Panelled Forget-Me-Not, aka Regal
    Made by Bryce Bros. ca 1880's and by the
U S Glass Co. ca 1891.
 Other sources date the pattern from 1875. It was produced in clear, amethyst, vaseline (canary), amber and sapphire blue and is considered scarce, if not rare in color. A report of apple green pieces of this pattern have been published but apple green is not a color known to have been made by Bryce Bros. and that earlier report is not currently believed to be valid by the authors.
   No reproductions are known.
      Pattern Pieces known
Table set
Bread tray
Bowl, cov'd
Cake Stand
Celery vase
Compotes, cov'd Hi Std
Compotes, open (no lid)
Marmalade jar, cov'd
Relish dish
Milk pitcher
Water Pitcher
Sauce dishes, flat and ftd

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