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BALTIMORE PEAR aka GIPSY by Adams c. 1870s
Only originals in this pattern will turn
yellow green under a black light in a dark room.

SHELL & TASSEL goblets
U S COIN aka Silver Age

On the left is a scan of R W Lee's Baltimore Pear line drawing.  Notice that the handle on the base of the sugar bowl and the spooner have actual BALLS and not just indented curves like some reproductions do.  And study the pear in the photo on the right.  You can see that the pear has actual TEXTURE; repros have flat pears.
The plate on the left is original and the one on the right is a repro.  Notice that the originals, and this includes sauce dishes and other forms all have scalloped edges and panels with pears in every other panel.

The secret is in the ridges.  Hopefully you can see them in
the photo on the left but not in the photo on the right.  
If you can't catch your fingernail in the ridges at the top
of the pears, you do not have original.

Ad in the Chicago Daily News
April 22, 1954

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