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Any damage to pieces in our Store is noted in the listing.
We've put a penny in many of the photos to give a sense of size.
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Two Chicks - we call this cute little salt.
It is 2 3/4" wide, Beak to Beak
& 2 1/4" tall. $36
Wooden Pail Master
A Wash Tub for salt!
2 3/8" diam. at top & 1 3/4" tall. $32
Horseshoe aka Prayer Rug aka Good Luck is 2" x 1 3/4" at top.
Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Hooty Owl!
They are dressed in their best salt & pepper for their coming out presentation
although someone sat on Mr. Hooty's 'hat' & got it a little smashed .
At 4 1/4" tall they can shake it out with class.
They are yours for the shaking at $42!
 This appears to be a military hat - 3" in diameter at the top, with tiny eagle insignias on the sides. It is only 1" high at the front & open at the top. $28 IMPERIAL made this unique & very rare 4 3/4" tall shaker in irridized green color. The original stopper was cork & this is a replacement. $75
THOUSAND EYE aka SENSATION aka THREE KNOB is a very popular
EAPG pattern. It was made by Adams Glass Co. during the 1870s.
This is the blue 3 1/2" x 4 7/8" novelty cart with molded wheels which is known as a "salt cart". It is fairly rare. $75
CORN & HAND seems to be the rather mundane name for this fun pair of early shakers.
They are 3 1/2" tall and have
old lids, the authenticity
of which we cannot be certain.
See also HERE. $58
FLYING FISH is the name of this unlikely shape
for a novelty master salt. It is a rare specimen with very good paint remaining for it's age. The length is
4 3/4" ; the width is 2" at top & the height is 2 1/2". Maker is unknown but from the early 1900s. $84

TWO SHOES is a fun little individual salt dip. It has a small nic in the front of the top edge seen HERE. $28
VICTORIAN SHOE/ BOOT  This pair of shoes or boots are very Victorian . They are 3" tall & they have antique, but un-matching lids. There is a shield emblem at the top front.
See Front View HERE.     Pair is $44
Aren't these adorable?
The glass parts are very similar to an EAPG pattern, York Herringbone.
These are only 2" tall and supposedly very scarce per Lechner, but only
$48 for the pair here.
Campbell Jones created this tiny sleigh in their pattern, ROSE SPRIG
ca. 1886.   It is all of  3 1/4" long, 2" high at the back & 1 7/8" wide.
The attention to detail is amazing... even has 'wood grain' in those itty bitty sleigh runners! Do you think anyone actually used this as a master salt?  **SOLD**
 This particular shaker takes the prize for the most difficult piece of glass we've ever tried to photograph. And honestly, its not that easy to read 'in person'.
So the front where the crack is says,

And the back says,
The lid is not original... the original lid was constructed so that it could be hung. And it was not a shaker but a candy container!
But this lid fits perfectly and makes it a shaker. So there.
The shaker stands 3" tall and the base is 2 3/4" in diameter. $59
This is a novel master salt shaped like a box car in a pattern,
LOG & STAR aka Bellaire #373. made by the Bellaire Glass Co. ca. 1890.
There is a chip on the inside top rim and some nics on wheel rims.
It is 3 3/4" x 2" wide x 1 7/8" high.   $75        Sanford values @ $125 - 165.

Here is the master salt in the 1880's
Adams Glass Co. pattern, WILDFLOWER.
It is 4" long and 2" wide.
The turtle carrying the load has a
broken left foot.

Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton made this little cart to hold salt, we guess, but it could hold anything tiny. It is only
3 3/4" long & is slightly discolored. It
is shown in the 5,000 Salts Book. $45

BEEHIVE is the name for this novelty pair of shakers. They are have the original lids with glass inserts. They are pictured in "The World of Salt Shakers by Lechner & were made ca. 1888-1898 by Buckeye Glass Works; Bridgeport, OH.
Close Up Photos HERE & HERE.
Reported to be VERY SCARCE. $58/ Pair.

Fostoria made this tiny
2" x 3" salt dish in milk glass in about 1940 so
it is a later piece, but
it seems Victorian enough. $38

This is the smallest size of the Horseshoe pattern wheelbarrows. It is a Salt dish, we've been told. You can read about these HERE. It is 4” x 2” overall; has a chip on right “arm” holding wheel; PAT APLD FOR embossed on base; excellent design strike. $75

These are 4 1/2" long Yacht salts. They are Hobbs Brockunier & Co. Pattern No. 101.
The left one has dark amber daisies and the one on the right has light amber daisies. We have 1 with dark daisies & 3 with light daisies. They are $32 each.
An amber wheelbarrow made in England is 4 1/2" long, 2" wide and 2 1/2" tall. $38

Here are some more Hobbs Brockunier No. 101 DAISY & BUTTON
pattern MASTER SALTS shaped like boats or yachts.
They are only 4 1/2" long & could probably hold about a
tablespoon full of salt.
The one on the left is dark amber & $35.
The one in apple green is $45.
The light amber one next is $35.
This pair of little 'ice boxes' make cute novelty shakers in milk glass. The tops are original & look like the motor that was atop the original machines. They are in good shape. $38

CATHEDRAL aka Earl is a popular EAPG pattern by Bryce Bros ca. 1885. One form that looks like this pattern is this little boat that is 4 1/2" from
stem to stern.  In the U S Glass Co. catalog, it is called "Earl Individual Boat".
In amber it is $65
The clear one has a chip on the end so is only $35.

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