We dedicate this page to our Dear Departed Friend Devero Martin
who was the King of Honey Dishes and a wonderful friend who
taught us all we ever wanted to know about Honey & Honey Dishes .

This Store includes Three Sections:
1) Tiny little dishes made mostly in flint glass - 1840s-1860s.
2) Dishes with lids & flat bottoms to hold the comb,
3) Some miscellaneous rare honey dishes

Early in the pressed pattern glass world, some companies called
their small dishes, 'honey' dishes.  Mostly these were + or - 3" in diameter. 
Around the turn of the 20th century, a few pattern glass companies
began to manufacture a dish with a flat bottom specifically
for holding a piece of cut honeycomb.  

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All of the flint honey dishes below were made in the 1850s - 1860s.

BELLFLOWER see another view of 2 HERE.
Boston Sandwich. We have 19; Eleven 3 1/2" & Eight 4" diameter. $29 - $35
Email for details.
by New England
Glass Co. 4" diam.
One only.
CABLE, Atlantic by
Boston Sandwich -
made to commemorate the
laying  of the Atlantic Cable.
We have 2  3" **SOLD**
Another view HERE.
Boston Sandwich
One only.
4 " diam.  **SOLD**
Mfg. unknown. scalloped edge, sunburst base.
4 1/8" diam.
Have 3 @ $25 each.
by New England Glass Co.
4" diam; plain edge is
rough. Only 1 @ $26.

Mfg. unknown.
4 1/4" diam.
Only one - $38

aka Sharp Diamond Point
New England Glass Co.
3 5/8" diam.
We have 2 @ $25 each.
FINE PRISM aka Prism
Another view HERE.
Mfg. Unknown.
4 1/4" diam.
We have 4 @ $ 28 each.
FROSTED LEAF an exceptional pattern by Boston Sandwich It is 4 1/4" diameter - See other views HERE & HERE one only - $35

RIBBED PALM by McKee Bros.. 4" in diameter. See other view HERE.  We have
1 which has the usual very minor damage & one is free with the purchase of other one for $24

INVERTED FERN by Boston Sandwich.  It is 4" in diameter.  See a close side view HERE.
We only have 1 for $25.
These 2 flint patterns are often confused.
GOTHIC, variation
This is a very early flint dish & a hard to find pattern in this form.
This is a set of six and they have all been used so there is roughness on the outer edges.  They are 4 1/4" in diameter and the set of 6 is $48.
Mfg Unk. 4 1/8" diam.
Outer edge rough. See alt. view HERE & HERE. $35
Boston Sandwich
4" diam.; rough outer
edge. 1 only $28
Cape Cod Glass Co.
4" diam. Have 4 w/ rough edge @ $22 each.
4 undamaged @$34 each.
HORN OF PLENTY aka Comet by Boston Sandwich;
(6) 5 1/2" diam. **SOLD**
We have (1) 4 1/2" @ $32.
Have (1)  3 1/2" diam. $34
Mt. Washington Glass Works.  Have 3;
1 rough edge $19;
2  OK $28 each.
LOOP & DART w/ Diamond
RARE milk glass is undescribed.
See back HERE. $75
An extremely hard pattern to find. It was made by the
Boston Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1860s.
They are 3 1/2" in diameter.
We have 2 with no damage for $115 each
and one that is cracked, so "AS IS" for $25.
ROMAN ROSETTE aka Diamond Rosette
by Boston Sandwich ca. 1835 - 1850. We have 5 that are flint - 4 7/8" in diameter & 7/8" high. These have some roughness as do all lacy pieces.
See a view from underneath HERE. They are $32 each
Or the set of Five (the middle one on top didn't photograph
well but it is fine)is $128
ROMAN KEY, Frosted
by the Union Glass Co.
ca. 1860s.
This is a set of 3 heavier dishes see all 3 HERE.
They are 4" diam., 1 1/8" high. The set is $42.
another form by the Union Glass Co. ca. 1860s.

