We have more pieces in most of these patterns for sale, so if
you already have your pattern spooner, let us know and we'll tell
you what other forms we have in stock for you.

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This is an original Adams piece ca. 1874.
5 1/4" tall .  $55
Heisey's Diamond H marked CONTINENTAL pattern, their # 339 or  #339 1/2.
It is 4 1/2" tall & $58

Bryce Higbee ca. 1899. $46
Pair this with our celery vase HERE as a "Forker"!

BUDDED IVY  by a maker unknown to us but from the 1870s.  It is 5" tall and
LIGHTNING aka Chain Lightning was made by the
U S Glass Co. ca. 1893.
It is 5" tall with some wear from spoons.   $25

is a 1902 product of the
famous Northwood factory.
It is clear & opalescent, 4 1/2" tall & $65

BARLEY  aka Indian
Tree was made by Campbell Jones
ca. 1870s. There are
2 flat flakes under the base edge. See HERE.  $35
is a plain pattern except for
the 'stair steps' around the base.  Made by Northwood according to Heacock
ca. 1906. 4 1/2" tall.

Exquisitely ETCHED FLOWERS pattern unknown.  The bowl is covered with 3 sprays of flowers. Help us ID it
if you can
. Buy it
for  $38.

WREATH & SHELL aka MANILA - a highly
prized pattern by the Albany Glass Co. ca late 1890s.
In vaseline opalescent.  $135
We have 2 with different amounts of opalescence.
Take your pick. Left or Right.

And here is a WREATH & SHELL aka Manila spooner in classic clear/ opalescent.

This is Gillinder & Sons pattern, GARDEN FRUITS with their etching #8.  See close up of the
etchings HERE & HERE. It has
a flat flake on the outside of one
top scallop. See HERE. $45
The scarce thistle pattern
by Bryce McKee
ca. 1872.
CROESUS  Riverside's signature pattern
ca. 1897.  It is
4 1/2" tall and has
excellent gold decor. 

Here are 3 more CROESUS spooners for you to choose from.....all 3 are
4 1/2" tall despite the different sizes of photos.
Left (941) has good gold & the small usual manuf. flaw on the "C" $45
Center (942) has excellent gold & is virtually flawless $95
Right (943) has excellent gold & the small usual manuf. flaw on the "C"  $65

A pretty pattern, SUNKEN TEARDROP
engraved with wisps of ferns on the left. 
It is very similar to Classic Medallion aka Cameo
pattern spooner in our 4th Spooner Store
- see photo on the right above.  So probably also made
by Richards & Hartley ca. 1870s.  $45
We have another one without engraving for $40.

HAND aka Hobbs
Brockunier & Co. #90
See close-up of hand
& ball on pedestal
HERE. $85

CARDINAL BIRD pattern was made by the Ohio Flint Glass Co. ca. 1870s.
On some pieces there is a worm on one of the tree leaves : - ). It has minor
rim roughness for $45

It is 3 1/2" tall, made
by Indiana Dunkirk ca. 1907. The pretty design
is in the base,
see HERE. $33

GRASSHOPPER with INSECT is the name of this beautiful pattern! It has grasshoppers on 3 sides, & is beautifully engraved! A Riverside Glass pattern from 1880s.See a 'hopper' tail chip HERE $55

is the U S Glass pattern #15090
c 1905. $45
CANE aka CANE SEAT pattern is a McKee pattern from
c 1885. $48

LOOP & DART w/ ROUND ORNAMENT was by Richards & Hartley ca. 1888.  It is 5 1/8" tall.

ROMEO - a 5" tall pretty by probably the Ohio Flint Glass Co. ca. 1893-5,
It has one tiny top tip chip seen HERE. $35
NEW MARTINSVILLE No. 600 is the name
given to this pretty spooner.  It was made
ca. 1904.  $45

is the U S Glass Co. pattern
#15119 made in 1909. This
spooner is all clear; with no opalescence. $68

made by the U S Glass Co.
ca. 1903. It is a graceful design, 4" tall and

Without engraving and
without damage. It is 5 1/8" tall & has the "Hoppers"
on 3 sides.

CRYSTAL WEDDING again, this is really a lidless sugar bowl but it works
with spoons too.  By Adams Glass Co. c 1890s $68.  We have one with a little damage for $45

MEDALLION is said to be
a Portland Glass Co. pattern.
It is ca. 1890s. It has some
wear from spoons in the
base after only 110 years!
See Horse Head HERE. $75
BEADED CRCLE is a Northwood pattern from
c. 1904.  Sadly this rarity has a crack in the side s so is only $35

RIPPLE is a Boston Sandwich pattern from
the 1870s during Reconstruction in
the USA.
It is $44.

We don't know who
made this pattern but it
is gorgeous glass! Picture
is in Kamm Bk 3.   $55
FLEUR D LID & DRAPE was made by the U S
Glass Co. c. 1892. 
A pretty patterns that Kappas will like.   $45

QUEEN is a McKee
pattern c. 1885. It has
a chipped point on the
top edge so is reduced
to $38.

Remember we have more pieces in most of these patterns for sale!

PLEAT BAND was made by Indiana Greentown ca. 1897.  It is engraved with
fern leaves.
GEORGIA aka Peacock Feather, the States'
Pattern by U S Glass Co. ca. 1902. It is 4 1/4" tall.

WHEEL & COMMA by Aetna Glass & Mfg Co. ca. 1881. The very tips of the commas are chipped off.. 

MASCOTTE aka MINOR BLOCK aka DOMINION is a classic pattern that will never go out of style.  Made by Ripley Glass Co. c 1884, the one on the left is copper wheel engraved w/ fern & berry design and is $55.  The one on the right is not engraved and is $45.

Daisy in the Square by
King, Sons & Co. ca. 1886 in the hard to find Apple Green color. $65
We have a clear spooner in this pattern with 2 base flakes for $30

HORSESHOE aka GOOD LUCK aka PRAYER RUG was made by Adams Glass Co in the 1880s. $55 for this one with no damage.  We have 2 with chips and 1 is $35 and 1 is $25.  Get in touch if you're interested in any of those. LOUISIANA
aka Granby - the
States pattern by U S Glass Co. ca. 1898.
Hard to find pattern....
It is 4 1/2" tall. 

STIPPLED STAR is a wonderful old pattern from the 1870s made by the famous Gillinder Glass Co. probably for the USA Centennial in Philadelphia in 1876.  It has a chip on the top edge, seen HERE, but it wouldn't show with a spoon in front of it and its a great historical pattern  $48.

Remember we have more pieces in most of these patterns for sale!


MICHIGAN aka Loop & Pillar aka Desplaines is one
of the U S Glass Co. States' patterns ca. 1902.  It is
4" tall & has a vestige of
gold on the top rim.  $55
LOOP & DART is a
Richards & Hartley pattern from 1875.
It is 5 1/4" tall.

This is BARBERRY, a very early pattern made by Sandwich in the 1850s & later by McKee up until the 1880s.  This is a footed tumbler but can be used as a spooner. $85


BLACKBERRY aka MESSEREAU is one of our few early spooners in milk glass.  Hobbs Brockunier made it in the 1870s & it is only $45 because of a small chip under one of the handles. LOOP & DART was
made during Reconstruction in
America - 1875 by Richards & Hartley. 

JERSEY LILY aka LILY LANGTREE formerly known as CENTER MEDALLION is a Riverside Glass creation
c. 1880s & $85

These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance.
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