The compotes on this page may or may not have once had a lid but no longer do.
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SPIREA BAND aka Earl is 7 1/4" at the open top & took a lid.  From Bryce Higbee ca. 1885.  A small makers flaw on the top edge is seen HERE.  $45   DIAGONAL BAND aka Jewel (OMN) is 7" tall and takes a 6 5/8" lid. There are a few 'dings' on the under side of the outer rim. $38
ASHMAN aka Crossroads aka Crossbars & Fine Cut
is a product of Adams & Co. ca. 1880s.
This is called a Bride's Basket by some.  It is a tall compote with an attached
metal handle that can be removed for cleaning.  The only chip is under
one of the metal handles... but we'll show it HERE.  $145
BIRD & STRAWBERRY made by Indiana Glass Co. ca. 1914.  This 5 3/4" diameter and 4 7/8" tall compote is the most rare of all compotes in this pattern.  $95

Maker is unknown but
an 1870's pattern.  It is
5 1/2" in diameter &
6" tall.  $75

COTTAGE aka Fine Cut Band aka Dinner Bell by Adams Glass Co. ca. 1887.  It is 7 1/4" in diameter
 & has one flake on the top edge of one scallop.
It could take a 6 1/4" diameter lid.  $125
aka Eulalia was made by the Cooperative Flint Glass Co.
during the 1880s.
This pattern is quite rare in color.  The amber is 7" in diameter &
7 1/4" tall  & $135.
The blue is 6 3/4'' in diameter,
7 1/2" tall & $155.
FAN & DIAMOND aka Shell is McKee's pattern #3 ca. 1880s. It is 8 1/4" OD & 7 1/4" tall.  Could take a lid 7 7/8" OD.
It is $65
GRAND aka Diamond Medallion by Bryce Higbee ca. 1880s.
The compote on the left is 7" tall
and $58

The compote on the Right is 6 1/4" diameter & 5 1/2" tall.  $45
DARLING GRAPE aka Late Paneled Grape by Indiana Dunkirk ca. 1913.
It is 5 1/2" in diameter &
5" tall.  $38
MELROSE aka Diamond Beaded Band is 8" in diameter &
7 1/2" tall. Made by Greensburg ca. 1889 $44
JAPANESE aka Oriental by Duncan ca. 1870s.
It would take a lid that is
6 3/4" diameter.
EGYPTIAN Original Manufacturer Name Sphynx aka Parthenon.
By Adams & Co. 1883 - 1887.  It is our #971, 8" in diameter and 7 1/2" tall.
Close-up photos of the scenes on Egyptian compotes are seen HERE.
There is one flake on the rim seen HERE.  $175
FEATHER aka Doric
pattern was made by McKee Glass Co. ca. 1890s. It is our # 557;
 8 1/2" OD and 7 3/4" tall.  There is a wafer connection & it would take a 7 3/4" - 7/8" OD.
FEATHER aka Doric is our #640.  It is exactly like our compote #557 above.
They are a matched pair and available separately for $115 each
of as a pair for $195.
PLUME made by Adams, ca. 1874. Originally took a lid.  Beautifully engraved, see another view HERE.
6 1/4" diam. 7 1/2" tall.

by Bryce Bros. ca. 1886.
It is 7" diam. $75
ROCHELLE aka Princess Feather, is a GREAT old Bakewell, Pears pattern from the 1870s. It is 8" in diameter & 5 1/2" tall with a wafer connection.  $75

FROSTED FRUIT BAND was made by a maker not known but from the 1870s. The frosted band is full of strawberries.  It is 7" OD &
6 1/2" tall.  There are lilies of the valley on the standard.
GARFIELD DRAPE by Adam's Glass Co. ca. 1880s.  It is 8 1/4" diameter at top & has a wafer connection. It has a very slight  tinge of sunburn.  $65
GARFIELD DRAPE by Adams, as above only it is only 7 1/4" in diameter at the top and is a low standard version with the pattern on the foot. A slight amethyst tint.
HORSESHOE aka Prayer Rug aka Good Luck was made by Adams & Co.
ca. 1883-87. 
On the left is 8" OD & 7 1/2" high w/ small flake seen HERE for $135
On the right is 7 1/2" diam.
for $175
JERSEY LILY by Riverside ca. 1880s.  We have 2 that are 4.5" x 7".  One has some roughness on one corner of the base $85 and one has a large chip under the side of the base.$55
MOON & STARS aka Palace by Adams ca. 1888.  Guaranteed to be original issue - not a repro.  It is 8 1/2" diameter at the top
and $65,

OREGON aka Beaded Loop by U S Glass Co. ca. 1901.  It is 7" OD.  There is a bruise on one top scallop.  $68 PANELED DIAMOND POINT
by Bryce Higbee & Co. ca. 1890s.
It is 7" OD.  $58
PRIMROSE aka Stippled Primrose by the Canton Glass Co. ca. 1880s.  It is 6" OD and 4 1/2" tall.

PANELED FORGET-ME-NOT aka Regal was made by Bryce Bros.
ca. 1880s.  The clear compote on the left is 8 1/4" OD & $75
We have a pair of these.
This pattern in color is very rare... the blue compote is
7 1/4" OD and 7 1/4" tall and $385.
QUEEN aka Sunk aka Daisy & Button Panelled was made by McKee Glass Co. ca. 1885.
The blue is 7" OD & 7" tall & has one point chip seen HERE & a wafer connection. $75
The apple green is
7 1/2" OD & $125.
QUEEN aka Sunk aka Daisy & Button Panelled was made by McKee Glass Co. ca. 1885.
This amber one is 8" diameter and 8" tall with a wafer connection.  $75

RIBBON, FROSTED, made by the famous Bakewell, Pears & Co. ca. 1870s.
On the Right is our #302 a flared version with an 8" lid ledge & it is 9" tall.  $85

On the Left is our #200; 7" OD and 7" tall. $68

Left is CURTAIN TIEBACK; 7 1/2" OD would take a lid 6 3/4" OD. By Adams & Co. ca. 180s.  $46

Right is SAWTOOTH,
our #185. Many factories made this pattern in non-flint during the 1860s & 70s. It is 7" OD & 7" tall.
It has a wafer connection.  $88

Right - Bakewell's FROSTED RIBBON our #379 is  7" OD & 5 1/4" tall.  Could take a lid that would fit in
6 1/4".  $45

STIPPLED FORGET-ME-NOT is a product of the Findlay Flint Glass Co. ca. 1890s.  It is  6 3/4" OD & could have taken a lid.
TENNESSEE aka Jeweled Rosettes - a
U S Glass Co. States' pattern ca. 1899.  It is
5 3/4" tall & could take a 5 3/4" lid.  A hard pattern to find.
THOUSAND EYE aka Three Knob by Adams ca. 1885 is 6 1/2" across the top and 5 1/2" tall.  It could take a 5 3/4" lid.
THREE FACE aka The Sisters is Duncan's pattern No. 600 ca. 1878.  It is 8 3/8" tall & 8 1/2" OD at the top edge.  Guaranteed original issue.
THREE FACE aka The Sisters is Duncan's pattern No. 600 ca. 1878.  It is 6" OD & 4 1/2" tall.
Guaranteed original issue.   $125
Riverside Glass Co. ca. 1894.
It is 6 1/2" OD and 6 3/4" tall.

WILDFLOWER by Adams ca. 1884-5 in 'old gold'
is 8" OD at the top and 7 1/2" tall.


DOLFIN aka Dolphin Stem is a rare pattern by Hobbs, Brockunier ca. 1880s.  It is 5 3/4" diameter at top and 4 1/2" tall. See View 3 HERE.

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