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Above is a study of the rare Three Face saucer champagnes. 
The MMA copies on the left in these photos are all signed MMA and were made ca. 1970s.  The differences are obvious when seen together for comparison.
LAMPS  - The original Three Face lamp is molted to the stem as one, then acid etched leaving the acid etching very irregular above the heads.  On the reproduction, it is clean and even because the stem was acid etched first then the font was glued to the stem.


Leonard Farchione says that something to remember about Three Face creamers is that there are two creamers made for the pattern originally. The one without the face under the spout - shown on left - has not been reproduced so all would be safe.  But the one with the face under the spout has been remade.
On the Right are two Three Face Shakers.  The one on the left is the right one :-).
And the one on the right is the Reproduction.

                                         Reissue vs. Reproduction - a Review
        In the world of glass collecting the difference in what is a repro-duction and what is a re-issue is debated quite often, especially with regard to patterns such as Recol-lection. To help clarify the issue here are some definitions we use.
        A reissue is a pattern that is produced subsequent to its first production, regardless of the time span and regardless of the maker without any changes to the original molds or plates.
       A reproduction is a copy or imitation of an original pattern which was not produced from the original molds or plates.