Feather, aka Doric, Indiana Swirl, Indiana Feather, Finecut & Feather. Manufactured by McKee Brothers ca. 1896, by Cambridge Glass Co. ca. 1902
and by Beatty-Brady Glass Co. ca. 1903.
There are two principle variations in this pattern.
Doric: (aka Crowsfoot) Characteristics: scalloped top rims on spooner, celery, pitchers,and toothpick; plain, unpatterned collar bases; and the design on the inside of the bases is a scalloped, outlined "floral"pattern. If the piece has a straight rim (compotes, covered bowls, butter dish), the space between the rounded feather tops is filled with a 3-pointed bird track, or "crow's foot". This variation includes all stemmed pieces in the pattern and all green and amber-stained pieces.This variation is of higher quality glass. Finecut & Feather: Characteristics: straight rims on all pieces, with the space between the rounded feather tops filled with cross-hatching, or "finecut"; collar bases have a repeat of the feather motif (often poorly detailed); the inside base motif is a rayed star, with rays originating at a center point.
   The only reproductions we know of are some obviously new sapphire blue and amber (possibly other colors) goblets & vases.
Pattern forms known include:
Table set
Berry set
Water set; pitcher    goblets and tumblers
Syrup pitcher
Cake Stands - 4 sizes
Cruet (stopper is     faceted)
Marmalade jar w/ glass lid (very rare)
Milk pitcher
Celery vase
Compotes both true open and cov'd;    high standard, low     footed and flat.
Bowls oval & round
Pickle Castor in metal    frame
Plates- 10" round w/     scalloped edges
Plate w/ plain edge 9"
Relish dishes
Sauce dishes flat,     footed, round &    square.
Salt shakers; blown (bulbous) and  pressed (straight sided)
Toothpick Holder
Wines 4" & Cordials 3"
Above is a 9" smooth rimmed plate showing the charasteristic Doric var. center & "crowsfoot". There is an unusual deep rim around the perimeter; probably made from the mold for the 8" flat bowl. The Lazy Susan- where
Feather gets used at the Hendersons table.
This blue bowl in the Doric variation is 6 3/8" diameter; possibly a one of a kind piece in an experimental color. Three variations of the Feather marmalade/
pickle castor all of which are quite rare.
Feather as advertised in a Montgomery Wards 1901 catalog lower left. Green Feather/ Doric Four Piece Table Set
     Bill & Elaine Henderson of PatternGlass.com have been collecting & studying Feather pattern since the late 1980's. Their first pieces were inherited by Elaine. A plate (badly chipped) from her Maternal Great Grandmother's farm family which included 16 children, in Oklahoma, and a cov'd compote on a high standard from her Paternal Great Grandmother in Arkansas.