This Cheese Dish Store, by no  means, includes all the Early American Pattern Glass Cheese Dishes made.  On the other hand, we don't know how many pattern lines included this large form of dishes.       This form differs from covered butter dishes in most cases because the lid is a higher dome and the base is more flat.
ACTRESS aka Theatrical aka Opera was made first by LaBelle Glass Co. & then probably others in the early 1880s. It would hold a big chunk of cheese; the plate picturing THE TWO DROMIOS from Shakespeare's play "A Comedy of Errors" is 8" in diameter & the tippy top of the dome is 7" tall. The dome has 2 elaborately detailed likenesses of "The Lone Fisherman".... one where he is seated on some rocks quietly dangling his fishing line in the water & the other showing the effect of catching a heavy log with his fishing pole bent over from the weight. A work of art for $290.
This large domed lidded piece is a pattern named CUT LOG aka Ethol.
It is technically a butter dish, but it is so large, it could
cover a pretty large hunk of cheese! $95

We have a spare lid like this one for $35 and remember it could
be used on a cheese board or a plain glass plate.
DEWDROP W/ STAR is a showy pattern by Campbell Jones
ca. 1877 just after the centennial of the
Declaration of Independence - hence the stars.
This is one of the largest pieces of EAPG covered flat pieces made.
The plate is 11" in diameter and with the lid on, it is 8" tall. $165
We unfortunately do not have the lid to this wonderful cheese dish
in the CABBAGE LEAF pattern by Riverside ca. 1880s. 
I've been told that this pattern was inspired by the Uncle Remus stories about Br'er Rabbit by Joel Chandler Harris.
Frankly, the plate alone is an outstanding piece of historical
glass. It is 9 1/2" in diameter with the bunny head in the center.
It has a few minor edge chips seen HERE. $95
This is Hobbs Brockunier Daisy & Button pattern,
their pattern #101.  See it against a light background HERE.
It is a rare piece of this spectacular pattern ca. 1884.
The plate is 7" in diameter & the lid is 5 1/4" diameter at the opening
The finial is facetted like all finials in this spectacular pattern.
HORSESHOE aka Good Luck aka Prayer Rug was made by
Adams & Co. ca. 1883.   The cheese dish in this pattern is not as large
as some but the lady churning in the  center of it's plate (3rd photo) shows very clearly what it was made to serve. 
The plate is 7 3/4" diameter & the opening of the lid is 5 7/8" OD.
  See finial close up HEREThis $325 covered piece was stolen from us by Stephane Remillard of Montreal Canada. He ordered it then after I gave him a discount & sent it to him he LIED & claimed it had a lot of chips & refused to send it back OR pay for it. NEVER do business with that man!

We have a spare base for $85

JUMBO!!!  Made by the Canton Glass Co. ca. 1883.
This is the rare cheese dish with a knife holder molded into the
side of the base. There may have originally been a metal 'bale' that could be used to lift the lid... that is long gone.
Please email for additional photos if wanted.   $1540

A very rare piece of Gillinder's FROSTED LION pattern is the covered cheese dish with the 'rampaging' lion finial.  The only blemish to this piece is under the base edge... there are 3 tiny nics.  See the top of
the base edge HERE. The nics cannot be seen from the top.  $650
LEAF by Campbell, Jones & Co. ca. 1877.
As big as it is (see the ruler for size comparison), it is called a
butter dish in one reference.
There are a couple of nics on those fragile maple leaves
but no serious damage.  $125

WESTMORELAND aka  Westmoreland Block
Another great pattern by Gillinder & Sons ca. 1889, their #420.
Have you got the base?  We've got the cheese dish lid!
You could use it on a wooden cheese board or a plain glass base.  
It is 5 15/16" OD and 5 1/2" tall.

This is the base to a Bellaire cheese dish. The complete piece will look like THIS.
If you really like butter dishes better, take this LINK to our Butter Dish Store.