Valentines Season is a great time to say all the things you think about the rest
of the year. But Love Gifts can be given for many other occasions.
We are offering here some specially shaped Heart Dishes
which were made mostly by the Indiana Glass Co. and in several patterns.
They are all 6 - 6 1/2" tall and about 5 3/4" across.
And we've added some other Heart patterned pretties.
ca. 1915.
Sorry, it is **SOLD**
aka Juno ca. 1915 
GAELIC is Indiana Glass
Ca. 1908  $32
Marlboro was made by 
U. S. Glass Co. ca 1907 $43

Horsemint Flower
GARDEN PINK is Indiana Glass Co. #167 ca. 1913.
HORSEMINT by Beatty & Sons ca. 1890s.  $38
  RAYED FLOWER aka Splendor by Kokomo Jenkins ca. 1920s.

Perhaps your Valentine would like a genuine piece of American history! 
This is a honey dish called Inverted Hearts made of flint glass by Mt. Washington Glass Works in the 1860s!  $28 These are 3 1/2" cup plates from probably
the Boston Sandwich Glass Co. as early as
the 1840s.    These were coasters for early
tea cups made of flint glass.  $25 each.

This pattern is HEART WITH THUMBPRINT by Tarentum Glass Co. ca. 1898
A green handled nappy is a versatile dish for serving snacks.  It is 4 1/2" across at the widest point.  **SOLD** Hearts adorn this card holder or jewelry dish. She'll get the message..... It is 6 1/2" long &
4 1/2" wide.  $29

Zippered Heart made by Imperial Glass Co. ca. 1912.  It is 3 1/2" tall.
A sweet sugar bowl. $36
Hearts of Loch Laven aka Shuttle - a 7" tall celery vase  by Greentown ca. 1898.  $85 Or here's a mug in Chocolate Glass in the
same Greentown pattern. 
It is 3 1/8" tall;   $85
A 4" wide Milk Glass Heart shaped Boudoir Box for whatever M'Lady chooses. 
By McKee ca. 1890s  $34
Or a 5" milk glass 'pin'
or jewelry dish by Dithridge ca. 1899.
Might she like a little 3 1/4" tall milk glass mug from the 1870s?  Bleeding Heart
by King & Sons.   $65
If you want to go 'all out', here's an 1875 Bleeding Heart pattern cake stand by King & Sons.  It is 9 1/2" in diameter & 5 1/2" tall.  Perfect!  **SOLD**
Stop and think a minute about America in 1875 when this was made!
Here's another beautiful piece of Tarentum's pattern
It is a bowl that is crimped in so that its perfect for holding bananas.
But of course it could hold other foods as well.
This piece is 11 1/4" x 6 1/4" at the top opening and it is 4" high.
The key here is the Hearts that will warm that of your Sweetie's.  $155
HEART PLUME is the very appropriate name for this pattern
by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1907..... 108 years ago!
The covered butter dish still has some of the original gold on it -  $45
We have four 4 1/4" tall wine goblets are $29 each or a pair for $45
and the 6" tall water goblet, fit for a queen, is $45
If these don't tickle your fancy, check out our
Pattern Glass Gift Shoppe by going HERE.