HERE, under the base that just barely shows from the
side when the pitcher is sitting on a flat surface. 
It is a very heavy piece of glass - $295.
TEUTONIC aka Long Star makes us think of Texas also.  It was made by McKee ca. 1894.
(we have a matching celery vase in the Celery Vase Store)

 aka The Sisters is Duncan's No. 400 exquisite pattern from ca. 1878.  In addition to the 3 faces in the standard seen HERE, HERE & HERE, there is a face at the base of the handle seen HERE! Flawless condition. $950.

pattern is 8" tall with a pressed handle and one tiny burst bubble in the base. So it is completely 'as made'.  The pattern appears to be by Beatty-Brady. ca. 1900.  $68

Tulip with Sawtooth
This is a treasure! It is 9 1/4" to the highest point of the handle, flint, very heavy, no damage to the applied handle - just one rough spot on the base edge - which would be expected from a pitcher made ca 1854! Made by Bryce Richards. $850

WAFFLE pattern was made by Boston
& Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1850's.  Think
of that!  It is very heavy flint & 8" tall at mid-side.  There is
a crack, created in-the-making, seen HERE, at the top of
the (intact) applied handle where it was attached to the pitcher
no damage to the pitcher whatsoever over these last
170 (or so) years.  $675

Willow Oak aka Oak Leaf aka Acorn & Oak (although the patterns sports no acorns!) in amber was by Bryce
Bros ca 1870s. It is
8 1/8" tall at mid side.
Here's a beautiful Riverside pattern called X-Ray made ca. 1899.
What x-rays did they do then? The handle looks applied and the piece
has plenty of gilding left in its creases. Again, it
is not cloudy, just an inferior photographer. $95
X-RAY was also made in beautiful emerald green/ gold. (It is also easier to photograph.) This water pitcher is part of a gorgeous water set which includes 6 tumblers.