Jo & Bob Sanford did a great favor to Victorian Glass
collectors when they meticulously researched catalogs and reprints from the
1800s & early 1900s and published their great and fun book entitled
To purchase your copy visit the Book Store
by clicking HERE. Other authors have gone before them showing many
novelties in milk/ opaque glass and so we salute them as well.
And so return with us now to the light & fantasy side of Victoriana!

Any damage to pieces in our Store is noted in the listing.
We've put a penny in many of the photos to give a sense of size.
Prices do not include shipping and insurance costs.

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In Sanford's book Victorian Glass Novelties (IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT, GET IT!),
this 4" x 8" Railroad Car is called "AMERICA 100". The maker is unknown but it is from the 1890s. It is not reported to have been made in vaseline, but here it is. See the detail & the sticker from the former owner of the piece (Ken Kercheval) in the base HERE. There are 2 'specs' for the car molded into the glass HERE "CAPACITY 50000 LBS NO. 2353" & HERE "No. 2353 Wt. 18000". $185

A Pig sitting on a Drum... oddly enough called "Pig on a Drum" in the Victorian Glass Novelties Book which only lists it in clear & amber. Sanford says it is Musique by Portieux. It has a teeny little glass spoon just barely sticking out the slot in the lid. See him close up HERE. $68   When Bill found this little 2" piece of glass with a Monkey sitting on it he swore it was "something". Turns out it certainly was! We finally found it in Bob Sanford's Victorian Glass Novelties Book, but only photos of the animal & cart. Bob also showed a picture of the Advertisement for the piece, see HEREand that was what got our attention. I sent a picture of the Monkey to Bob & he exclaimed that he had never even seen a PHOTO of the original Monkey, much seen one "in person". Turns out, the pictures in the ad do not much match the Real Thing. See other photos of it HERE, HERE, & HERE. NFS

This fun Horseshoe-shaped dish shows a jockey jumping his horse over a fence.
It was created by the U S Glass Co. in the 1890s & is 5 1/4" side to side
and 5 1/2" top to bottom.
The U S Glass Co. catalog as seen above calledit a "Good Luck Olive" dish.
To see a close-up of him, click HERE. $55

Proof that Victorians did  indeed have a sense of humor, we offer these shot glasses made in England in the form of thimbles.  The text around the top of both says, "Just a thimblefull"... his alleged excuse to the leery wife when caught with the bottle opened.
They are 2 1/8" tall specifically made
to insure good measure. The rare
blue is $95 and the clear one is $65.
This milk glass piece once had a lid & was sold as a mustard container.
It is known as the Tyrolean Bears or
"Teddy" Bear jar made by the Westmoreland Specialty Co.
in 1900. See another view HERE.
It, of course, honored
Teddy Roosevelt. $65
A WASHTUB, of all things to memorialize in glass! You won't believe how realistic it is.... bubbles, a sock, & a shirt on the washboard
inside the tub.  It is nearly 5" across the top. Pictured in the Sanford Novelties book & made in the 1890s.  A really fun novelty.  $58
We are calling this a Silent Butler.  For those under age 50, those were receptacles for cigarette ashes.  We have been unable to find anyone who
has ever seen this piece before although the Sanfords (who wrote the
Novelty Book) have seen a picture of it. It is very obviously Victorian era glass,
9 3/4" long overall, 4" wide & it sits on little 'peg' feet.  If you have any
other ideas about it, share them please.   $125
This sweet clear 6 1/4" diameter plate shows
one chick has broken out of its egg shell &
the other one is on its way to celebrate
the Risen Christ.
It says "The Easter Opening" at the bottom
of the plate, see HERE. $39
This novelty relish dish is called FLAMING SWORD by Lindsay #209. The Creation Story at Genesis 3:24 mentions the flaming sword which turned every way, guarding the gate.
This is a military hat Candy Container - 3" in diameter at the top, with tiny eagle insignias on the sides. It is only 1" high at the front.
See the original Candy Label, compliments of Kathy Berg, HERE $28
This milky "straw hat" has a
4 1/4" long & 3 1/2" wide brim with a band & sash.  $37
This is a relish dish.  See--- the third photo shows the clear one upside down so it can hold tartar sauce or other condiments.
We have 2 of these ichthyological dishes made by Atterbury & Co..
They called them "dual fish Pickle" and patented on June 4, 1872. 
Each fishy is stamped with that fact... see photos 4 & 5 below.
We have twins; one in milk glass & one in clear glass.
They are 11" long and 4 1/2" wide.  The milk glass one is pictured
in the Sanford Novelties Book.  No mention is made of the clear
glass one there.
  The milk glass one is $95 and the clear one is $75.

