This section offers miscellaneous forms of toy glass dishes,
including berry dishes, candle holders, cake stands,
punch bowls, water pitchers, etc.
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This is a new discovery that may be a toy glass piece.  It is too small for anything useful
for adults.  It is a milk glass Fenton piece ca. 1915, on the order of their Fenton Kitten
pieces except these are butterflies.  There are 4 of them around the top of the
2 3/4" tall compote which is only 4 1/2" across the top.  $39
These swirl type tiny candle holders are 2" tall and
2 1/2" diameter at the base.
The Pair is $34.
These milk glass candlesticks are 3" tall and 2 1/8" wide at the base. They are like Lechler #C-23. Made by Indiana Glass Co. The Pair is $32. This set of frosted candlesticks is 3" tall and 2 1/8" across the base. They are like the milk glass 'sticks' on the left. $32 for the Pair.
BEADED RAINDROP is the name for this little
2 5/8" diameter toy individual berry bowl by the
U S Glass Co. ca. 1915. It is $24 
The 2nd picture is the 'Master Berry Bowl' for the Beaded Raindrop berry set. It is 4 1/4" diameter & $32.

FINECUT main berry bowl is Lechler B-7. Made by the Cooperative Flint Glass Co,
it is 2" in diameter.
See chip HERE. $22

WHEAT SHEAF Cambridge pattern #2660
was made ca. 1908. This is a set of four tiny
berry bowls. Lechler B-1 One has a small
nic on the top edge. Set of four $42
KEWPIE DOLL This is actually
a match or toothpick holder but
just seems like a toy piece too.
Shown back and front.
It is original issue.  $85
This pattern is called Doyle's FACETED, their No. 500 pattern made ca. 1880s.
It is Lechler's TS-22 shown on page 205.
The amber tray is sold.  The creamer and open sugar are a $20 set.
The creamer has a crack and the sugar is missing its lid.
The blue tray is 6 5/8" diameter, undamaged & $64.

This set is called the Dutch Boudoir Dresser set & Lynn Welker believes it was made by Cambridge Glass Co.. Lechler reports it was made in clear, opaque green, white milk glass and in this blue milk glass color.  The candlesticks (left), which are actually the same color as the slop jar(center & right)
are later issues by the Mosser Glass Co. as shown by a mark on them so they are $54.

This slop jar (center) came with a lid. The top of the slop jar has 'fleabites' on two of the top rim beads. We have been told that the slop jar did not originally come with a lid but it is shown with a lid in the Lechler/O'Neill Children's Glass Dishes Book, pg 88. 
Therefore we are selling them together.  **SOLD**.

A flat candle holder
with a swirl design on the base. It is 2 3/4" in diameter at the base.  $22
A hand made tin toy candle holder - 2 1/2" outside dimension incl. handle &
1 1/4" tall.  $28
SUNBURST is the name given to this replica of a blown molded EAPG bottle from the 1830s or 40s. This one is 3" to the top of original stopper. $85.
NURSERY RHYME tiny berry bowl is 2 1/2"
in diameter at the top.
A LACY urn or tureen. One of the handles is broken off somewhere along the past 160 years.
Does Dolly care? It would be $400 with lid and underplate. $55
GREENTOWN 3" tall cordial made ca 1900. Dollies like to drink from goblets too. We have 4 in stock @ $32 each.
NURSERY RHYME punch bowl - has no damage whatsoever; is 4 3/4" diameter at the top
& 3 3/8" tall. This was made by the Cambridge Glass Co. $195.
We have 6 punch cups seen below which can be added to it for a terrific set for $395.
A TULIP & HONEYCOMB punch bowl, made by the Federal Glass Co. ca early 1900s. It is Lechler P-11. $45 NURSERY RHYME water pitcher featuring
scenes from Little Red Riding Hood & Grandmother's House.
It is 4 1/2" tall. $150.
NURSERY RHYME cups can go with the punch bowl
or the water pitcher. The scene is Red Riding Hood. It is 1 1/4" high.
We have 6 clear ones in stock but one has a chip.
Undamaged ones are $26 each.
We also have 4 scarce milk glass Nursery Rhyme cups for $32 each.
We have one spare
pattern castor bottle
missing its metal
for $24.
English Hobnail is the pattern of this 3" tall Green cruet with original stopper by Westmoreland Specialty Co. ca. 1924. It is $25.

A Hickman cruet and shaker to go with the tray at right. They are $22 each.
HERE are our 3 pieces of this set together.

HICKMAN condiment tray that held a pair of shakers & a condiment bottle. |By McKee ca. 1897. 
U S Glass 1907. It is 4 1/2" tall.
This pattern of punch bowl has been
reproduced but this is an original issue. $65
INVERTED STRAWBERRY PUNCH BOWL - 3 3/8" high x 4 3/4" top diameter. Lechler P-1 by Cambridge - #2870. $55
INTAGLIO CHERRY This pattern of toy size cake stand is not shown in Lechler. 
It is 6 1/4" diameter & 2 3/4" tall. The design is a platefull of cherries & leaves.
Made by Dugan Glass Co. in the early 1900s.  $95
COLONIAL pattern by
J. B. Higbee ca. 1910.
It is 6 1/2" diameter.  $65
SHELL & TASSEL is one of Duncan's signature
1880s patterns.  It is their pattern #55 in the square forms.
It is a rare size at 6 1/2" square and 4" tall.  $145
PRISCILLA aka Alexis aka Sun & Star by Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton ca. 1880s.  It is 6 1/4" diameter and 4" tall.  $75 RIBBON CANDY aka Figure 8 - a Bryce Bros design made in the 6 1/4" in diameter. **SOLD** REXFORD aka Euclid aka Alta made by John H. Higbee ca. 1908.  It is 6" in diameter & 3 1/4" tall.  **SOLD**
  See below for prices on these little tiny pieces of toy glass.
It is old milk glass signed on the bottom "JAPAN".
Two teeny weensy cups & saucers - about the same diameter as a penny. The sets are $15 each
or both for $25.
The itty bitty creamer with just a
stub for a handle is $20.
The smaller of the 2
compotes in the group
photo is $25.
A serving plate for
teensy weensy food, $12.
"JAPAN" is molded into
the base of all of these
except the compote below.
This larger compote in the above group photo does not seem to be by the same maker
& may be American made. The 2nd photo shows a 'threaded' design on the underside. $35
This is a rare Castor set with castor bottles in DIAMOND & LEAF aka LATTICE pattern.
The holder is Gorham silver (see mark below).
The height of the bottles is: 1 bottle is 3”; 2nd is 2 3/4”; 3rd (shaker) is 2 1/2" tall.
The 2 metal lids are in perfect shape as is the glass and stand.
The stopper is probably not original but it fits perfectly. Set is $295
GORHAM silver stamp on base of castor stand above. A baby bottle with original nipple
which is intact, but bent over.
It is 3 7/8" tall to nipple tip &
says "EVENFLO" on
one side. $45
This is an old baby bottle,
date is a mystery to us. The nipple is in great shape
although the rubber has hardened. $65
These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance.
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