Before you ask us for help, PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE!!!!  Over 1,000 visitors/day visit this web site & many have questions about their personal pieces of glass. So to preserve our sanity, requests showing these rules have not been read & complied with will be deleted.

         We are happy to help folks who want to learn about pattern glass and our Pattern Glass School is the best place for our web site guests to learn. Answers to most FAQs (frequently asked questions) will be found by reading What is EAPG? and Ask Granny, so please read those before asking your question.
         We understand that many want additional help & we're happy to help when we're able. BUT, please be considerate and comply with the following requests:

    Do not ask us for values. We won't go there & hope you won't either.  If you do, your email will be deleted unanswered. This includes the cost of pieces we have sold.    If you want values for your glass, we highly recommend you visit They are helpful with values!

     You are invited to visit our Book Store if you are serious about learning. There are a number of really good books about EAPG and more are in the development stage. We have rated some of the books as being the best for beginners.

     If you are a seller wanting help identifying your glass, please contact  We do not identify anything on ebay.
     If you have at least 100 year old glass that you've inherited, we're happy to try and help you with ID.
     If you are interested in collecting 100 year old pressed glass dishes that match yours, and you are unsure of the name of your pattern(s), we will try to help.
     We don't profess to be experts but we have a lot of books & some smart friends!

     We are happy to look at your photo sent by email providing it is a small file.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE PHOTO ON AN EMAIL!!!!!!!  If you don't know how to size your photos, please consult your photography software (or ask your grandchildren). If your grandchildren are under three years of age, they might not know, so in that case you can:
----- go to our Contact page and snail mail us a photograph, or an image made by laying a piece of your glass on a copier & scanning it, or a 'rubbing' of the pattern elements using a soft lead pencil on thin paper, or
----- Post photos on your Face Book page & send me the link, or

----- provide a really good written detail of the pattern.

     If at all possible, please check your piece with a black light in a dark room to make sure it glows yellow-green. If clear glass doesn't glow, it is not EAPG unless its very early (pre 1870) , very heavy bell-tone flint glass. You can read more about black lights HERE.
And remember we ONLY know & deal with glass pressed
generally during the period ca 1850 and 1910 in America.

So that does not include 1900's depression era glass or
any pottery or china

Roaming through our Store can help you ID some patterns