Milk glass patent
date stamp.
Clear glass patent
date stamp.

This pretty FLAT IRON was originally
intended to be a covered butter dish. 
This Iron has been widely reproduced but this is guaranteed to be an original 1890s issue.
It is 8 3/4" long... in sapphire blue.  $65

During Victoria's reign, there was a periodic fascination with things Japanese. This pretty, unique & sharply designed 6" diameter fan- shaped dessert plate made by Adams & Co. ca. 1880s, their "#8 Fan Plate".
It sits on 3 little knob 'feet'
These are, amazingly enough, a BOTTLE shaped
"pickle dishes" laid open in order to serve relish... or candy... or hors d' oeuvres.
They are 8 1/4" long & shown in Sanfords' Novelties
Book at pg. 149.  They are illustrated in the Central Glass Co. 1889 catalog.  Blue & amber each  $65.
MORTAR MUSTARD is the official name of this 2.5" hi container with a slotted lid.
Bryce Higbee made it ca. 1885. $55
This glass crate was not made with boards... but it looks like it was.  There are 'rope' handles on each side of the base.   The lid is flat and sets down into
the base.  It is in Sanfords' book
pg 131 & is 3 7/8” long x 2 5/8” wide
x 2 5/8” high.We don't recommend using it for shipping. $68
A cute Terrier is enthroned on the lid
of this 3" wide and 5" long box. 
He/She is shown in Sanford's Novelty
book.  See another view HERE
There is one small nic on a lid
corner seen HERE
painted black/ gray with
gold edging on milk glass.  See
close up of the kitties HERE. It was created by Westmoreland ca. 1902.
If you like cats, here is a menacing looking MOUNTAIN LION face
forming a shallow
glass dish used for who knows
what??? It also
was also made in milk glass & shown in
Ferson #404. It is 4 1/2" x 5 1/4" $42
Nice Ducky.... Here's a sweet looking duckling with incredible feather
detailing all over its little body - see tail detail HERE.  It is only 5 1/2" long & was made by Vallerysthal back in the late 1800s.  Sanfords show it in opaque blue for $290-315 & don't mention this
frosty clear finish.  $

A deep amethyst duck looks really
pretty in a window sill... & you don't have to worry - its already purple!
And it is an original, not a repro.  
She is an Atterbury creation
ca. late 1880s, measuring 10 1/2"
from beak to tail and 5" high.
ATTERBURY made this pink colored
LEAF dish ca. 1881. It is 6" x 8" & shown in the Victorian Novelties book
incorrectly as being Hemingray.
The glass is a hazy color & would beautify any table or dresser! $37
Ever wish you had a little book to
put your matches in? Well here's
your chance! And it was made for
that very purpose. Called a "Match Book" by Adams, No. 9 ca. 1890s ...
"for matches or picks". $42

This is an amber early glass Coach. It is 5 1/2" wide, 8" long and 4 1/2" tall at the back. It can be used for many purposes: fruit, candy, etc..or fill it with flowers! See other views of it HERE, HERE, & down in it HERE.
There used to be a hook on the front but has broken off.

Here's a fun Scoop with an anchor molded into the base.  It is 7" long and 3" wide.  We have been unable to locate any information about it as to maker but it is certainly from the early 20th C if not the late 19th C.  It has a rough spot from the manufacturing, on the side seen HERE.  We would welcome any information you might have about it.  $38
Beaded Bark An emerald green vase for the 'green' decorator. By Northwood ca. 1902.   It is 6 1/4"
tall and 3" across
at the top.  $48
A damaged and badly repaired base to a blue Greentown Cat On a Hamper novelty.  It is now 3 1/4" high.   Use it till you find a perfect one for $35 .

