The Fifth 'Aisle' of's
Virtual Pattern Glass Museum

Here are some beauties we bet you've never seen, courtesy of Harold & Gail Essmaker. Riverside's Cabbage Leaf pattern is very rare in color in any form and especially in these: an amber water pitcher which is 9 1/2" high and 9 1/2" from handle to spout tip. The cov'd cheese plate is 61/2" high and the bottem plate is 9".
Wouldn't Uncle Remus have loved these!

DIAMOND SPEARHEAD rare emerald green Relish Tray. Approx 7" long by Northwood Glass, pattern #22 ca. 1901. Dan Whatley, the premier Diamond Spearhead collector, has NEVER seen this piece in this color without opalescence
(we believe that all other pieces were opalesced in this pattern).
Possibly experimental, one-of-a-kind.
On the Right is a vaseline opalescent plate in this spectacular pattern.

DAISY & TREELIMB amber Platter, 15" long & 10" wide by Atterbury, ca. 1880s. Believed to be a rarer pattern. If anyone knows of more pieces of this pattern available for a collector please EMAIL us.
And didn't we come up with the
tray and its matching bowl!
Now we need the bowl for
the amber tray!

Sure 'nuff. John came up with a photo of an amber sauce dish in the pattern.... he sez he has 12 of them & had never known the pattern till now.
And Magi says she has had the blue tray & small
dishes & has read somewhere it was an ice cream set.

You've seen these Daisy & Button
glass shoes but have you seen the shoe
with its original perfume bottle?  The
bottle on left still has label 'White Rose' around the neck.  Uncle Al sez these
little bottles are hard to find!
This is a GARLAND OF ROSES or ROSE GARLAND clear small cov'd dish by an unknown mfg, ca. 1900. All pieces considered rare. The Banana Stand in this pattern is possibly a One-of-a-Kind and very rare in vaseline.

This TREE OF LIFE cranberry 8 1/2"d. Bowl was manufactured by Hobbs, Brockunier ca. 1879. Very Rare for a bowl this size and color.
A scarce amethyst goblet in OVAL MEDALLION aka ARGYLE pattern compliments
of Bryce Bros. ca 1885.

Here are a celery vase and syrup in the unusual FISH & SEAWEED pattern. Maker is unknown. Pieces are blown molded, inside
ribbed and frosted.

This water set is a gorgeous deep cobalt blue example of the elusive DUGAN'S FAN pattern. Reportedly made in 7 colors, it is VERY rarely
seen. Made by Dugan Glass Co. ca 1905 &
signed w/ the "Diamond D" on all these
pieces in this water set.

Here is a pair of Honest-To-Goodness Knock-Your-Socks-Off amethyst Boston & Sandwich flint compotes. A MATCHING PAIR! I have not seen these in person but they "sang" to me over the phone. An amber one is pictured in
Barlow & Kaiser's "A Guide to Sandwich Glass Pressed Tableware";
# 1153 PRESSED LOOP (LEAF) NAPPIE ON FOOT c. 1850-1870.
Very worthy pieces for a Pattern Glass Museum!

Above is a rare GRACE pickle castor
in vaseline glass, by Richards & Hartley, circa 1881, photo courtesy of
Dave Peterson.
Duncan's exotic pattern Three Face was made c. 1878 in many different forms and one of the hardest to find is this stemmed saucer champagne. In our experience, it is more scarce even than the hollow stemmed champagne - which may be French made.

This is a yummy set! It is a product of the Belmont Glass Company c. 1880s and is the well-known but seldom-seen Ice Cream set in their #100 pattern. The individual dishes are pie shaped and they fit into the clear tray which, when found alone would belie its exciting potential!

Thanks to a friend for loaning
these photos to us to share.