This Aisle of the Museum is dedicated to pieces of EAPG
patterns that are known but are rarely found
in vaseline/ canary color.
Most of the photos on this page are "on loan" and with the
generous permission of Radka and Steve Sandeman.
ADONIS Covered Butter.
by McKee & Bros.,
ca 1897
WINGED SCROLL vaseline opalescent Nappy, 4 1/2" diam. By Heisey Glass, ca. 1899-1901. Rare; this is the only one we've heard about with an opalescent rim.
SPIREA BAND Water Pitcher
(aka EARL), 9" tall.
By Bryce & Higbee Co., ca. 1885.
Fairly rare in Canary color.
Pitcher, 5 1/2" tall. By Bryce, Higbee
& Co., ca. 1885. No reference to this piece in Canary/Vaseline color!

PINEAPPLE & FAN vaseline
opalescent Creamer
by Heisey Glass, 1898-1907.
The only one known with
an opalescent rim.
MEMPHIS Covered Butter by Northwood Glass, c. 1900's. Signed "N" in a Circle. Extremely Rare....possibly one-of-a-kind. Only other reference is the Spooner in vaseline in "Wheeling Glass 1829-1939", page 130 with NP for value.
Water Pitcher, 1/2 Gallon. By Bryce Brothers, c. 1875. Reilly/ Jenks 2002 "Pattern Glass" book states this color would be "Very rare."
Richards & Hartley's HANOVER pattern 1/2 Gallon Water Pitcher ca 1888.
DOYLE'S COMET, Pat. #400 Water Pitcher, 9"t. by U.S. Glass, c. 1891. Rare in pattern and color. LACY MEDALLION aka COLORADO Creamer, approx. 4" tall. Gold gilt, inscribed: "State Fair 1929" by
U.S. Glass, ca. 1899-1920.
Considered "Rare" in vaseline.
CHADWICK Goblet, 6 3/4" tall. Manufacturer unknown. Metz II, pages 158-159 only list clear, ca. 1880s. Evidently rare in this color. ASHBURTON flint Bar Decanter with bar lip. Multiple manufacturers, primarily New England Glass, Bakewell & Pears, & Boston & Sandwich,
ca. 1848-1870s. VERY rare in color.
HINOTO (Diamond Point with Panels) flint Spooner by Boston & Sandwich, c. 1850s. Rare in color. BALL and SWIRL Child's Mug
by Mckee & Bros, ca. 1894.
Unattributed in canary
BRITANNIC Creamer, 3" tall
by Mckee & Bros, ca. 1894.
Rare in canary
We call this BRITANNIC (Variant) w/flower & vine scroll below Britannic design. We haven't seen this pattern anywhere else! In any case, rare in canary!

AUSTRIAN is a Greentown product
and while it is seen in vaseline
it is NOT seen often in a
water set - Pitcher & 4 goblets!
The butter dish in this pattern
is one of the most
beautiful shapes in EAPG.

BELMONT #100 aka Daisy & Button w/ Scalloped Edge was made
by the Belmont Glass Works ca. 1886.
From left are the celery vase, creamer and spooner.

More forms of vaseline Belmont 100 pattern are from the left:
Cake stand, footed sauce dishes and the covered sugar bowl.

On the left are 3 rare castor sets in vaseline, clear and blue Belmont 100
and on the right is a HUGE 11" diameter true open compote in the pattern.

Glass, ca. 1899-1901. Rare
in vaseline.
FLORA is the Beaumont Glass Co. pattern #99 made ca. 1898
& seldom seen in this color.

Our good friend, "Uncle Al" Burlison sent us these vaseline pieces to share.
On the left is a Riverside Glass Co. GRASSHOPPER with Insect pattern spooner
VERY rare in vaseline and on the right is a 12 3/4" TREE OF LIFE pattern vase.

This is a humorous CURRIER & IVES
"Balky Mule" water tray. The cart driver is trying feverishly to get the animal out of
the way of the oncoming train. All pieces of this pattern are rare in color.
A plate in DIADEM aka Sunburst
on Shield pattern, a Northwood pattern Ca. 1905 in a color
heretofore unknown in this color.