Cambridge made this 4 1/2" wide 'hat' novelty item in its INVERTED STRAWBERRY pattern ca. 1915. They signed it "nearcut" in the
base. $36

The Horseshoe wheelbarrow relish dish is 5 3/8” x 4 3/8”. It has a good
metal wheel. See Welker pg 316. Made by Adams ca 1881.
Read more about these novelty pieces by Steven Skeim HERE. $113

See the matching Novelty Master Salt in the Salt Store HERE.

Victorians must have loved
umbrellas; they used them for
many novelties. This is no doubt the
most rare example.
The 4 1/2" diameter 'bumbershoot'
part is milk glass & it amazingly still retains the metal 6" long handle.
It is in Sanfords' book at page 148
and this one has more paint.

These are the well-known Victorian whisk
brooms. They could have been used for food or jewelry or trinkets.
Geo. Duncan & Sons made them in the 1880s. Both are 7 3/8" long & have a triangle at the end of the handle proving they are original issues.
The amber one has "Pat Appld For" on
the flat side of the handle. They are pictured in Revi, Duncan & Lindsey #175.
Amber is $48 and blue is $42.
This one is Bryce's FASHION pattern shaped like a CANOE c. 1880s. It is 11 1/4" long x 4 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" high at the ends. These have been widely reproduced but this is guaranteed to be original issue. **SOLD** Hobbs made this DAISY
& BUTTON aka Hobbs #101 canoe shaped dish
ca. 1884  to sit on the
table top.   It is 3" wide
x 8" long and 1 1/2" high
at the lowest point on
the side. $55
Heading out for a trip?
This trunk wouldn't hold much. The metal tray at the base slides in and out to make it a container.  It is 2" high, 2 7/8" long and 2" wide.  It is seen in Sanfords' book @ pg 131.  $88

The cat is trying to climb into the back of this shoe & the cagey mouse is safely peering out the toe. It is 5" long & feels like it is made of alabaster... not smooth like regular milk glass.  The inside is hollow so you could hide candy in it...  $32 Here is an 8 1/4" tall milk glass apothecary jar featuring the head of Queen Victoria.  Her head (see close
up HERE) is the lid, she has long hair
& her Crest is on the front -
see close up HERE.   $75

Was this Cinderella's actual glass slipper? It is pretty small, with a Daisy & Button allover design. Only 4 7/8" long & 2" high; probably by Duncan in the 1880s. $38 Although its not for frying, how about
askillet to hold your tasties? It is 5 1/4" in diameter. There is one teeny flake on the top edge. $45
Victorians had their own "Imelda Complex". They seemed taken with shoes... glass shoes. This slipper is "old"; is in the Daisy & Button pattern & is 6" long and 2 3/4" high. $35 A Fashion Daisy & Button Yacht probably made by Bryce Bros. or the U S Glass Co.
c 1890s according to Heacock.
It is 11" long and 4 1/2" wide.

We have here a very graceful clear glass SWAN in two parts so that he could be filled with something to eat...or play with.
See a photo of his 2 parts HERE.
She is 5 1/2" long from front to back.
One of the hard to find covered
milk glass dishes is this Moses in Cattails. The base is 5 1/2" x 4 1/8".
The lid has one tiny flat flake
which is hard to see on the edge.
We believe it was made by
McKee but is unsigned. $145.

If you like buffaloes, here's a
milk glass  paper weight for you.
It is a replica of the Greentown
novelty but even it is hard
to find. He is 3 1/2" tail to
nose & 3" tall. 
This is not a form originally made in the U S Coin pattern, but it is a beautiful piece of glass for the numismatist
who has everything. It is 2 5/8" diam.
& 1 3/4" high & has a semblance of an 1892 silver dollar in the base. $58

Chocolate Dolphin is one of
the best known of the many novelties made by Greentown,
but alas, has lost its lid. This is
7" long & the original form & it has
the beaded edge. These were
made ca. 1900.
Without the lid it is $55.

