Victorian Novelty Butter Dishes
Very rare forms and colors are shown here
courtesy of our dear & generous Friends
These are shaped like Frogs!  May I butter your lily pads?
These are the famous Banner Butter dishes in clear, amber and vaseline made by Bryce c. 1880s.  We need a blue one....
Fisheys can hold butter too - or maybe your Caviar? 
These are seen here in amber, vaseline and blue.

Some call these 8" long insects Flies and some call them Bees.
  But everyone is happy when they have one. 
The amethyst color is the most rare. 

The Helmet butter dish seen in clear and amber in the upper left,
was made by King, Son & Co. ca.late 1880s.
The Jockey Cap butter's maker is unknown for positive but seems similar to the Helmet.  The vaseline Jocky Cap has just been discovered in vaseline
and loaned to us by Mr. Vaseline Glass, Dave Peterson!

These horseshoe base cov'd butters with a horseshoe finial are seldom seen, especially in the amber and amethyst. While only in clear glass, this cov'd butter dish has amazing detail, even to the second hand insert.  The winding knob is on the base and the lid has a slick finial.
Bryce made these pretty LORNE cov'd butter dishes in clear
and rarely in color. 
These Flat Iron butter dishes are very rarely found in these colors of vaseline and apple green!
This is a rarity if you ever saw one! 
Its a Trailing Vine cov'd butter
in pink clear glass.  Coudersport Tile
& Ornamental Glass Co.
of PA c 1900.
FASHION aka Daisy & Button - Square
is the pattern name for this butter
dish which is not often seen   in amber. 
It is a Bryce Bros. product c 1880s
Another rarity novelty from Dave Peterson.  This Doyle & Co. made Acorn shaped
relish dish had never been found in vaseline.  It is 8 1/4" long & 5" max wide.
This crazy piece with a lid appears to be
a Silent Butler - used in the olden days-
& up through the "cigarette era" of the 1900s.  This is so rare we can find no
one who has ever seen one.  Let us
know if you know any more about it please.