In those early Victorian days the frugal homemaker did not set
spoons out at each place when setting a table. Indeed, she may not have had
enough spoons to go around! Instead, the spoons were kept in a “spooner”
and placed on the table within reach of those who might need them.
It seems so reasonable a practice, we wonder why it was dropped by most
Americans around the turn of the twentieth century.
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A pretty McKee pattern
from the1880s. It is 5 3/8" tall and only $34.
also made by McKee in this luscious Kelly Green color.
It is from ca. 1898,
4 1/2" tall and $46.

FLORENCE aka Two Handle.
This is actually a creamer (see HERE) but it would be a fun spooner as well. Ripley & Go. made it ca. 1881. $42

A shortie 4 1/4" tall by La Belle Glass Co. ca. 1877 $35
LANCASTER #450 has great gilding at the top. 4 1/2" tall by Lancaster Glass Co.
ca. 1912 $38
A spectacular Geo. Duncan pattern #789, BLOCK BAND DIAMOND with
a marigold wash.
It is 4 1/4" tall. $55

APOLLO aka Shield Band by Adams ca. 1886. It is engraved & 6 1/2" tall. $36

is a Geo. Duncan & Sons
pattern, #600 ca. 1880s.
It is 5 1/4" tall. $38
ESTHER aka Tooth & Claw by Riverside in scarce amber stain & engraved.
It is 4 1/2" tall. $70

JERSEY LILY aka Lacy Valance is by Central Glass Co. ca. 1880s. See also HERE & HERE.
The top is 3" x 5". $48

SAXON, by Adams Glass Co.
ca. 1880s.
It is 6" tall &
X-RAY by Riverside in a rare gold wash with enamel decor. See also HERE.
It is 4 1/2" tall.
LOG CABIN is rare in electric blue. It is 2 1/2" x 3" at the top & 4 5/8" tall. It has a couple of flat flakes at the top.
by Central Glass Co. ca. 1875. $550

PICKET FENCE aka London by King Glass Co. ca 1880s. It is 5" tall with minimal top roughness, see HERE. $55

NEVADA, a beautiful U S Glass Co. States' pattern ca. 1902. 
It is 4" tall & $54
FEATHER aka Finecut is 4 1/2" tall by Beatty Brady ca. 1890s.  $38

HOBNAIL aka Dewdrop by Hobbs, Brockunier ca. 1886. Dings HERE & HERE.  $48

This pattern has recently discovered to be ADAMS
NO. 329.  The spooner is 6" tall. See a close-up of the standard HERE & the catalog page HERE

DOUBLE PINWHEEL pattern spooner is double handled. It was made by Indiana Glass Co. Dunkirk ca. 1915.  It could
also be the sugar bowl in
this pattern.   $38
WEDDING BELLS is an elusive Fostoria's #789 pattern ca. 1900. It is 4 1/4" tall and has some gold on the plainer panels. $52

Beatty Honeycomb by A. J. Beatty & Sons
ca. 1880. A difficult pattern to find!
4 1/4" tall. $72

QUEEN ANNE, a 5" tall pattern by LaBelle Glass Co.  It is engraved with foliage. $42 SYLVAN by Fostoria,
#1119 ca. 1902.  It is 4"
tall. $38

WISCONSIN U S Glass Co. State's pattern -
rarely found. $75

a perky pattern by Geo. Duncan
& Sons - with amber staining
within the frosting.
there is a small flat flake on
top of one 'toe'.  $64
STRIGIL was made by Tarentum according to Welker ca. 1902. This has essentially perfect gold around the top.  It is
4" tall and $42.

ALABAMA by U S Glass ca. 1892.  Is an open
sugar but it holds
spoons too. See tiny
flakes HERE & HERE.  $43

describes this pattern perfectly. The maker is not known to us
but the date would be ca. 1870s.
5 1/2" tall. $42

Doyle's #200 ca. 1880
Scarce in color $65

And here is the 5 1/4" tall
Doyle's #200 ca. 1880
spooner in clear. $34

JERSEY SWIRL is a very
tall spooner but at 6 1/4" tall,
it could be used as a celery
vase. It was made by the
Windsor Glass Co. ca. 1886.
  It has a small flake on the base
edge seen HERE.  $45
One with no damage is $55.

KING'S CROWN aka XLCR by Adams Glass Co. ca. 1890.  It is 6 1/4" tall and guaranteed to be original issue.  There is a flat flake on the outside of one top scallop seen
HERE.  $38

PICKET FENCE aka London - a quaint pattern by King Glass Co. ca. 1880s.  It has tiny flakes off the inside of 2 top corner scallops, seen HERE.  $55

REEDING aka Four Lines
is a Cambridge Glass Co.
pattern ca. 1916. The gold
decor is fabulous! $38 (we have
a creamer and butter to
match in their web Stores)
by Central Glass Co. ca. 1880s. 4" x 3 3/4" at the top. It has a corner flake & base flake seen HERE.

BUDDED IVY possibly
by Lancaster Glass Co.
ca. 18870s. 
It is 4 1/2" tall.

Is that not a novel name for this unique spooner design? It is only pictured in
one reference. The maker is unknown
but it is consistent with glass from the 1870s or 80s. It is 5 1/2" tall.   $65
BOX IN BOX is a pattern by the Riverside Glass Co. ca. 1894.  It has great ruby
staining & vintage engraving on one
side and "Grandma 1898" on the other
side.  Its problem is that one of its top
points is chipped off.  Still a beauty!  $55

MITRED PRISM is a Model Flint Co. product.  With two twisted glass handles, it
makes a pretty & useful
table decoration. $45
This BANDED ICICLE spooner is by a maker unknown in the references.  It is non-flint and a little larger in diameter than
most spooners. $45

CLASSIC is one of the premier patterns made in Victorian America.  From Gillinder Glass Co. in the 1870s, it is only $85 because one of the legs has been repaired.