This set of 2 is 4" diam. with 1 tiny nic on the outside rim of each
seen HERE. **SOLD**
These may be Sandwich ca. 1850s. They are 4" in diameter w/ no damage.
They are $28 each or less for multiples purchased.
PLAIN #078 Similar to Lee/Rose 525.  4 1/4"
13 'petals' in base.
We have 3 @ $10 each
10 PANELS   #050
Sunburst base;
4 1/4" diam.
One only $18

BABY THUMBPRINT by Bakewell Pears ca. 1850s.
3 3/4" diam; Set of 2
$ 16 each.

BABY THUMBPRINT by Bakewell Pears ca. 1850s.
These are 4 1/4" diam. & $18 each.
WAFFLE BY Boston Sandwich It is 4" diameter & has
scalloped edges. $35
PRESSED LEAF aka NPL by McKee Bros. ca. 1867.
It is 4" diameter & has a
tiny rim nic.  $25.
by a glass house unknown to us but in the 1860s.
It is 3 3/4" diam.  $35
SWIRL - maker
unknown but mid-1800s.
It is 4" diameter &
Barlow Kaiser #1128 from
the mid 1800s.  We have 2 that are 4" diameter &
See also HERE.  $12 each.
  OCTAGON aka Stepped Sides Lee/Rose #885. Early flint; maker & dates unknown.  Another view HERE $22  

GARDEN PINK   5" square by Indiana, their #167 pattern ca. 1913.
 INDIANA DUNKIRK pattern #203 aka ROCKET
from ca. 1918.   We have 2 cov'd honey dishes in this pattern for $57 each.
RAYED FLOWER 5" square w/ splayed feet by
Kokomo Jenkins/ Indiana ca. 1920. We have two....
1 has a chip on the underside of one foot $65 and
2 has a minor flake under 1 foot and an edge chip seen HERE. $45
This is an original issue of this hard to find patterned honey dish. Base only.
KING'S CROWN aka XLCR is a rare form of a well-known & favorite pattern
made by Adams Glass Co. ca. 1890s.  It has the 'standard' 5" square base dish
with a flat bottom. Including the extra 'wings' on the 4 sides, it measure 8" across.
There is one tiny nic on the base flange seen in the 3rd photo. $175
These 2 honey dishes are fairly rare examples of the Cooperative Flint Glass
Company's Pattern #105.  To our knowledge one has not been found
with the lid in quite some time.  If you can find one, it will look like THIS.
The amber dish has a small chip under the end of one handle & is $65
This piece is not reported to have been made in blue but here it is for $85.
The handles have a distinctive Co-Op's handle design seen HERE.
THOUSAND EYE Original name SENSATION - Adams #130 ca. 1885.  There are 2 small flat flakes on top of the base ledge and the lid is missing.  $45 
An amber Thousand Eye covered
honey dish. See different views
This is the Lacy Honey Casket, called GOTHIC ARCHES & HEART.
It & the Horn of Plenty below are the only 2 patterns known in this form.
This is one of 3 Gothic Arches & Heart honey caskets known.
The cover has two thistles at the upper dome. 
It was made by the Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1835 - 45.
It is referenced in Barlow & Kaiser III figs. 3245, 3246 & 3249.
It has a crack in the base seen HERE ; the finial seen HERE is undamaged,
& the matching under tray has only minor nics. The tray measures 4 1/2" x 7"
& the top of the dish measures 4" x 6".  It is for sale for $760.

These are not for sale.
This is a museum piece called a Horn of Plenty pattern Honey Dish
or "casket" and underplate.  The Horn of Plenty aka Comet aka Peacock Tail pattern was made by the Boston Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1830 - 1850s.
It recently sold at Jeffry Evans auction for over $5000. It was said to be among the first pieces of EAPG ever manufactured.
This is an unidentified vaseline covered honey dish with a
Tufts quad plate cover # "120".  It sold at Evans auction 9/15 for $460.

ALABAMA on the right.
Unknown pattern on Left.

 By  Adams ca. 1880s.
ALABAMA on the right.
Unknown pattern on Left.