These treasures are only on 'loan' to for looking at
- they are not for sale.

A Crown Milano lamp by Mt. Washington is hand painted decor c. 1900. A 10" Nealsea shade on
an all solid brass base.
Quezal lamp with
two Snakeskin shades.
Royal Flemish ewer w/ rope handle.  Decorated w/ mythological creatures. Webb Bride's Bowl decorated herringbone lines w/ pink interior.  Decorated. New England Glass Co.
Plated amberina
tulip vase and pitcher
Webb Cameo Vase
signed Theo B. Starr
Webb Mother of Pearl creamer & sugar set in silver frame.
Herringbone w/ pink interior
Herringbone Mother of Pearl basket lined in yellow.  Maker unknown.
Acid satin finished Agata by New England Glass Co. Made for one year only.   Mt. Washington Burmese.  Wishbone footed matched creamer & sugar. 
Vase w/ gold decor & applied handles.

Wheeling Peachblow
Mahogany - Cherry Red -
Amber Ewer on left;
vase w/ gold stopper on right.
  New England Peachblow
Agata w/ mineral stain.
Matte finish Pink - white
New England Peachblow Lemonade
Cameo cut.  Only known
lemonade with Pomona
decoration Cameo Cut.
  New England Glass Co.Two vases
on left agata; on right peachblow
shown with Cameo Cut Lemonade
Two vases of Mt. Washington
Peachblow - Queen's Design
  Two vases: Royal Flemish left and
Crown Milano w/ Guba duck
decor on Right.
Mt. Washington Burmese
Bowl w/ Applied Decor
  Very rare Webb Fairy lamp
w/ mirror; all original. 
Mt. Washington
Amberina Pitcher
Above are 2 pieces that have escaped identification/ attribution and for which we would greatly appreciate any information.
See the tray at left HERE & the butter dish at right HERE.
All vaseline glass pieces from Dave Peterson's collection
of Bohemian and Sturbridge Art Glass.
MARMALADES AND SWEETMEATS     From the Dave Peterson collection
the second is called
ALL have vaseline glass someplace in the glass.
ALL frames are vintage, except the double marmalade, top row, 2nd from right
which was custom made of sterling silver.
STUDY IN RED    From the Dave Peterson collection
ALL have vaseline glass someplace in the glass.
ALL frames are vintage.

Major Makers of Victorian Art Glass

New England Glass Co. of Cambridge, MA made Peachblow, Pomona & Amberina. Mt. Washington Glass Co.
New Bedford, MA
made Mother of Pearl, Napoli, Verona, Burmese, Royal
Flemish, Crown Milano, Peach Blow and Amberina
Phoenix Glass Co. -
of Pennsylvania made Mother of Pearl among other glassware.
in England was famous for English Cameo, Mother of  Pearl, decorated Satin Glass
and Burmese
Hobbs Brockunier
of Wheeling, VW.
Made Wheeling Peachblow.
Loetz; Moser Harrach
See Peterson's glass in above
photo for examples.
Stevens & Williams
English Company made English Cameo, Mother of Pearl & decorated Satin Glass.