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      TO BUY Pattern Glass, tell us about your collection (what pieces you have or what pieces you are specifically looking for) and where you want to go with your collection & we will try to help you get there.
    We will consider your Want List to be ongoing and will have it with us as we shop and as the inventory at changes.  It will be helpful for our record keeping if you'll let us know the state you live in. 
      If you know what glass you want to buy, go HERE for How to Purchase.

     TO SELL your pattern glass to, tell us what you have for sale, with the form, size, color, condition & price.  We do not make offers on EAPG for sale to us.

      FOR PATTERN ID  Please note, we are most happy to identify patterns for owners.  Before you ask for help, you must go HERE.

We want folks to learn about pattern glass and so we have established a wonderful tuition free Pattern Glass School on our web site. 
Go HERE for help.


**Please note we do not buy or sell
     depression era glass or any china.**