This Fourth Room contains Victorian novelty &
a selection of miscellaneous antique toothpick holders as well as
some of the popular Victorian hat-shaped toothpick holders.

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WHAT A CONCEPT!  A toothpick holder shaped like a corset!!!  It must have been controversial because these, especially in blue are quite rare..  The base says
"PATENT APPLD FOR". It is 2" tall, made by Bellaire Goblet ca. 1899. 
This precious little guy is named BABY OWL.
He is only 2 1/2" tall and 2" wide & holds your toothpicks
in a jar on his back. Westmoreland made them in the early 1900s and again in the 1950s. Since this one is signed by Westmoreland (see above), it is probably from the later period.
The original is pictured in the Sanfords' Novelty Book. $45
A wee ribbed vessel in this
fiery opalescent might have come from England. We can't find an American maker.  It
is only 2 1/2" tall with 'ribs' surrounding the outside.  $36
The books call this a TROUGH and we think it looks more like a manger.  You call it what you want.  It is about 3" long & very rare.  There is some green and some gold paint remaining.
There is a small 'ding' on one of the feet. Shown in Sanford & Bredehoft pg 238. $225
PRETTY MAIDEN is the name of this famous 5 1/4" tall toothpick holder. 
It has the statue of a girl standing by a large basket; is #749 in Heacock's
1000 Toothpick Holders book and it is shown in Metz II pg 216. 
The manufacturer is unknown but it is said to have been made in 1890.
We have one with a 3/4" very flat flake underneath one corner for $55
and one with some base roughness, incl. 3 minor flakes, for $95.
Barrel on a Stand has some roughness on some edges.
It is early Japan. $35
Daisy & Button - These are shaped like a little ice buckets
with tabs on the sides. They are 2" tall & made by the
Aetna Glass & Manf. Co. ca. 1886.
In blue $56. In amber $48
HERON is a good guess to name this bird. The toothpick is not old but a fun design - made by Summit. See HERE.  $26 Why not cheer up your
toothpicks with this little fine feathered SWAN?
She is 2 3/4" high and 2 1/2" long with very detailed feathers.  $35
made by the Belmont
Glass Co. ca 1885.
The famous Kewpie dolls are based on comical strip-like
illustrations by Rose O'Neill that appeared in Ladies' Home Journal in 1909.
The small dolls were extremely popular in the early 1900s. 
This piece 1 3/4" tall & 1 3/4" wide, depicts Kewpie standing by what was originally a candy container.  The base says, "Geo Borgfeldt & Co. N.Y., Kewpie, Reg U. S. Pat. Off., Des. Pat 3650."
& "SERIAL NO. 2882, NET WT 3/4 OZ."  $55
U S Glass Company's
Fleur De Lis ca 1900
4" tall.   $50
milk glass is 3"tall & has
a little bit of gold left on
it. Maker is unknown;
no damage $55.
Horseshoe with Clover in milk glass; no gold & no damage on this one. $44  
PEEK-A-BOO is 3 3/4" tall.  It may have been made originally by
National/ McKee or by McKee-Jeannette. 
It has been widely reproduced, but this on has the
hollow center of the original issues. 
Photos are of the front, close-up and back.  $58
Toy LOVING CUP in clear w/ gold with no damage.
2 1/4" tall by
U S Glass Co.
c. 1909    $30

Toy LOVING CUP with excellent ruby stain & some gold.   
2 1/4" tall by
U S Glass Co.
ca. 1909  $45

Ever wish you had a little Match Book to put your toothpicks in? Well here's your chance!
Called a "Match Book" by
Adams, No. 9 ca. 1890s ...
"for matches or picks".
See also HERE. $42
Monkey on a Stump, a novelty toothpick holder by U S Glass in the late 1880s.
One side shows a monkey clinging to the tree stump & the other side (blue photo)
shows 2 monkeys visiting (or arguing). 
In amber $68.
In clear  glass, slightly discolored & has a couple of minor flakes, so $45.
In blue

This style is called a 'sanitary' toothpick. The one on the left is a
McKee pattern they named COLONIAL but it is also
known as Lean Queen by collectors. It was made c. 1910 & is $55.
The one on the right is ribbed, maker is unknown $25.
These toothpick holders are from
Murano, Italy made ca. 1960s. 
The pink quilted looking one is $35
The amberina one with tiny diamonds is $38
This pretty little 2" tall piece is also an Italian import. The shaded colors are like Burmese,but it "speaks" Italian. See HERE & HERE. $42
Known as LOOP FOOTED aka KNOTTY PINE. It has some remaining gold 'knots'. It is the Nat'l Toothpick Holder
Society's #1034.
BUNDLED CIGARS milk glass with some of the gold
left on the bundle tie.
This tiny little 2 1/4" tall BIRD BASKET missing its lid
 is of undetermined origin
  but possibly from 1885.
Sanford/Bredehoft II pg 213.
In amethyst, in might be a repro.
This clear toothpick holder with frosted lady called DIANA. It is in the toothpick society book #1011 No damage $37 This vaseline toothpick  with a gold top rim is called HUB. In Sanford book II pg 223.
Unattributed & undated.  $35
A quadruple plated
silver toothpick holder #886 in the Nat'l TPH Collector's Society.
c 1900 by
Derby Silver Co. $48
This is shown in the Canadian Handbook, pattern Northern Star. Crude glass, many bubbles. See also HERE $35
A pink china toothpick with 3 gold feet. It is signed Charles Field Haviland CFOH over GDM mark; France $29 A square white
china toothpick with
gold wheat stalks & 4
gold feet; 4849 $35
A dainty white
china toothpick with
gold lines & pink &
purple flowers. $35
This bone china toothpick
is shaped like the trunk of
a tree. It is Royal Worcester. Made in England 3098 $42
FINECUT “with saucer”; No. 720; originally sold as a cov'd mustard w/ attached underplate but without the lid is considered a toothpick holder. Made by Bruce Bros. pre 1891. They are 3" tall and attached plate is 4 1/2" in diameter.
Clear is $35        Blue is $48
2 5/8” tall; 3 1/2” wide at brim; by Duncan c. 1885;
Straight sides $35
Blue DAISY & BUTTON; 2 5/8” tall; 3 1/2” wide at brim;
by National/ Rochester ca. 1902; Straight sides.  $42
FINECUT clear band with buckle around top; 2 1/2” tall;
3 1/4” wide; no damage
New Martinsville #14 ca. 1942. 3 3/8" tall &
5 1/4" across top. $28
All over English Hobnail design
with no band. 2 5/8" high 3 3/4"
long brim. By Westmoreland
ca. 1930. $38
TAPERED BLOCK in clear; 2 1/2” high; 3 1/4” wide; no damage by National Glass Co.
c. 1902 $35
This blue Threaded type
pattern is called PLUG HAT.
2 1/4” hi x 3” across top.
FINECUT is the pattern on the
hat part & English Hobnail
pattern on the brim.  The hat band is 'threaded'.  The brim is 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" and the hat is 2" tall. $48
DAISY & BUTTON in vaseline by Duncan ca. 1885.  It is
2 5/8" tall & 3 1/2" wide at
the brim.  There is no hat
band.  $55
These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance.

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