A Story about the first pressed glass tumbler.

1826  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both die on July 4th.
1827 Andrew Jackson, the hero of the Battle of New Orleans in the War               of 1812 is elected President.
1837  Victoria is crowned the Queen of England
1837 As one of his last acts as president, Andrew Jackson recognizes the Lone Star Republic of Texas.

Advances & Inventions
1825  J. P. Bakewell received the first patent in America for pressing             glass.
1826  Noah Webster publishes American Dictionary of  the            English Language.
1831 American, Cyrus McCormick invents the first commercially            successful reaper.
1843  John C. Fremont crosses the Rocky Mountains  and arrives in            California.
Patterns from these years
     The Lacy Period predates the era that saw many tableware SETS such that many pieces would match in design elements.
     There were a few beginnings of patterns such as Gothic Arch, Peacock Feather, Rayed Peacock Eye and Ray where more than one piece would "match" each others design but these were the exception rather than the rule.
Acanthus Leaf & Shield ca 1830s is reportedly the only pattern of the lacy era made with a matching sugar & creamer. No other forms of this Bonston & Sandwich pattern are known.
Note the pressed creamer handle.
An exceptionally rare Gothic Arch flint
lacy piece called a honey dish or casket.
It has a row of hearts in spandrels
around the inside of the under tray.
The tray is 4 1/2" x 7".  
The top of the dish is 4" x 6 1/2.