Milk Glass Dolphin with its lid, made by Kemple to copy the Greentown piece. It was the first dolphin reproduction & the most accurate.
It has the sawtooth top edge like
Greentown's original.
It is almost as hard to find
as the original today. $125

Here's a tiny little 3" Daisy & Button patterned butter pat
in the shape of a Fan. It could
hold your special piece of
jewelry too, ca. 1880s
To see many other little
Butter Pats, click HERE!

This 3 5/8" tall egg cup was probably
given away as a premium because it
carried an advertisement probably
for baking powder. It says,
Hitchcock - Hill Company, Chicago."
It is in the Four Row Honeycomb
pattern. $45

Victorians must have loved the idea of putting their butter in a dish shaped like a house fly because these were made in amber, amethyst, blue, vaseline & clear. We have bases only in blue & vaseline.  The company sold the bases separately as butter dishes. Blue has 2 'dings' so is $85 & Vaseline is $85 This cute little 3 5/8" Daisy & Button patterned cart was made ca. 1960s by L. G. Wright. They didn't know then that we would some day need a pretty holder for our sweetner packets. $28

A castor set made of Jumbo like elephant heads made by the Greensburg Glass Co. c. 1891.
It held condiments but has lost them somewhere during the past 120 (or so) years.
Frankly we've never seen the bottles that went in it. Maybe you have something that will fit.
It is 6" high and 5" wide & $75
This blue pacyderm is NOT going to fit into that castor set he's pointing to.... So let's turn him around HERE. But he's good to hide stuff in! 3" wide; 4 1/4" tall and 8 1/2" long. $42
A COAL BUCKET of clear glass w/ Orange flowers & green leaves &
some gold trim around the top
edge. It is 2" tall  & 4" long
"Souvenir of Prairie DuChien Wis."
Challinor & Taylor made this tiny
little milk glass toy creamer ca. 1885.
It is only 3 5/8" tall & its original
glass eyes are amazingly intact.

You may have heard of ROADSTERS, but unless you are 'vintage', you've probably never driven one. Well, here's your chance! This 5" long replica of an early auto was crafted in the 1890s. It is pictured in Sanfords' Novelties Book on page 48.  $65 LIONS were all the RAGE in the late
1800s because America was celebrating a century of independence from Great Britain. "Pat’d Aug 6 1889"
is embossed on the inside. The base is 5" x 6 1/2". See also HERE

Northwood's novelty creamer & sugar set known as the "Pump & Trough" is difficult
to find in the clear/ opalescent form & especially rare with this signed
"Northwood" script on the base of
the pump. It has in-the-making damage
to the base of  the pump handle seen HERE
& so is discounted to $125.
Here's just the 5" x 2.5" Trough
of Northwood's novelty set in vaseline opalescent! It is damage free except for a tiny bit of roughness at the bottom of one of its feet. See the 'wood grain" on the ends HERE. it was made ca. 1899 & is $65

A tisket, a tasket, a little amber BASKET toothpick holder. 3 5/8" tall & 3 1/2" square. $25 A light amber Match Holder Basket made by the Canton Glass Co..
It is 3 7/8" tall and
2 3/4" wide. $25
This is 4" long; probably an amethyst reproduction of a BOOT shaped match holder. It has a Daisy & Button patterned backside & astrike plate on the front. $38
Above is an amber glass cart or wheelbarrow.  It is English with Registry Mark #218710.
It is 7 3/4" long and 3 3/4" high. Because of a 1" crack in the back of it, which has not interfered with it holding chocolate covered raisins for the past decade, it is priced at $38.
Its little brother master salt, only 4 1/2" long has no registry mark OR crack & is also $38.
Woof Woof!
That is actually the name of this
milk glass puppy plate! It is 6" in diameter. She is pictured on
page 74 of the Westmoreland Book - #250. Rescue her for $55!
Or her Friend seen HERE
for $35
Prices do not include shipping & insurance cost.

We will (someday, sigh) have a page of our spare cov'd animal pieces.
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