FLOWER MEDALLION aka Eclipse (OMN) aka Indiana Dunkirk #158 ca. 1915.
It has some gold and rose
color left but it is faded. $38
We have one with no color
seen HERE for $42

WHEAT & BARLEY pattern is a very
Victorian design.  It was made by Bryce Bros.
ca. 1880s.   $38

SCROLL WITH FLOWERS aka Modern Ware by McKee Glass Co. ca. 1880 has a slight bit of inside
rim roughness from
spoons over the past century.  It is $45.

ACTRESS - Made by Adams & Co. 1880 - 85
The taller variation on the left is "As Is" because it has a  LARGE chip
seen HERE on one of the top scallops. **SOLD**
The shorter variation (middle photo) is damage free & $85.
The photo on the right is of the actress on the other side of the shorter spooner.
BANDED STAR - the prissy pattern with an attitude.
It is 5 1/8" tall - made by King, Son & Co. ca. 1880s.
See also HERE.
This milk glass BLACKBERRY has a
small chip under one
handle.  It is a  Hobbs, Brockunier product
from 1870.  $42

in scarce & beautiful
green opalescent.
Made by the Jefferson
Glass co. ca. 1903.

SWAG BLOCK aka Duncan #326 is from ca. 1891.  It has seen a lot of spoons in its day! There is wear around the top $35. BIRD & STRAWBERRY is one of the most popular of all EAPG patterns. This piece has great paint decor and light gold trip on the rim.  No glass damage. $95. GOTHIC aka
Spearpoint Band by McKee ca. 1902.  Pretty good gold decor.
Remember we have more pieces in most of these patterns for sale,
so if you already have your pattern spooner, let us know and
we'll tell you what other forms we have in stock for sale.

CACTUS is Greentown's pattern #375. This spooner is in 'like new' condition.
See another view HERE
It was made in 1899 in chocolate glass.  $57
PRISM & FLUTE made by Bakewell, Pears & Co in the 1870s.  This was perhaps made to be a tumbler but it also works for a spooner.  $68 LATE PANELLED GRAPE
by Beatty Brady & Indiana
Glass Co.  ca. 1908.
Beautiful handles & very
great design impression.
TAUNTON aka SCROLL by O'Hara ca 1889 is a very hard to find pattern!  There is a .5" flat flake under the base
but hard to notice it.  $35
Is a pattern by Higbee Glass Co. and is one of the very few patterns of EAPG that is "signed" by the maker.  The signature is the Higbee "Bee" in the base.  There is a faint amount of gold on the top rim.  $55
PILLOW BANDS aka Beads & Drapes was made by Kokomo Glass Mfg., their #450. It is 4" tall.
$34. We have a matching creamer, see HERE & we'll sell the set for $38.

GENEVA aka Shell & Scroll is a Northwood pattern made
in custard glass with painted decor. See
another view HERE.
It is 4 1/4" tall.
beautiful amber was made by Richards & Hartley ca. 1885. 
It is 5 1/2" tall.
INDIANA aka Prison Window
The U S Glass Co. States' pattern ca.1896.
It is 3 1/2" tall with a bit
of remaining gold.

RING BAND is Heisey's
#310 pattern made 1898. The gold decor is incredible.   Heisey calls it Ivorina Verde & others call Custard glass. It has the Diamond H mark on the base seen HERE. $95. We have the matching cov'd sugar & cov'd butter seen HERE

The TEXAS state pattern
by the U S Glass Co. ca 1900 is very hard to find
in table set pieces & especially hard to find in
the Rose blush stain.  This blush is about 65% and
the spooner is $275.
Emerald green X RAY
is a Riverside pattern
ca. 1899.   The gold trim
is not perfect but very good for 100 years
of use.  There is a tiny bit of slag near the top edge
& it is $75.
SUPERIOR pattern is the
U S Glass Co. No. 15031.
From 1896, it is etched
with a stylized flower
decor. It is 4" tall.
Very pretty.
COTTAGE pattern is a product of the Adams Glass Co. ca 1870s.  this spooner has some roughness on under side of top edge and some wear from spoons in base.  $36

This precious engraved spooner is named
Bullet Band. It was made by the Columbia Glass Co. ca 1887. HERE is a company catalog likeness of it from 1891. $35

OHIO! The U S Glass pattern made to honor the Buckeye State ca. 1897.
It is an etched pattern that
always has a butterfly in the design & it is hard to find.

by possibly
the New England Glass Co. ca. 1860s.
It is 5 1/2" tall.

Bryce Brothers #79 is
more commonly called CHAIN W/ STAR.  Made ca 1882, this spooner has no damage and is $38.

Adams ca 1874 in blue
has a base chip.

MAINE is the
U S Glass Co. States'
pattern made ca. 1899. This is the sugar bowl missing its lid,
but works for a spooner in
this very scarce pattern. $75
HAMILTON - non-flint, made by the Cape Cod Glass Co. in the 1860s $75

CROSSED DISCS is a McKee pattern used by the Little House on the Prairie family. It has one small flake on one handle seen HERE. $42

CURRANT pattern
is a product of Campbell
Jones & Co. ca. 1870s.
Just think of the spoons
that have been set
herein!   $58
PRESSED LEAF was also called NPL (New Pressed Leaf) by McKee who made the pattern in 1867. Countless spoons have left their mark on the top edge and base. $48 COLUMBIA by the Cooperative Flint Glass Co.. ca. 1900.
It is 4" tall with some pretty gold accents.

DIAMOND POINT LOOP in apple green.  The maker is unknown but ca. 1880s.  This is actually a sugar bowl missing its lid, but works as a spooner too.  $65

These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance.

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